Sissy Mouse Meets Tammy Tampax – Public Humiliation

What a fun day the 9th of December was.  The day in which my loyal Slave, Mousey, endured his first day of public humiliation meeting Tammy Tampax, the Slave of my good friend  Mistress R’eal.  I will describe the day in 3 words and then pass you over to Slave Sissy Mouse for his recap of the day.  “ABSOLUTELY BLOODY HILARIOUS”

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A day out with Tammy Tampax

So the start of this adventure begins with my last session with Mistress in mid November. Mistress informs me that Mistress R’eal has requested my presence at the next public humiliation of Tammy Tampax so in a flash I agree because it’s not that often you get the honour to spend the day with two amazing Dominant ladies.

The date has already been confirmed December 9th so only three weeks away so not massive amounts of time to over think the upcoming events. All I’m thinking at this point is its either going be cold or wet but not much more than that.

We get to the Friday before the event and Mistress sends me an email saying nothing but “You need for Tuesday running shoes, shiny leggings, leotard or swimming costume and leg warmers. Think Jane Fonda in the 80’s” and that was it. OMFG as they say in the movies “this shit just got real” or in this case R’eal. So off I go shopping, thinking this will be a doddle at a sports shop. Wrong, nothing in my size dam. Internet next and its all sorted and will be delivered on Sunday so can now relax and try not to worry about Tuesday. Sunday comes and the delivery arrives and opens it up “nooooooooooo” the leotard is on a follow up order and wont be sent until Monday, not what I wanted to hear. Back on the net and luckily find something else and as it turns out so much better than the original idea and will be delivered on Monday so everything is now in place.

Monday and the parcel arrives so I have Bright purple swimming costume, bright pink leggings and purple leg warmers. Try it all on and send a picture to Mistress, who approves and replies with LMFAO so as long as Mistress is amused that is all that matters so far.

Tuesday morning arrives after very little sleep due to excitement and nerves. Mistress requires me at 10am as she has tasks for me. I duly arrive at 10am with my bag of stupid clothes for the day. I’m put to work straight away re hanging curtains and with that Mistress R’eal arrives who has the amazing ability of making me very nervous so I’m faffing about with the curtains whilst the Mistresses chat about the day ahead and first mistake of the day I make a comment about something, for which I get a very strong tongue lashing and I’m very much reminded of my place. With all the jobs complete I’m told to change into my outfit for the day and duly do as I’m told (no comments this time). I return to receive laughter at my stupid looking outfit and how I look in it.

The next part of my day is to learn what the whistle codes mean when we are out later…

1 whistle 10 press ups

2 whistles star jumps

Long whistle running

As you can imagine with that both Mistresses go whistle mad and I don’t know what I’m doing until Mistress calls a holt as she believes Mistress R’eal is trying to wear me out before the main event.

During all this mayhem Tammy Tampax and Slave Speedy arrive to get ready for our day out. Whilst this is happening Mistress Whispers in my ear “I expect you to win this for me” so no pressure!

So the time has come everyone is ready normal clothes on over our lovely outfits and we leave the House of Deelight.

Mistress R’eal has brought along another slave who knows the area and takes us all on a magical mystery ride. After around 20 mins driving we arrive at a picnic site which is close to the road for passing traffic to see but luckily no one else is there at the moment. So quick change then out of the car and oh my it’s cold although we weren’t cold for long as the whistle blows and we are off. Now it’s important to say that I am no athlete however with Mistress’s encouragement over the last year I have lost 2 stone and was in a much better place to perform the task. So whilst it took it out of me I dug deep for Mistress and did my absolute best.

With that over it was back in the cars for the next mystery destination which of deep joy was a trip to the woods to a place selling Christmas trees. So we arrive with a few people around and are instructed to purchase some mistletoe from the shop. Eeeeeek was the first thing that crossed my mind this has got serious. Deep breath off we go to looks of mild amusement and bewilderment when we get to the shop One customer is paying for a tree and does a double take as he turns round and then we discover we don’t have enough money so have to stand there whilst Tammy Tampax returns to the car. Shooting the breeze with two blokes whilst dressed in bright pink leggings, purple swimsuit and legwarmers is not an easy task and Tammy seemed to take forever to return. Purchase made we leave two bemused men and return towards the car and with that the whistles go again, press ups in the mud nice!! Then a run, then some more star jumps then more press ups all whilst people are loading their Christmas trees onto their cars.

Back in the cars and the next stop is some nice muddy fields for some very muddy boot cleaning. Whilst Mistress R’eal is doing some filming with Tammy and Speedy I am covering Mistresses boots in mud for my treat that lay ahead. I am also instructed to pick up a large handful of mud and follow Mistress. I follow Mistress to an animal shelter in the middle of the field and instructed to crawl into it; the entrance is covered in nettles and bramble! Mistress sits on top the shelter and does her piece to camera and then taps on the shelter for me to appear and lick clean her very muddy boots once the job was done I was then instructed to apply more mud and do it again, at one point I almost gagged on the mud and spat some out which didn’t go down well and rightly so. For that my face was rubbed in the very wet mud grass and nettles! Now I have to say this part of the day was outstanding for me as Mistress made me feel like the true worthless slave that I am and it’s a moment that will live with me forever. So filming finished I get up to the amusement of everyone being covered in mud and feeling fantastic from the experience. So a wipe of hands and face and we are off to the next destination……

Ten minutes later and we are turning into the car park of a very busy garden centre and all of us three slaves in the car just groan.

The instruction was to go to the garden centre and purchase weed killer. Luckily for me I am still completely covered in mud and look like I’m in camouflage so get to stay in the car however there will be a punishment for this later.

I get to watch the amused or bemused looks on people’s faces as Tammy and Speedy head to the shop and return to fresh bemused looks some time later almost jogging to get back in the car.

Back in the safety of the car we leave and return to the ROHOD and begin the second chapter of the day. But that is a tale for another day.

I would like to thank Miss Deelight and Mistress R’eal for the opportunity to take part with Tammy and Speedy and the amazing rush that I got from doing it. To say I had my limits pushed would be an understatement. Would I do it again of course I would if asked.

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