Sissy Mouse – Distance Control Journal – Week 4

Another week of distance control has gone by for Slave Sissy Mouse and I’m delighted to have put him through his paces yet again. I can’t help but chuckle at the imagery of him stood in a grotty garage toilet with frilly panties around his ankles!


Distance control Journal Week 4

Day 1 September 6th

My day starts with some social and domestic running about and I text Mistress to inform her that my exercise text will be later today.
I finally send my text to Mistress to confirm my exercise at around 11am. I receive a reply from Mistress to say she is currently doing a session.
I hear nothing further from Mistress today.

Day 2 September 7th

This weeks starting weight 15st 3lbs so 1 pound on doh.

My exercise has been stepped up this week. 40 star jumps 20 press ups 20 sit ups and 7½mins jogging on the spot.
I send my message to Mistress to confirm my exercise is done and report what I have to do today.
I receive a reply from Mistress around 1pm to inform me of today’s task which is to write a Public Humiliation story. Now story writing is not something I have ever done so I reply to Mistress that I will give it a go. Good boy is the reply I need a minimum of 500 words but ideally 1000 let your imagination run wild and wear your chastity belt whilst you write it.

Now with what seems to be too much of a regular event. When Mistress sets me a task I then get visitors, meaning I can’t complete my task. I send Mistress a message to explain and whilst Mistress has given me to the end of the week she did infer she would like it today.

Day 3 September 8th

It’s an early start for me as I want to get this story written. Mistress has already tweeted a picture of herself looking amazing sat on the end of the bed in underwear. This as my tweet to Mistress said “put lead in my creative pencil”. “Good” came the reply.

I put my belt on and start writing what to begin with was utter drivel but slowly I got something together and when I had finished and done a word count just over 1500. I duly send this to Mistress and start my daily exercise regime. I text Mistress to confirm and wish her a good day.

Once this is finished I look at twitter to see Mistress has tweeted that today she is doing some public humiliation. All I can think is good luck you brave boy.

I go about my morning and at around 11am I get a text from Mistress just saying “see twitter” I have a look to see a picture of a guy holding female clothes waiting for a changing room. Going out with Mistress shopping is nerve racking enough without having to try them on! I reply Brave boy! It takes a lot of guts to do that and I have great admiration for anyone who does.

Due to having the afternoon free I write another story for Mistress this one with less words and fitting into the parameters that I was set. I email it to Mistress and later on get a reply to say she will read them later.

Whilst I was writing both of the stories I had that niggling voice in the back of my mind that I could very well be writing mine or someone else’s doom.

Day 4 September 9th

After a slightly sleepless night with my Public humiliation stories running around my mind and the general horny feeling that I constantly have right now. I get up do my exercises and text Mistress to confirm and what my plans are for the day. A while later a get a reply from Mistress to say she has been busy and not read my stories. I reply that I know she is a very busy lady and will read them when she has time.

My reply back informs me to take more pictures of myself at work wearing only my new panties and make them amusing. Yes Mistress is the reply. I can do this at lunchtime when I am alone. Of course today I am not alone; the guy that I share my workshop with is having a nightmare doing a job so doesn’t go home at lunchtime like he usually does. I message Mistress to inform her that the pictures will be late and why and luckily I get “lol” as a reply.

I finally take the pictures and send them to Mistress. Luckily they do amuse Mistress and she also replies that she has read my story and likes it and it’s given her some good ideas. Tada my niggling voice has come true! Mistress also replies that she likes the line in last week’s journal about my new panties being either stuck up my bum or falling down. She then suggests that for her amusement I purchase a set of braces to hold them up. This does make me smile and I duly order some.

Day 5 September 10th

I awake to a message form Mistress informing me that I had made four grammatical errors in last week’s journal so I am to edge 4 times this evening around bedtime. I apologise to Mistress and accept her instructions. Not much sleep for me tonight then, I am absolutely sure I am going to eventually end up embarrassing myself with a wet dream. Mistress then enquires about my issues with wearing a standard ball trap chastity device. This is due to having one squishy testicle that always manages to escape. Mistress informs me to purchase a device with a small ring and give it a try. I duly order one and await its delivery.

I carryout my daily exercises and text Mistress to confirm.

As instructed around bedtime I edge myself 4 times, text Mistress to confirm and try to go to sleep. No chance I stay awake for about 2 hours trying as I might to make this raging hard-on go away.

Day 6 September 11th

After a very poor nights sleep I get up and start my day. I receive a message from Mistress saying “Good boy” I reply thanking Mistress for her text and telling her it was absolute hell. To which the reply was “Good”

I do my daily exercise and confirm to Mistress that they have been completed, wish her a good day and inform her that I can’t believe how close I am to begging for an orgasm. I thought I was stronger than I am right now in my very desperate state.

I receive a message back from Mistress telling me to edge myself every time I need a pee today. I Thank Mistress and tell her that she is too kind! I get a reply back “I Know”

I go about my day with an ever growing ache and frustration.

Day 7 September 12th

Another poor nights sleep due to my day of edging and I awake do my daily exercise and send Mistress my morning text. I also confirm that I completed 9 edges yesterday. Mistress replies “you go to the toilet a lot”.

Mistress enquires if I am desperate for an orgasm yet? To which I reply “sometimes I am that desperate that I would agree to anything for an orgasm but I also enjoy the denial”.

Mistress then sends me an instruction to spank myself 20 times when I next visit the toilet. I duly do as instructed and send Mistress a message to confirm and thank her.

And so ends another week. The trepidation of awaiting that next message or instruction doesn’t fade as the week’s progress, in fact it gets worse. This week also made me shake my head in disbelief as I am stood in a horrible workshop toilet with my trousers and pink frilly panties round my ankles edging myself knowing I couldn’t be happier.

Thank you Mistress for another interesting week.

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