Sissy Mouse – Distance Control Journal – Week 2

Distance control journal week 2

Day 1 Sunday August 23rd

After another restless night which seems to stem from being under distance control and the mind whirring away at what might happen next and the constant arousal from the situation.

I send Mistress my morning text informing her of what my plans are for the day and await her reply. Around an hour later Mistress replies wishes me a fun day and reminds me to do my session write up from our Tuesday session. I reply to confirm this and go about my day.

My day passes in the usual way I get a text message and look at my phone nervously as I now do everyday since last Sunday when the distance control started.

No instructions from Mistress today, but that didn’t stop her being at the forefront of my mind for every single minute.

Day 2 Monday August 24th

My morning text to Mistress today is sent and I await a reply. At Midday Mistress replies “dig out your toys show me what you have” to which being a stupid slave I don’t understand. Mistress sends me another text saying show me what’s in your toybox. The penny drops and I dig out what items I have and send Mistress a picture.

I then receive an email from Mistress she has an admin task for me. I am to search and join findom and pay piggy groups on fetlife and promote Mistresses iMac sparkle task whilst wearing nipple clamps.

I join many groups and do a post which does not meet with Mistresses approval. Mistress instructs me to write a much better post and to include a few more incentives and submit it for her approval.

I hear no more from Mistress.

Day 3 Tuesday August 25th

I gingerly send Mistress my morning text informing her of my plans for the day and to enquire if my rewritten post has met her approval. I receive a reply straight away saying “post approved much better and wear your chastity device today, if you can get it on J. That’s it for today….. Maybe”

I thank Mistress for her instructions and fit my device and start to post the new approved write up.

Around 5pm I get a text from Mistress which is blank. So I look at the text for about 5 minutes and can’t help replying with Mistress did you mean to send a blank text? No reply until 10pm simply saying “Yes lol” as I thought its Mistress playing with my mind. Mistress then enquires how her cock is and I reply Locked up. Good replies Mistress.

I then wish Mistress good night and try to get to sleep in my chastised state. No chance all I get is images of Mistress flashing through my head laughing at my predicament. I finally get to sleep and awake about 2 hours later with a squeezed erection (this is how the chastity device works it doesn’t prevent them it’s a tiny cage and when you grow it squeezes your mercilessly and pulls on the pa pin) I manage to get back to sleep and awake again at 6am with the same problem.

Day 4 Wednesday August 26th

I awake later than usual and turn my phone on. I have a message already waiting from Mistress with my task for the day.

My task is to come up with 10 ideas for Mistress to do to another slave before 12.30. I thank Mistress for the task and get up and get my mind working.

I email Mistress my ideas by 10am and add the magic “Please go easy” not in anyway meaning it. I’m sure the ideas I’ve come up with will come back to haunt me in the future.

At around 11am Mistress sends another message informing me to remove my device and clean and prepare myself and arrive at the HOD for 4pm. Mistress has a new sissy that requires a cock to suck. I duly do as requested and arrive at the allotted time and receive my instructions from Mistress. The sissy does a very good job and leaves me even more frustrated. Task completed I make myself scarce until her new sissy leaves and return to help Mistress tidy up and leave.

Due to lack of sleep the night before, I go to bed very early.

Day 5 Thursday August 27th

I awake for an undisturbed nights sleep and turn on my phone to see a message from Mistress thanking me for my assistance the day before. I reply thanking Mistress for the honour of being asked to help. You can’t be a devoted slave without going the extra mile. My raison d’etre is to serve Mistress WHATEVER she needs.

Mistress already knows I have a very busy day and I hear nothing more, until around 7pm when Mistress instructs me to write another post about her iMac sparkle challenge and email it for approval that evening.

Day 6 Friday August 28th

Today finds me incredibly tired due to a lack of sleep. I have a day off and lots to do around the house. I send Mistress my morning text and receive a reply a little while later. Mistress unfortunately has also had a poor nights sleep.

Mistress sends me some edits on my sparkle task post. This I duly rewrite and resubmit. Approved comes the message back.

We exchange many messages about the task and some ideas etc.

At around 10pm Mistress sends me a message saying “Go and edge yourself” I duly do as requested Thank Mistress and spend the rest of the night unable to sleep due to being incredibly horny and desperate. It’s less than 2 weeks since I had an orgasm and I can’t believe that Mistress has me in this state of desperation already.

Day 7 Saturday August 29th

I awake in a very tired state. Send Mistress my text and await a reply. Mistress replies by asking if I am feeling horny to which my reply was “more elephant tusk than horny” hahahaha came the reply.

I hear nothing more from Mistress as again I have a very busy day. I go to bed but for some reason I forget to turn my phone off. At around 1am my phone goes off I look at it bleary eyed and it’s a message from Mistress saying “wake up and edge yourself” whilst I’m taking this in another comes through “yes you”. I gather my thoughts and do as I am told and then the killer text comes through Mistress informs me that she has just had fantastic sex, twice and her pussy eaten. This sends me to edge instantly and almost a self ruin. I reply to Mistress saying I never would have thought that hearing about her having sex and being pleasured would turn me on so much. I get back “I did”. I reply wishing her a fantastic warm relaxed post orgasmic sleep whilst I lye in my bed enjoying (if that really is the term) being her denied slave.

So no sleep again but what away to finish off week two.

Thank you Mistress.

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