Sissy Mouse – Distance Control Journal – Week 8

As has been touched upon in last week’s blog posts and diaries from my distance control slaves, there are times when life gets in the way for both Domme and Sub.  But it is always advisable to enjoy these moments of calm and peace because you can guarantee that as soon as things return to normal, I am going to hit you with a fucking hurricane!  Here is Slave Mousey’s 8th distance control journal.

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Distance control Journal week 8

Day 1 Sunday October 4th

I start this week on day 3 in chastity and a terrible night’s sleep. This is the first night that no matter how hard I tried my arousal would not subside. I am also starting to get a little sore skin under the ring that holds the device on and a regular rub with Sudocrem is helping but still keeps me awake. My honeymoon period with the device is over, now the reality of chastity is kicking in.

I carry out my exercise finish my week 7 journal and email pictures to Mistress of my workshop toilet cleaning task. I message Mistress to confirm this and go about my morning.

At around 2pm I get a message from Mistress saying “Errors slave errors! I can’t believe it, once again tiny stupid errors which I still miss. I apologise to Mistress once again and receive a reply saying “That and not sending your photos. Punishment awaits” I can only apologise again and await my fate for once again being sloppy. The other thing that is not lost on me today is that I am locked in chastity and at no point were any terms and conditions regarding orgasms or a release date discussed I was merely lead up the path and click it’s on. Then again being at Mistress’s whims is what makes our D/s relationship fantastic.

Day 2 Monday October 5th

Starting this week at 15st 3lbs so 1lb off. No exercise for most of last week so not as bad as I thought it would be.

I carry out my exercise and message Mistress to confirm. I also tell Mistress that I re-read my week 7 Journal 3 times and only then found the mistakes and that was because I knew they were there.

I then receive a message from Mistress with my punishment for sloppy writing and for failing to submit my pictures when I said I would on Saturday. My punishment is to buy a microwave meal and have it for lunch. So what’s the catch you ask well the catch is I have to buy a meal I don’t like and I have to eat it off the toilet seat of my workshop toilet which I cleaned on Saturday. Now here are the best bits I have to video it for evidence and so Mistress can offer the clip for sale, wear a piece of kitchen roll taped to my chest like a bib saying “Buffoon” and do it dressed only in panties. This gets me all in a fluster but I thank Mistress for her instructions and go about sorting out what I need. This is possible today because I am working alone or so I thought! I head out just before lunch to buy a microwave meal (Macaroni Cheese if you are interested) and I get back to find the workshop open and the guy I share my unit with has had his plans cancelled and has turned up to work. It’s lucky it wasn’t half an hour later as it would have been much worse than my stray text message from a couple of weeks ago. I message Mistress to say sorry I am now not alone and won’t be able to carry out my task. I explain to Mistress that I can do it later after he has gone home. Mistress replies that I can do it when I am at the HOD on Friday and eat it off of her toilet seat which won’t be cleaned especially and because I have messed her around to purchase two candles from her wish list. I reply to say I am very sorry and will do that straight away. As soon as I send the text the guy who I share the unit with gets a phone call and he leaves for the day. So after all that I can now do as I am instructed. I message Mistress again to let her know its back on to which she replies “are you sure he won’t be back?” 100% sure Mistress was my reply. “Go do it then and don’t fuck it up” was the reply!

So I microwave the meal so it cools down a bit before I start. Set up the camera on a tripod, strip off to just my pink frilly panties and chastity device. Collect the food and press record. Stand in front of the camera so Mistress can see the “Buffoon sign” and dish out the food onto the toilet seat and begin eating. I’m not sure what is worse the eating off of the seat or the actual food but it’s not pleasant but at the same time deliciously wrong to be doing it. My instructions are to eat it all and lick the seat clean when I have finished. I duly do as requested with the camera catching everything. Once finished I get a drink because there is a terrible taste in my mouth probably of despair and degradation!!

I message Mistress to confirm it is done and that I feel sick and violated and thank her very much for the task. “Well done” was the message back.

I head off and upload the video to send to Mistress and hear nothing more from her today.

Day 3 Tuesday October 6th

After a very sleepless night due to my chastity device creating a sore patch on my balls I message Mistress and request permission to remove the device because I have been trying sudocrem but it’s just not working.

Mistress replies and grants permission and asks “How long has it been?” “Four days 10 hours Mistress” I reply.

