Sissy Mouse – Distance Control Journal – Week 3

Slave Sissy Mouse has completed another week of distance control; a financially binding contract that requires him to text me every day for instructions (if any). This week the control is based around his weight loss. Let’s face it, he wants to be a sissy but he’s still a fat bloke in a dress. So he needs to be kept on his toes. Of course I always like to throw in a few surprises here and there to REALLY keep him on his toes, especially as I know what a bumbling buffoon he becomes when he’s put under pressure! His diary follows:


Distance control journal week 3

Day 1 Sunday August 30th

After last nights messages from Mistress I get very little sleep, when I do awake I send Mistress my usual morning text. In the message I tell Mistress that its very unusual for me to leave my phone on at night. Mistress responds very quickly saying “Fate, you see! Yours is sealed! lol Put your device on” I thank Mistress and inform her it’s not going to be easy to get it on. Mistress replies straight away “dunk your cock in icy water” I duly do as told and hey presto shrinkage. I put my device on and send Mistress a message to confirm and get the reply of “Good boy. Enjoy! I’m going back to bed for more sex”.

I go about my day busying myself trying not to think about my state but I can’t deny it was hell. However much I tried my erection would not subside. The more the tube squeezed it the worse it got and constantly pulling against the pa pin.

I had nothing on in the evening and as much as I tried to find something to do my mind would always focus on the recent messages from Mistress which would then result in a painful swelling.

I know I am not going to get much sleep again tonight so decide to go to bed early and try to sleep. I have some success and awake to a message from Mistress enquiring how my day was. Which even though the chastity has been hell it’s been a great day suffering for Mistress. Mistress informs me she has had a very lazy day which was great to hear. Mistress then enquires if my exercising is starting tomorrow. I reply that it is. To which the response was “ok good night, better get some decent sleep” No chance, the worst nights sleep for along long time the chastity was unrelenting. I had to get up at 2am and try cold water which worked. Back to bed sleep until 6am up again cold water and then snooze until 8am.

Day 2 Monday August 31st 

Starting the week at 15st 2lb

After very little sleep I awake surprisingly fresh. I think even though the chastity was a nightmare suffering for Mistress makes it all worthwhile. I am pleasing her with my suffering.

Today is the first day back on my exercise regime that Mistress gave me in January which for many reasons has lapsed. My next months distance control revolves around me exercising everyday and reporting what I have done to Mistress.

Today I managed, 20 star jumps, 15 press ups, 10 sit ups and 5 mins of jogging on the spot.

I report this to Mistress and also what my plans are for the day. Which is nothing much, apart from having a house tidy. Mistress is pleased with my exercise and informs me to wear a sissy dress whilst tidying. I thank Mistress for her instructions and get on with my day.

Around an hour later something weird happens to my locked cock and the foreskin balloons up. I know what this is I’ve got an oedema so immediately remove it which was a mistake. Now Mistress would not want me to cause myself any permanent injury but I didn’t contact her first to inform her of my condition to get permission to remove my device. As such, yes Mistress was concerned, but the way I went about it means I now have to suffer a punishment. This I fully agree with because its distance control NOT do what you like because Mistress isn’t there.

I apologise to Mistress to which she replies “Tut Tut self punishment later”

I carry on with my tasks and then the door bell goes. I can’t answer it I’m in a sissy dress. So take a peek and it a mate that’s come round so I rush off for a quick change and open the door.

Mistress then sends a message for photographic proof of the swelling which I explain I can’t do right now as I have a mate round. To which the reply was “excuses excuses”.

Finally after a few hours I am able to send Mistress a picture it’s still very swollen after 6 hours. Mistress informs me that my punishment will be put on hold until it’s settled down.

I hear nothing more from Mistress and go to bed.

Day 3 Tuesday Sept 1st

I awake after a much-needed nights sleep to a message from Mistress enquiring if things have settled down. I confirm they have and get up. I send Mistress my text to confirm I have done my exercise.

Mistress replies and informs me that due to removing my device without permission regardless of the reason! I am fined £35 the equivalent cost of Mistress getting her nails done. I pay the fine immediately and without question because Mistress is ALWAYS right.

Day 4 Wednesday Sept 2nd

As usual the day starts with a message to Mistress to confirm my exercise and my working schedule. Mistress replies “good boy” and wishes me a nice day. A few hours later I get a text from Mistress informing me that I need to buy new panties to wear this month as a  reminder of her control and the sissy I am. I thank Mistress and go about ordering something frillier.

I hear nothing more from Mistress but that still doesn’t stop me having a sleepless night due mainly to Saturday night’s text still rolling around my head and although I am not physically locked in chastity I am psychologically locked in chastity so no touching without permission which is currently driving me crazy.

Day 5 Thursday Sept 3rd

I awake from my sleepless night and send Mistress my text.

At around 3pm I get a message from Mistress saying she is pleased that I have purchased thongs. Mistress then gives me a task which I am unable to do at that moment and luckily grants me some time to carry it out.

The task is to clamp mole grips to my nipples and take a picture. Simple enough but mole grips are heavy so you have to clamp the nipples really tight for them to stay on so it’s painful. Task done I send my picture to Mistress.

Day 6 Friday Sept 4th

I send Mistress my morning text after exercising and await a response. Mistress replies a little later to say she is feeling unwell and will take a rain check. I wish Mistress well and go about my day.

Today however Mistress is even more at the forefront of my mind as my new panties have arrived and a few hours in they are annoying me. They are either stuck up my bum or falling down nothing in-between. I send Mistress a picture to confirm they have arrived.

Day 7 Saturday Sept 5th

I start the day making another Mistake. Because Mistress wasn’t well yesterday and I had an early start. I didn’t send Mistress my morning text. I stupidly assumed Mistress was still unwell and thought it best to not send a message. Once again don’t think for yourself!

Mistress sends me a text at around 11am to enquire what has happened to her morning text. I apologise for not sending a text which of course was my fault entirely. Mistress also informs me that the pictures I sent of my new annoying underwear have not loaded and to send them again.

My work day finishes around 5pm. I arrive home do my exercises, resend the pictures and send Mistress a text to confirm and wish her a very nice evening.

Thank you Mistress for another week of mind fuckery. Because even when you hear nothing from Mistress you know the cogs are turning and what comes next could either make or ruin your day.

It’s also very annoying how work and real life gets in the way when you have tasks to complete and you are fretting about getting them done.

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