Sissy Pocahontas – Distance Control Journal – Week 1

I would like you all to offer a warm welcome to the latest contributor to my blog; my new Sissy, Pocahontas.  Pocahontas contacted me requesting a TeamViewer lockdown but got a whole lot more than she bargained for.  Like a bird a prey, I swept down upon my latest victim and whisked it up to great heights so that it feared being dropped more than being devoured.

My first week under the control of Mistress.

My name is Andy, well actually my name WAS Andy. I am now Sissy Pocahontas after entering into the control of Mistress.

I have spent the last two years playing around with various so-called femdommes online but as we were approaching the new year I knew it was time to get serious and quit playing.

I spent a lot of time researching and reading the web sites of various online Mistresses and the one that stood out as super professional and has the advantage of being in the UK was Miss Delight.

It’s fair to say that I only thought I knew what I wanted going into this. When everything to this point hasn’t involved any real commitment you only have a rough idea of what your kinks and fetishes are. I nervously sent an email detailing what I was seeking and Mistress came back telling me that was fine.

Stage one was to have Mistress lock down my computer. Because of the nature of my work I have access to other computers which I cannot for business security reasons let anyone have access to. I was totally up front about this with Mistress. I also cannot let her restrict my phone as that too is heavily used in my line of work.

But my personal laptop, which is the one I use for recreational stuff… that’s different.

Mistress got to work locking it down and making a sissy computer. I can now only play video games suitable for the fairer sex. I certainly am missing the first person shooter games, especially as it turns out games about riding stables and animals all suck. Hopefully I will be able to find some better sissy suitable games in the future.

Through the week I’ve given Mistress feedback and thoughts which on one hand is a mistake as these will be used against me as we progress, but this has been important especially as I’ve discovered some things that I thought were a big deal for me aren’t and other things are getting unlocked as my inner sissy is being released.

Mistress is also amazingly good at pushing buttons and making little throw-away comments that trigger things in your mind and then she grabs the feedback you and stashes it away for later use.

One example of this was her threat of putting me on some female hormones. Something I’d not considered before but now is firmly planted in my mind. I am in no doubt that as the months go on I will be developing some bigger breasts.

Coming into this I had not had an orgasm for getting on for 10 days, which is almost the longest I’ve ever gone. I’ve never been into denial much, my kink has always been more for the ruined orgasm. The 10 day spell had really been because I had a back problem after Christmas and pain like that tends to cripple an libido. Then because I was about to enter an arrangement with Mistress I thought it best to wait for the first time she let me release.

The end result of this is that I have not stroked like a man this year. Mistress has kindly allowed me to cum a few times but only touching it like a girl and certainly no stroking action. This means all my orgasms have really been ruined ones.

The best thing out of this is the discovery that just placing a vibrating wand against my little clit, even through panties is enough to get me off and it’s so much like I imagine a girls playing would be too. I just writhe about and squirm and the orgasm builds and little wet patch appears with none of the feeling of shooting a man load.

The other thing about that is back in my man days of wanking I could rub one off and that was enough relief for a 2-3 days. Don’t get me wrong, I’d probably still go again the next day but more because I wanted to and not because I needed it.

With this vibration only and no pressure on the clitty as it releases… I am horny again very quickly.

Mistress had me purchase a Lovense Hush, this is a bluetooth controlled butt plug which she can control long distance. The software it comes with is a bit buggy at the moment but yesterday I was treated to a 5 hour spell with it inserted and occasional vibrations, one vibrating session lasting 17+ minutes and leaving me breathless. I also experienced some form of anal orgasm, where my butt began to clench and spasm uncontrollably. Sadly no actual cumming and since its now been a few days I am becoming increasing desperate and I suspect pliable.

I realised that having long distance control on a week by week basis was not enough of a commitment. I felt I could pretty much reach the end of a week and walk away if I wanted to. I discussed this with Mistress and have now signed up for the next 4 weeks and will probably make top up payments every couple of weeks so I am always in a place where I would have two full weeks to go if I did want out. This makes the consensual blackmail thing far more effective and means I find myself feeling out of control.

Having said that I also note how I am becoming totally addicted anyway and am pretty sure I am getting hooked and wouldn’t be able to walk away even if I wanted to.

I am already finding myself choosing to do sissy things over and above the routine I have been put onto which involves painting my toenails, inserting a plug, wearing panties and female deodorant every day.

It’s been an incredible journey so far and it’s exciting to thing this is just the start.

Sissy Pocahontas.

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