Sissy Mouse – Distance Control Journal – Week 7

It’s always going to be the final outcome… one way or another I will turn you to putty in my hands and you will inevitably find yourself yearning to have your cock completely locked and totally under my control and ownership! This week ended with me having 4 devoted little pets all locked up, teased and denied. Mousey has once again proved himself to be a bumbling buffoon, errors in his writing, forgetfulness with his tasks. And my oh my, what a punishment he is going to receive. I almost wish I didn’t make him clean that toilet out now!

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Distance control journal week 7

This week’s journal starts with me still feeling unwell so it may be a very light read this week.

Day 1 Sunday September 27th

The week starts with me messaging Mistress to enquire how she is feeling and to inform her that I am still not feeling my best. Mistress replies a few hours later via an email informing me she feels a little better and hopes I do soon.

Day 2 Monday September 28th

Due to still not feeling well my exercise is on hold. I start this week at 15st 4lbs so the same as last week.

I message Mistress to enquire if she is feeling any better and to inform her that I was still feeling no better and was having a light duties day. Mistress replies that she had a late night staying up for the lunar eclipse and would be dealing with admin today.

A few hours later I get a text from Mistress informing me that my week 5 journal contains 4 errors. I read and re-read it and still I missed them. I am very ashamed of this because Mistress has and expects high standards. Mistress informs me that I will be punished but she may be kind and wait until I am fully recovered. I thank Mistress and await my punishment with trepidation.

Day 3 Tuesday September 29th

I start my day with a message from Mistress giving me a choice of my punishment…..

Pay a fine equivalent to Mistress getting a pedicure £40

A self inflicted physical punishment

I chose the fine not because I don’t want the punishment but I would rather treat Mistress. I message Mistress to confirm this and pay my fine immediately.

No exercise again today as I am still feeling unwell.

I head off to work to try and get something done. Around midday I get a message from Mistress informing me to send her a picture of our horrible workshop toilet. I duly do this and a while later receive a reply saying “That’s disgusting what days are you alone in the workshop?” I reply Saturday and Sunday. Mistress then sends me a task in advance which is to bring my maids outfit to work put it on and clean the toilet and provide photographic evidence of the toilet before, during and when I have finished. I thank Mistress for my task and think nothing more of it.

I finish my day early because I still don’t have a great deal of energy and it’s been a heavy going morning.

Around 9pm I receive a message from Mistress telling me I better do a good job of cleaning the toilet because she might make me drink out of it!! I look at the message in utter disbelief, would she really? I reply and inform Mistress that it made my jaw drop when I read it. Of course being a fan of degradation I can’t deny it also slightly appeals it’s another watch this space moment.

Day 4 Wednesday September 30th

Still feeling unwell so no exercise again today.

Mistress sends me a message first thanking me for paying my fine. I reply and thank Mistress for her message and tell her that I paid it straight away as I didn’t want any late payment surcharges.

Mistress also requests that I send her an email regarding the twitter conversation I was having with Tammy Tampax and the ideas that were being discussed for our next joint day out. I duly do this (sorry Tammy) and a while later I get a message back from Mistress saying “the sissies on the bus go blush, blush, blush”. It’s another watch this space moment.

Day 5 Thursday October 1st

I send Mistress my usual morning message and inform her that I am feeling slightly better and hope to resume my exercise on Friday. I also inform Mistress that I have a busy day and won’t be finishing until late and that the slightly larger chastity ring arrived yesterday.

At around 7pm I receive a message from Mistress just saying “Finished yet?” I reply that I won’t be finishing until around 10pm. Mistress reply back was “ok put on you device when you finish” I thank Mistress for her instruction.

I return home as planned at around 10pm and faf about getting the device on. Once fitted I messaged Mistress to confirm. I go to bed not expecting to get a massage back but I do which doesn’t help my start to a night’s chastity. It said “Good! I’m about to get fucked by the boyfriend. Sweet dreams” I really hate myself now because the thought of Mistress having sex with her boyfriend and me locked in chastity makes everything strain to escape the cage and I am only 30 minutes into my night. I don’t reply just sit there thinking about it. I would like to add that I don’t nor have I ever had any thoughts about any sexual activity with Mistress. She is utterly unobtainable to me and I would hope that she would find any sexual activity with me repulsive. The turn on for me is being reminded that I am not and never will be worthy of such attention not just from her but from any woman.

I try to go to sleep but my balls are desperately trying to escape the ring and pulling hard. Somehow I get off to sleep and wake around 1am with the same thing happening. I try massaging them and put a bit of baby oil on them and that seems to do the trick and I fall asleep for another few hours waking at 4am with the same thing. Every time I wake I think of Mistress and that my suffering is for her AND its only a few hours in. I may have days, weeks or months of this ahead.

Day 6 Friday October 2nd

I fall asleep again and wake around my usual 7am. I get up and carry out my usual routine with the added baby oil on the balls which helps greatly.

I send Mistress my morning message informing her of my poor nights sleep and how her message made everything strain and try to escape the cage. Mistress’s reply was to the point “Good! My plan worked”

I return to my exercise today which felt very odd with the heavy steel of the chastity device jiggling about. I also only managed 5 minutes of jogging so that’s something to build back up.

I hear nothing more from Mistress and go about my day being constantly reminded of Mistress’s ownership of my cock.

Day 7 Saturday October 3rd

I awake from a relatively undisturbed night sleep which is a first for me wearing chastity. I have tried many ball trap chastity devices over the years and all of them have failed until now. But then I wasn’t wearing one for Mistress.

Anyway as usual my text is sent to Mistress to confirm my exercise and to let her know that the chastity device is all ok. I don’t need a task from Mistress today I already have one clean the workshop toilet. I have some social and domestic running about to do and once finished I head to my workshop.

I open up and make absolutely sure the door is locked. I don’t want anyone walking in today. I change into my maids dress and start work. Scrabbling around on the floor of this toilet is truly disgusting and with the annoyance of the chastity device but slowly it starts to look presentable until I come to the toilet bowl. Nothing will move the stain so I have to get changed and visit the shops to see if I can get something stronger than what I had. I find what I am looking for (Harpic 100% lime scale remover) I return, change and apply to the toilet bowl wait about five minutes and it worked most of it came off first time. As instructed I take photos of my progress and me cleaning with my outfit on. Once it looks sparkling I send Mistress a message to confirm her task has been carried out and I will email pictures shortly, change and return home. Forgetting to take the camera or my maids outfit with me!

At around 7pm I get a message from Mistress saying she had just finished and enquired how her locked cock was and where were the toilet pictures? I reply that I have left the camera at the workshop and will send them tomorrow my reply is “Well that was stupid” so now whilst writing this I wonder was that stupid to forget the camera or was it stupid because I didn’t complete my task as requested. I guess time will tell.

I head off to bed at around 11pm and get very little sleep due to the chastity and my balls trying to escape all night.

I the end what looked like a very quiet week turned out to be so much more. I never expected to end the week locked in what has so far been successful chastity. My record for being able to stay in chastity in the past has been 4 days so next weeks journal will tell all.

Once again thank you Mistress for another interesting week and giving me the honour of being another of your locked pets.

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