Sissy Mouse – Distance Control Journal – Week 6

red-pvc-mistress-caneThis week of Mousey’s distance control fell on the week that I went down with the flu.  Mousey make’s a very valid point in this email, and one that has also hit home for slave Taquin this week too, is that if you sign up for long term distance control or chastity, you have to accept that there will be times when the week is quiet, but these times are always soon forgotten when the fast pace is resumed. We all have real lives to live beyond our kinky fantasy worlds and things will come up that get in the way of Mistress’s availability as well as yours as a slave. You have to suck it up and suffer, remember it is your duty as my slave to accept and enjoy whatever attention I chose or am able to give you! It’s always worth it in the end.

Mousey also learned a very important lesson this week; be careful who you are texting! LOL

Distance control Journal week 6

Day 1 Sunday September 20th

My day and my week start as always with my exercise and I duly sent Mistress a text to confirm this. I didn’t expect a reply because Mistress was busy today with a family birthday.

Day 2 Monday September 21st

Starting the week at 15st 4lbs so finally 2lbs lost!

I send my usual text to Mistress to confirm my exercise and wish her a nice day off.

Day 3 Tuesday September 22nd

It was very difficult to motivate myself today to exercise. It’s the psychological block of not seeing any signs on the scales that the exercise and diet is working. I feel thinner (if that makes any sense) but the scales say no. I seem to get to low a 15st mark and it wont budge from there. However once the exercise is completed I feel great which is the feeling I must carry with me not, can’t be bothered it’s a waste of time attitude!

Anyway exercise done I message Mistress to confirm. A couple of hours later I receive a reply from Mistress informing that she has a busy day and we will resume tomorrow. I wish Mistress a nice day and go about my day.

Day 4 Wednesday September 23rd

Today as usual I send my morning text to Mistress to confirm my exercise is done. A little while later I receive a reply from Mistress enquiring if I’m wearing my frilly panties which of course I am because that is one of my instructions for this month.

Around 1pm I am out getting parts when I receive a message from Mistress instructing me to edge myself asap. I can’t pay for the parts quick enough to return to my nasty workshop toilet and resume the position of frilly knickers around my ankles edging. This time I almost went too far and I thought it would end in a self ruin it was that close. I message Mistress to confirm I have followed her instructions which always amuses her when she hears it’s in the workshop toilet. Mistress then instructs me to spank myself for 3 minutes starting at 2.55pm precisely. Mistress is doing a session and will be spanking her slave at that time.

As instructed I start at 2.55pm and you don’t realise how long 3 minutes of spanking is. Finally the end is reached with both warm rosy hands and bum cheeks. I message Mistress to thank her for her self administered spanks. “You’re welcome” was the reply.

Day 5 Thursday September 24th

Today started with me sending Mistress my usual message to confirm my exercise and to inform Mistress of my working plans for the day and to wish her a nice day. Around 11am I received a message from Mistress to say that she had gone down with a nasty cold and was heading back to bed. I wished her a speedy recovery and thought nothing more of it.

Then my day went slightly wrong because I didn’t send my morning text to Mistress oh no I sent it to a female vanilla friend!!! So the first I knew about it was when I received a message from said friend to say “I don’t think you meant to send that to me” Naughty boy. Oh fuck was the only thing that crossed my mind and a sense of utter embarrassment. I replied back that I was very sorry and that it had been an admin error. The reply I got back was “No worries” and a smiley face. That’s going to be interesting the next time I see her. I was working with my mate today so when he returned to the car and saw my very red sheepish face he asked what was wrong and because he know all about my adventures with Mistress I told him the story which not only made his day but probably his month. Self inflicted public humiliation!!! Of course I had to inform Mistress because it looked like I hadn’t sent my usual morning message to her. Mistress was of course very amused that I had once again proved what a bumbling idiot I am.

Not one of my finest days.

Day 6 Friday September 25th

My morning message to Mistress today was to enquire after her health and to ask permission to refrain from exercise as I had also followed suit and gone down with a nasty cold.

Mistress replied that she was still unwell and yes I had permission to refrain from exercising until I was fully recovered.

Day 7 Saturday September 26th

Once again my morning message to Mistress was to enquire how she was feeling. Mistress replied that she was still unwell.

Today was also going to be a visit to Mistress for a session. It has been six weeks since my last visit but luckily it was agreed to postpone it yesterday just in case.

Distance control if you are needy and desperate for attention won’t work for you as this week has proved. Some weeks it’s quiet and some weeks it’s a flat out roller coaster. They joy of being at the whims of Mistress even if the week is quiet still makes everyday different and interesting even if that doesn’t show on paper.

Thank you Mistress and I hope by the time this is posted you are fully recovered x

No writing errors this week just your texting one, but I will consider that mistake a self punishment!! Well done Mousey!

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