Sissy Mouse – Distance Control Journal – Week 17 and 18

I have combined two weeks of journals for Slave Sissy Mouse as his week 18 was a lot quieter for him.  Well I can’t give him too much excitement at once.  His little mousey bumblingness might not be able to take it! I very much enjoyed making my slave jerk off in front of his computer in a dark room while I helped myself to a set of golf clubs for my boyfriend from Mousey’s amazon account, while my slave watched on powerless and grubby!

Distance control journal week 17

Sunday December 6th

This week starts still enjoying the glow of my Friday session with Mistress. It really was a perfectly timed adventure and I don’t know how she does it.

My message to Mistress today came with a short and to the point reply “Good morning SLAVE! I want you to wear your device today.” I thanked Mistress for her instructions and went about my day with the constant annoyance of the chastity device.

Monday December 7th

Today is my first day at the gym and back on the fitness treadmill. Mistress sends me a message and wishes me good luck and recommends I run for 1 minute and walk for 1 minute to build up my running stamina. Mistress also informs me that I will not be permitted an orgasm until I can run or at least jog 5k non stop.

I thank Mistress for her useful tips and think to myself it could be months until I get my next orgasm.

At the gym as it’s my first time I have to have an induction which I wasn’t looking forward to but I did learn a lot of useful stuff and it was very worthwhile. Once the induction was over I headed for the treadmill to start my first run since my exercise fail a few weeks ago. However to my surprise I find it relatively easy and the time flies by. I managed 2.8km so not as far to the orgasm goal as I thought!

I message Mistress to inform her of my progress and she replies that she is very impressed with my first session.

Later in the day I go to my PC and Mistress has left me a note saying “Run Forest Run”

Tuesday December 8th

I awake today from a message Mistress informing that my task today is to elaborate on an email I sent regarding ideas I had for the next step in our D/s relationship.

I duly do this and wish Mistress a good day.

Wednesday December 9th

I start today with a message from Mistress confirming she has received my next step email and that we will have a face to face chat about it when I see Mistress next.

Today is also my second visit to the gym to chase my 5K orgasm goal. I achieved 3.27km today but that is still a lot of walking so some way to go yet.

Thursday December 10th

I send Mistress my usual morning message and wish her a nice day. No instructions today but as it turned out it was the lull before the almighty storm!!

Friday December 11th

Today I message Mistress wish her a good day and inform her I am off to the gym to chase the 5k. Mistress replies that she ran 5k yesterday and that I am to try and wear my chastity device once I finish at the gym.

After I finish my gym visit I check my phone to see a message from Mistress telling me that there are some items on her wish list that she requires for our next session and she will be using my Amazon account to purchase them later. I confirm that I am happy for this to happen and also for Mistress to purchase a Christmas gift for herself and something for her boyfriend. This pleases Mistress very much and she then comes back with an idea that I wasn’t expecting. Mistress’s boyfriend would like a set of golf clubs. Would I like to buy them for Him and experience an element of cuckoldry? My answer was of course yes well my exact answer was “I am happy to spoil the man that makes you happy Mistress”.

A couple of hours later I have to message Mistress and inform her that due to the cold weather my balls have pulled out of the chastity device ring and it’s another fail. Mistress is now use to this and messages me back that I am useless and so are my balls. I also catch in the corner of my eye my pc has come to life and a message from Mistress asking if I can get to my computer or is she going shopping alone? I have someone with me but manage to make my excuses and join Mistress on my pc. Mistress is already signed into my Amazon account and opened word pad so we can chat through it.

Mistress informs me that she has been speaking with her boyfriend and checked which clubs he would think suitable and she was now going to purchase them along with a Santa outfit for herself and a Christmas dickie bow and apron for me for our session just before Christmas. Mistress tells me to start stroking my cock whilst she starts to shop and does a running commentary via word pad. All I can do is sit there and stroke and I am very surprised how much this is turning me on. Mistress puts all the items in the Amazon cart and then double checks that I still want to go through with it (Mistress always plays safe) I confirm yes having to one hand type and feeling very humiliated at having to stroke my cock whilst watching this happen (I am not someone who masturbates in front of a computer and it makes me feel grubby even now writing this) When its done Mistress asks me if I have cum which I haven’t. Good is her reply because you haven’t run 5k. Mistress then has to go and I wish her a nice rest of the day. She tells me to text her to let me know how I felt about the experience. I am left sat in front of my pc with the hardest cock I have had for a long time and now have to go back to work as if nothing has happened. That was very expensive denial and I loved every minute.

It takes me a while to message Mistress and when I do I thank her for the rush it gave me and also for playing safe and ensuring that I consented to the purchase. I also said that of all the things I bought her in the past nothing came close to watching Mistress help herself to a gift for her boyfriend.

Later that day I see from a tweet that Mistress has already posted a blog about our shopping trip on her website and the way Mistress wrote it made me feel utterly humiliated. I thought licking Mistress’s muddy boots in a cold wet field last December was a low but this was way past that and I loved every minute of it.

Later in the day I have this image come into my head of me having to carry the golf clubs I have bought for Mistress’s boyfriend while he plays a round. I share this with Mistress who replies that it would be hilarious!

Saturday December 12th

I message Mistress late after a very sleepless night with the previous day’s events and other crazy ideas running around my head all night. Mistress replies starts with “Good morning Grub” and that she is giving me a day off today and that I am also banned from Twitter until I finish work. I thank Mistress and feel even more perplexed about what Mistress might be posting on Twitter.

As ever it was Mistress playing with my mind as nothing was posted.

What a crazy week that was, Thank you Mistress for a week of new highs and lows. Almost two years after we first met and you are still pulling the rug from under my feet!!

Distance control journal Week 18

Not the usual format this week because it’s been a quiet week. This should not in anyway be viewed as criticism far from it. We all need a break from the storm of distance control and I have my new weekly task of attending the gym 3 times a week.

What I have also learnt over the years and even before meeting Mistress is never seek your Mistress’s attention as you may get more attention than you can deal with. Accept what is offered graciously and remember when you aren’t getting attention someone else is and it will swing back to you.

So to the week my message to Mistress on Sunday resulted in no instructions but a general chit chat about this and that which was nice.

Monday was a very different story. I messages Mistress to confirm my gym attendance. Once I had finished at the gym I checked my phone and Mistress had replied but with a message on a possible scenario that made me wince. I am not going to elaborate on what it said only to say if the contents of the message ever come true it will be an utterly humiliating day out.

Mistress also enquired how my gym session went and very kindly praised me on my progress so far.

Tuesday’s message to Mistress was replied to later in the day with instructions to wear my ball balls tied around my balls for the rest of the day.

Wednesday was back at the gym and I managed to complete 5k but mostly running and messaged Mistress to inform her. Mistress congratulated me but also reminded me that I still have to run the 5k non stop before I am allowed an orgasm. I thanked Mistress for giving me the goal because I do lack motivation when it comes to exercise.

Thursday was a quiet day which was not a bad thing because it was very busy for me and I would have struggled to carry out any task today.

Friday and my trip to the gym just didn’t work today. I had no energy or drive and it did cross my mind that I had tried to hard as this was only my sixth visit and maybe I should calm down a bit. Not helped by a very busy week at work.

I messaged Mistress to let her know that my gym visit was a no go and she was very understanding and sent me some of her wise words of encouragement.

My Saturday message to Mistress informed her that I had a very busy day and I hear nothing from Mistress today.

On paper this looks like a quiet week but remember even if you don’t hear from Mistress she is always plotting your future demise and I still jump every time I get a message. The mind fuckery never stops!!

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