Sissy Mouse – Humiliation, Chastity and Extreme CBT

Sissy Mouse just can’t stay away from the House of Deelight and for it’s birthday it booked a session of ignoring, humiliation and extreme CBT.

Firstly the fat bloke in a dress was kitted out with it’s own chastity belt and maids outfit then strapped into the bondage chair and ignored while I worked on webcam for 2 hours.


Next came a series of humiliation tasks including being my own personal ashtray and porn star trainee – A ridiculous attempt at self fondling, might I add!

sissy-maid-humiliation (1) femdom-sissy-humiliation


Then the poor little slut was stripped and bound by rope and put through some gruelling clip coat-hanger nipple torture and extreme CBT with the E-stim.  Much to my delight, it did take a very good punishment.

extreme-cbt-blood extreme-cbt extreme-cbt (2) estim-cock-torture cbt-and-nipple-torture

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