After I have completed my daily exercise I message Mistress to confirm. A little later I receive a reply back saying “At 10.30 put on your nipple clamps and text me at 11.30 for permission to remove them”. I set an alarm for 10.28 and start my day. The alarm goes off and I do as instructed and luckily as it’s a bit chilly in the workshop I have my fleece on so it hides the clamps. After about half an hour or so I’m too hot so have to remove my fleece and hope no one notices the clamps under my T-shirt. The hour drags and even though I am busy removing an engine from a car the constant jiggling of the nipple clamps remind me of Mistress. Finally my alarm goes off and I message Mistress “Please may I have permission to remove the clamps?” Mistress replies about 5 minutes later with “Have you been working hard?” I reply straight back with “Yes Mistress I am a dirty sweaty fat bloke today” by now the clamps are getting painful and I am just hovering by the phone waiting for the permission to be granted. Mistress replies after another 5 minutes with “A dirty sweaty fat bloke with clamps. Keep them on for another hour” I wince and thank Mistress and reset the alarm.

I go back to my job and the clamps are really biting into me now and it takes a lot to concentrate on what I am doing. Of course during this time I have people coming in either to discuss jobs or to just have a chat and I am thinking can they see the clamps? Finally 12.30 arrives and I message Mistress “Please may I have permission to remove the clamps Mistress” another agonising wait and a reply from Mistress saying “LOL are you sure to want to suffer the pain?” I reply straight away with “Mistress I am doomed either way” another long wait and by now I am pacing up and down because the pain is getting unbearable Mistress replies with just “LOL”. I message again getting more and more desperate “Please, please, please, please may I remove the clamps Mistress” another 10 minutes pass and the reply this time is “Squeak” I reply “Squeeeeek” Mistress replies “Can’t hear you” I try again “SQUEEEEEK”. “Are you alone?” was Mistress’s next reply. Luckily I am and confirm this; it is now 13.10 so that is 2 hours 40 minutes of nipple clamps. Mistress replies and instructs me to call her. I have to say suddenly all the suffering of the nipple clamps was worth it to have to pleasure of speaking to Mistress on the phone.

Now at this point I would like to point out that my memory of our conversation will be sketchy but it mainly involved Mistress taunting me and informing me that she is currently doing web cam sessions and may have to end the conversation abruptly. Mistress keeps asking me if I am sure I want them removed as they are really going to hurt. I then have to squeak for her and chant Mistress’s new mantra “Women are more powerful than men” several times until Mistress felt I said it with the correct amount of conviction. Finally Mistress says “Ready mousey? Right clamp first on the count of 3 oh this is going to hurt” All whilst laughing and begins to count “1 long pause 2 long pause (talk about tension) 2 and a half 2 and three quarters, are you sure?” Finally 3 and all I can do is drop to my knees with the pain and squeak (which is what I do when in pain hence mousey) all this with Mistress laughing and taunting me on the phone. Then someone is trying to contact Mistress on web cam so Mistress tell me to put the right clamp back on and call her at 13.30. Fuck me putting the clamp back on was worse than it coming off so I am now back to pacing and clock watching for 12 minutes. Finally its time and I call Mistress again. I tell Mistress that the right clamp hurt more going back on than when it came off “Good” was Mistress’s reply. So finally it’s time “right one first mousey” countdown from 3 this time and slowly again finally off came the right, painful but not as much as the first time. “That wasn’t too bad was it?” No Mistress was my reply “but the other one is going to be” said Mistress. “Countdown from 3” when 1 came and I opened up the clamp OMFG the pain was extreme and I dropped to my knees again with Mistress giggling in my ear. When I finally get my breath back I thank Mistress who informs me that the 3 hours was for the 3 mistakes in my week 7 journal. I had better be very careful from now on. I enjoy a brief chat with Mistress and leave her to it as she had a session at 2pm.

Day 4 Wednesday October 7th

I awake from a peaceful sleep due to being out of chastity whilst my sore balls recover.

I message Mistress to confirm my exercise and to thank her once again for yesterday.

I hear nothing more from Mistress today however I still have sore nipples from yesterday as a reminder.

Day 5 Thursday October 8th

I awake today with my task from Mistress informing me to edge 3 times at regular intervals.

Once I complete my exercise I carry out edge number 1 and message Mistress to thank her for her instructions.

I message Mistress later in the day to confirm the times of my other 2 edges and also to confirm that I have purchased the cleaning supplies for my session tomorrow.

Day 6 Friday October 9th

Today is my postponed session with Mistress however it’s a slight twist on what was going to be happening and will be the subject of a separate write up. All I can say here is what a brilliant day it was.

Day 7 Saturday October 10th

I awake today after a poor nights sleep with the joy of another cold. I message Mistress late and inform her that I am not well again and will be having a lying on the sofa day at home. I hear nothing from Mistress today.

Thank you Mistress for another roller coaster week.








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