Sissy Mouse – Distance Control Journal – Week 5

I’m a little late posting this as I have had the flu for the best part of a week, finally coming out the other side of it now and I have a mountain of updates to bring to you so I’ll be staggering them. So this is the journal from Sissy Mouse during his 5th week of distance control and I found four more grammatical errors. Naughty Mousey! Punishment will be decided in due course!

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Distance control Journal week 5

Day 1 Sunday September 13th

I’m starting my journal this week with a mention about serving Mistress and not only the joy it brings to me but also the willingness to do as instructed. Distance control isn’t for everyone I think we have all read that on Mistress’s blog page. However when you are at a level when sometimes your whole reason for being is to please your Mistress and do everything you can to make her life easier. You realise that distance control only adds to the dynamic of your existing D/s relationship. I struggled for many months with not wishing to contact Mistress between sessions no matter how much I wanted to for fear of being annoying or seeming too needy. Now because of distance control I get to send one text a day without feeling needy and wait for the mind fuckery to begin.

Thank you Mistress for offering the service.

Anyway back to the start of week 5.

After very little sleep again I get up and carry out my daily exercise. I have to say if I didn’t have to text Mistress Everyday to confirm I have done it I would probably have lapsed by now.

I message Mistress wish her good morning and confirm I have completed my exercise. Mistress replies a little later enquiring if I had enjoyed my 20 self administered spanks. I had of course enjoyed it as I do any task set by Mistress (so far). Mistress then tells me to start thinking about my next story, she has asked me this time to write a Cuckold story which ironically I had just started writing. I confirm I have started writing the story and then Mistress replies to say she has received my week 4 journal and there is one grammatical mistake and a punishment will be forthcoming. I read and re read and I still missed one and whilst that is 75% better than last weeks it’s still not to Mistress’s high standards. I apologise to Mistress and await her next message.

I hear nothing more from Mistress so once again I am left fretting about what my punishment will be.

Day 2 Monday September 14th

My starting weight this week is 15st 6lbs so another 3 pounds on. This does annoy me as I have had another week of very healthy eating.

I carry out my exercises as usual but this time move my jogging on the spot up to 10mins.

I message Mistress to confirm my exercise for the day and inform her that I have put on 3lbs. Mistress replies and is not best pleased which of course neither am I. Mistress informs me my punishment is to masturbate and cum 3 times before 10pm. You may read this as not a punishment at all however read on….

A) Whenever I cum I lose my submissive edge a little

B) I am a denial junky the more I am denied the more I crave it

C) Masturbation as a punishment is psychologically very difficult because you don’t get a pleasure form it. The first one was fine but the second was a real struggle even to get hard again because it’s not pleasure.

In between this the chastity device that Mistress instructed me to buy arrived. I sent Mistress a message to confirm its arrival. I got a reply straight back “Good try it on” I did as instructed which was not easy as the ring was small and I was a little ummm happy. Finally on and send a message to Mistress to confirm I had it on to which the reply was “and…” So I confirm that it was a struggle to get on, it’s going to hurt when I get an erection and my balls will still probably run away. I hear nothing back from Mistress for a couple of hours so for the sake of safety leave the device on. When I do get a message back, Mistress says “Don’t wear it today. You have a harder task to do and do you now understand why?” I do understand. Empty the tanks for a stint in chastity and for being useless at losing weight. I remove the device which has left me quiet sore even after those few hours. This doesn’t bode well. I do my final masturbation which is quiet painful due to the soreness. I message Mistress to confirm that I have completed my task and inform her that the chastity device isn’t going to work because I am very sore after only a few hours. Mistress replies straight away asking where it is sore. I explain it’s under the sack and on the shaft.

What doesn’t help all this is that when I have empty balls I lose a little bit of my subbie side. Mistress replies and tells me to rub sudocrem into the sore bits and it will go in a day or so and we can try again. After a little while I realise that Mistress is of course correct. I message Mistress to tell her I completely agree with her to which I receive back “Tantrum over then?”

Day 3 Tuesday September 15th

After a sleepless night, due mainly to the activities of the day before, I wake and message Mistress to apologise for yesterday. I realise that it is not the chastity that has made me sore but the multiple masturbation. Mistress is very gracious and accepts my apology.

Later after completing my daily exercise I message Mistress to confirm this and inform her of my working plans for the day. Mistress replies that she has a task for me and will inform me later what it is. I thank Mistress and go about my morning with a whirring mind as ever.

About an hour later Mistress sends me a text which says “imagine being tied bollock naked by the bollocks to a garden gate for all to see” now this is due to me going to buy a garden gate for a job I have to do. I thank Mistress for making my shopping trip more interesting!

Once I have finished all my jobs I message Mistress to confirm I am free and Mistress forwards my task which was to do some research for something she is planning. I duly carry out my task and email the information.

Day 4 Wednesday September 16th

As always I start my day with exercise and a morning message to Mistress to confirm.

Mistress replies and thanks me for my research task results.

Day 5 Thursday September 17th

Due to a very busy work day I requested from Mistress permission for a day off from distance control. Mistress was kind enough to grant this.

What was very strange about today was realising how much the distance control has become part of my life and that just going about my day without that “what’s going to happen next” makes it quite dull.

Day 6 Friday September 18th

Today it was nice to be back in my routine. As I stated earlier if it wasn’t for distance control my exercise regime would have lapsed by now. So as always I message Mistress to confirm the exercise is done and inform her that I realised yesterday how much I would miss the distance control. Now being the bumbling buffoon that I am my text got a little lost in translation so we best leave it there.

I receive a text from Mistress at around 3pm to inform me to check my email. I duly open it up and there is a link to a hypnosis recording that Mistress would like me to listen to. If you don’t know I am a big fan of hypnosis and carry around hypnotic triggers that Mistress has placed in my subconscious to help with sub drop and other things and yes they do work.

So my task was to listen to the hypnotic recording and provide some feedback. This I duly did and also enjoyed one of the most explosive orgasms by remote control.

Day 7 Saturday September 19th

Exercise done I message Mistress to confirm as always and to inform her of my plans for the day. I receive a message back from Mistress to say she is getting ready for sessions and will message me later. So of course I spend the day checking my phone just in case I didn’t hear it go off. I hear nothing more from Mistress today!!

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