Sissy Mouse – Distance Control Journal – Week 9

I granted Sissy Mouse a bit of reprieve last week as he was feeling unwell, but the second I knew he felt better was the second I got him right back onto his program!

Distance control journal week 9

I wasn’t even sure if it was worth writing a journal this week because it’s been quiet. However the deal is a weekly journal for Mistress’s blog whatever the week brings. What you cannot put into words is the constant expectation of what might happen next. I did comment to Mistress when I saw her for our last session that if it was flat out all the time I’m not sure I could cope. Also it’s worth remembering that when it is quiet enjoy the silence because it wont last for long in the topsie turvey world of Miss Deelight’s distance control.

Day 1 Sunday October 11th

I messaged Mistress to inform her I was still not feeling well and was having a sofa day.

Day 2 Monday October 12th

Starting the week at 15st 3lbs nothing on but then again nothing off!!

I awoke to a message from Mistress enquiring how I was feeling. I replied that I was still feeling generally blah and I had a really busy week and lacked any energy or inclination. Mistress replied and recommended I try Berocca. I was going to Boots anyway to get some Lanacane that Mistress had recommended for chaffing whilst in chastity. It was also nice to go to Boots and not feel nervous and embarrassed like the last time. I bought what I needed and return to work. I take one of the Berocca tablets and think nothing more until about a couple of hours later when it must have kicked in because I suddenly had an enormous sense of well being and scurried though my day with great gusto.

Day 3 Tuesday October 13th

I start my day with my usual exercise and message Mistress and inform her that her Berocca top tip worked wonders. Mistress replies that it’s great to hear.

I hear nothing more from Mistress today but still checking phone in expectation.

Day 4 Wednesday October 14th

I message Mistress after my exercise and hear nothing from Mistress today.

Day 5 Thursday October 15th

As usual I message Mistress after my exercise and inform her that I have a very busy day today and await any instructions. I hear nothing from Mistress again today.

Day 6 Friday October 16th

I start today with a message from Mistress enquiring where I have been. I reply and ask if I have missed a message from her because I have not heard anything from her since Wednesday. Mistress replies that she did not get a message from me yesterday. I confirm I sent one at around 8.30am and Mistress replies “with so who did you send it to this time?” referring of course to me sending one of my messages to a friend rather than to Mistress. I confirm that it was sent to her and what it said. So lost in space I guess!

At around 3pm Mistress sends me a message just saying “wearing your panties?” to which I reply “everyday Mistress” Mistress then asks “where is your device?” and in that Mistress sixth sense the new short device had just arrived from Uberkinky. I inform Mistress about its arrival and the reply was “Well it must be fate! Pop it on” I inform Mistress that I will need to go home to put in on. “Get on with it then” was Mistress’s reply. I duly do as instructed and feck me it is short. I’ve not got the biggest appendage but even for me this is a squeeze. I message Mistress to confirm it’s on and it was a tight squeeze to which the reply was merely “Good!” I continue the rest of my day once again constantly reminded of Mistress.

Day 7 Saturday October 17th

After a very poor nights sleep due to the chastity device I awake carry out my exercise with the chastity device making it feel very strange again and message Mistress. Today is a very busy day for me work wise and Mistress is kind enough to leave me too it.

As the day goes on the chastity device ring is once again giving me a sore patch on my balls. No matter how much Lanacane or Sudocrem I put on them it gets worse and worse. Finally after much trying the device comes off at 5am on Sunday morning and just to add Mistress had granted me permission to remove the device if I ever have trouble in the night as she knows I will suffer and try and keep it on but she doesn’t want me to harm myself. I still can’t get over the fact that I always feel like a failure when this happens.

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