Sissy Mouse – Truly Fucked! – 1st Anniversary Recap

As my pet has done such a good job with his write up of our last session, I am just going to hand you straight over to him for all the spine chilling, wonderful and humiliating memories! (click images to enlarge)

So something happened recently that after a year of serving Miss Deelight….. 


Now some of you may read this and think lucky boy well to clarify its not that kind of fucked!! 

I am fucked because a total power exchange has taken place. I know when it happened and it took me by complete surprise so much so that I had a complete meltdown just before Christmas. Something which Mistress helped me to deal with very well and helped me back on an even keel. 

Why am I fucked then as that seems all ok. Well the reason is that I need Mistress more than she needs me. I am a client and Mistress runs a successful business and has many other clients so if I displease her or annoy her with constant emails, texts or sloppy behaviour then she is within her rights to dismiss me. It wont affect her life one little bit but would put a massive dent in mine. 

Now because Mistress knows this our first session of the New Year had a very different feel to it. I had booked Jan 17th back in November as it marked a year since our first session together and even at the time Mistress said it was going to be something different. That turned out to be very true…… 

So this session starts with a text message from Mistress saying “I have come up with an idea for our session“, that was it, to which I replied “ That makes me shake with trepidation and excitement “ to which a reply came back “I want you to bring your Jane Fonda outfit (from the tammy tampax day out) and some cash. I’m taking my sissy shopping for its new outfit and lingerie“, this is Wednesday and I now have three days to fret about what the day will entail, psychological torment sums it up well. 

Three sleepless nights later and the day arrives, I am more nervous about this visit than the first time we met. Mistress sends me a text message to say the weather is horrible where she lives and we will meet at 12 noon instead so an extra hour to fret. 

Midday Saturday arrives and I walk through the door to be met by my ever gorgeous smiling Mistress whose first words were “slave I am going to have so much fun today” so in my usual nervous state I start babbling on about this and that trying to put off the inevitable which of course Mistress sees straight through and sends me to get changed into Fonda mouse as she likes to call it. Of I go and return to receive instructions about the exercises I will be doing everyday to assist with my supervised weight loss. Mistress puts the music on and starts jumping around putting me to complete shame and leaving completely breathless (I didn’t realise I was that unfit). With that I’m instructed to go upstairs remove Fonda mouse and return naked… 

On returning Mistress informs me we are going shopping with me butt plugged, nipple clamped and the electric shock collar fitted. Now I’m still a beginner with anal but not with nipple clamps so that part would be easy (how stupid did that thought turn out to be). So suitably plugged and clamped I’m sent back upstairs to re-dress and return to have the shock collar fitted and hide it under my fleece collar and we are off for our shopping extravaganza. Being that the HOD is so close to Newport town centre it was only a 10min trip including parking (which is free for 2 hours Thanks Newport). 

First stop Ann Summers. I’m thinking its Saturday it will be busy and we can blend in a little ( although shopping with someone as gorgeous as Mistress you are never going to blend in) wrong no one in the shop apart from 3 assistants so Mistress starts looking round the shop with me following nervously close by trying to looked relaxed we cant see anything in my large size so Mistress sends me to ask the assistants where the larger sizes are to be informed the are all on the same racks (so now looks embarrassed and stupid) for what seems like an hour Mistress finally likes the look of a cami top and some panties. All I’m thinking is I hope Mistress doesn’t tell me to ask to try it on. I would rather return it than have to try it on. Anyway further walks around the shop with the assistants asking if we needed anymore help and every few minutes being zapped with the shock collar remote!! Also Mistress is asking me to get items off of the higher racks to pull on the nipple clamps which are tied to the harness.  Looking at various things and trying out a very bling crop I was starting to relax a little and feel less embarrassed. Mistress informs me we have finished and instructs me to pay for the items including something that Mistress has chosen as a gift. So I am at the checkout trying to look relaxed with the shock collar going off every few seconds and Mistress’s beaming smile saying she isn’t enjoying this at all. Finally all paid for and we are heading out phew phase one completed next stop….. 

Primark handily opposite Ann Summers and its much busier and Mistress starts looking round and taking thinks off the rack and trying them against me all the while saying quite loudly “oh yes that suits you or no that wouldn’t suit you” Mistress then points out to me that I look a little red which makes me even more self conscious. Many more items viewed and held up to me with me trying to look like I know what I’m looking for but really have no idea. Finally Mistress chooses me two pairs of leggings and two tops and two necklaces and with that I’m sent to pay. This time whilst paying I have to ask the person on the till if they think the items suit me!!! So waiting in the queue with the shock collar going off and trying to maintain my composure, my turn comes which turns out to be a young lad on the till so once again I look round to a smiling Mistress watching me intently. Now fair play to this chap I ask the question and he says “yes but I don’t think the leather look leggings suit you” which amused me greatly. With that bill paid and off out the shop and off for lunch. 

Now as you all know Mistress is a very beautiful woman and to walk into a pub with her is a joy and an honour regardless of the fact that you know your place and you are being zapped as you are walking to a table. We find a table and Mistress sends me to the bar for drinks which I return with to find Mistress with a look of disappointment as the shock collar didn’t seem to work as I was ordering or carrying the drinks back. So we order food which is very hard because all that is standing out on the menu is Burger and chips. I know I have to accept that those meals are now in the past and I am at the beginning of a healthy eating lifestyle so a scan of the menu and off I go to order food which duly arrives. Now it’s worth remembering that the nipple clamps have now been on for about an hour and are really painful so I ask Mistress if they can be removed to which her very short answer was… “Yes but I will take them off in full view of everyone” as you can imagine they stayed on. 

With a very enjoyable and painful lunch finished its back to the car and as we are waiting for the car park lift, Mistress says something that catches me out completely which is “the next time we go out for lunch you will be wearing your new clothes” now I didn’t see this coming at all, I just thought we were shopping for some mild public humiliation oh no this is going to get a lot worse at some point. However as much as the thought feels me with dread I know the rush of excitement will be amazing. 

Back in the car and a return to the HOD and the joy of having the nipple clamps removed. So two hours of nipple clamps pulled tight to the harness this is going to hurt, Mistress looks me in the eye and says “on the count of three” Yes Mistress so we get to one and then off they come and with that I just sink to my knees with the pain. I am a big lover of nipple pain but this is the most excruciating pain I have ever had. Mistress goes off to use the bathroom and returns to find me still on all fours whimpering to her great amusement. 

I am then sent off to remove my plug and to return to try on my new clothes for size. Perfect fit Mistress has a great eye and the clothes really suit me and there ends another amazing session. I would never have imagined when I walked through the HOD door and met Mistress for the first time that our journey would take me to this point. I feel our next year is going to be a very humiliating and exhilarating experience and a very amusing experience for Mistress. 

Thank you Mistress for not only an amazing session but the fantastic journey you have taken me on in the last year. 

Watch this space for the further adventures of Miss Deelight and sissy mouse.

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