Sissy Mouse – Distance Control Journal – Week 19 and Week 20

A relative calm before an almighty storm was what I allowed Sissy Mouse over the Christmas period.  The storm part will be following soon when Sissy Mouse can compose himself well enough to write about the session he just had with me!

Distance control journal weeks 19 and 20

Another double up due to the Christmas break.

Week 19 starts on the Sunday with a message from Mistress telling me to wear my seasonal ball balls tied to around my cock and balls to a family lunch as a reminder that Mistress is with me. I thank Mistress for my instructions and carry on with my morning. About an hour later Mistress messages again to say she has been reading my week 17 write up and thinks that I should wear my tights as well. I thank Mistress once again and put them on. The tights really compress the ball balls and I have no problem being reminded of Mistress for the rest of the day.

Monday is a very busy day for me work wise with Christmas around the corner it is also my yearly clear out week. No instructions from Mistress today but when I visit my pc later, Mistress via teamviewer has done a google image search for Christmas humiliation and left a picture of two dogs looking stupid as well as a picture of Danger mouse and Penfold, Mistress has also left open a picture from my documents I guess to show me she has been having a look around which makes me nervous but then Mistress makes me nervous when she isn’t doing anything!

Tuesday arrives and brings with it my first visit to the gym this week. After my last visit I was expecting to make very little progress but it was the opposite and I managed my longest no stop run of 15 minutes and to tip the balance with a total of 25 minutes running and 15 minutes of recovery walking. Still some way to go to run 5k none stop but I am hoping by the end of January. Later in the day I get a message from Mistress just saying “Jingle bells jingle bells” so I tried to come up with something amusing to reply and came up with “Jingle all the way. Oh what fun it is to sit in Miss D’s bondage chair” To which Mistress replied “Poor effort slave” Well I thought it was ok but what do I know I’m a bumbling buffoon! Mistress of course replies later with “Mousey you are so frightful but I am so Deelightful, only one place to go, on your toes on your toes on your toes!” No contest really.

As the day goes on I am feeling very odd (well more so than usual) and go to bed early thinking its nerves for our session the next day. However I spend most of the night being sick which carries over into the following day so reluctantly I have to cancel our Christmas session. Mistress is very understanding (as she always is) and wishes me a speedy recovery. I can’t help feeling terrible to cancel so late but Mistress assures me its ok and can’t be helped. I spend the rest of the day moping about not sure if it’s the feeling unwell or missing our session. I go to bed early because I feel so terrible and lye shivering trying to sleep. The following day I awake feeling slightly better it’s Christmas Eve. I send Mistress my morning message and to wish her a very nice Christmas. Mistress replies wishing me the same and informs me that she too is now unwell. I reply and hope that she is feeling better for Christmas day and expect to hear nothing more from Mistress until after Christmas.

I was very touched to hear from Mistress on Christmas day wishing me a Merry Christmas. I replied the same and joined my family later in the day for our Christmas of eating way too much and undoing all the previous months dieting etc.

On Boxing Day before setting off to stay with relatives for a few days I had a look through twitter and saw a tweet from Mistress saying that she had had the best Christmas for years which was great to hear. I messaged Mistress to say how lovely it was to read her tweet to which she replied “It was great to post it” and hoped I had a nice one too.

A few days later and its back home the whole Christmas going in a flash. I message Mistress that I am back. Mistress welcomes me back and enquires what my plans are for the rest of the week. I inform her that it’s just a few days of paperwork nothing more exciting than that. On the Wednesday Mistress messages me and informs me that my admin duties should be carried out with my chastity device on and wearing my tights. I thank Mistress for my task and go about my day with the ever constant annoyance of the chastity device.

I awake on New Years Eve and send Mistress a message to thank her for her attentions and the fun our sessions have been and to wish her the best for 2016 and to congratulate her on running 10k. I don’t expect to hear from Mistress today as it’s usually her day off. However at around 3pm I do hear from Mistress thanking me for my message and to celebrate her achieving 10k I am to edge 10 times before midnight, not in one go and NO accidents. I thank Mistress for my task and wince slightly at the prospect. I’ve done 3 during the whole day before but 10. So I duly carry out the 10 getting the last one in at 11.55 it was getting very difficult at edge number 4. You just get to a point where your mind is screaming stop but you just want to carry on and enjoy the orgasm, absolute hell. I have to be honest numbers 9 and 10 where let’s say safe edges as by that time it had become like a hair trigger. Also during the evening Mistress tells me she was watching American Pie 2 and a scene in it where 2 girls will do anything the boys want but the boys have to do what they want first and this got her thinking that she should get me to do random things with other slaves. I can’t remember the scene so Mistress suggests I look it up on You tube I duly do and blokes kissing. I message Mistress back and tell her that she may have found a limit and the worrying thing is I never got a reply!!

New Year’s Day arrives and my message to Mistress read “Good morning Mistress. Welcome to 2016 you are in charge and I am fucked, Happy New Year.” Mistress replies and wishes her fucked pet a Happy New Year and enquires how my edges where? I reply that they were hell.

The final day of week 20 arrives Saturday 2nd January. I message Mistress and inform I am being lazy and just got up and that I am back at work today. Mistress replies that she too is slightly motivationally challenged but has cam session to do. My instructions today are to wear my nipple clamps for 15 minutes every hour from Midday until 4pm because Mistress knows how much I love them. I thank Mistress for my task and go about my day. Because it’s my first day back my day is mad with people having car issues over the Christmas and I have been closed. This leads me to not be able to fit my clamps on the hour but about 5 minutes past only managing it at 4pm. By which time my nipples are on fire at the beginning I am thinking that’s very kind of Mistress to be gentle the last time you may recall was 3 hours. How very wrong I was the 45 minutes in between was no time and the pain was more and more intense as the hours went by. The last time they came off at 4.15 was so painful. I messaged Mistress and thanked her for my task and my very sore nipples. Mistress replied that she was of course pleased that I had suffered.

So all is left is to thank Mistress for her attentions not just over the past 2 weeks but over the entire 2015 and I would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year.

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