Sissy Pocohontas – Distance Control Journal – Denial

When a slave says to me that denial isn’t their thing, I will undoubtedly take it upon myself to make it their thing, because I like pushing limits!

Week 2 in the control of Mistress.

This week has been full of surprises. The first came on Monday when Mistress sent me a picture of a chastity device and told me it was to be my next purchase.

It’s worth noting at this point that I’ve never been into denial in a big way., instead finding the thrill from the control over how good (or bad) any given orgasm might be.

And yet despite that, I find the hold and power Mistress has got over me just makes me go along with her wishes and I ordered the device without hesitation.

Tuesday I get told I am to go on a “road trip” and when I got to a car park or lay-by I was to phone Mistress. At this point it was like shit suddenly got very real. Contact had only been by email and text message up until then.

It wasn’t easy to get away but I managed it and when I got to a grubby lay-by I called and Mistress answered. I followed some instructions and was left with the most filthy thoughts in my head for the rest of the day.

Later that day the chastity device arrived. However it became apparent over the next day or so that this particular device was a little too fiddly to be practical for me.

Mistress had me look for alternatives and I ended up suggesting one that was only two parts, had great reviews but was also massively restricting. In fact once locked inside, erections are a thing of the past. But as Mistress quite rightly pointed out… Sissy’s don’t have erections, we have little clitties.

I gave it a test wearing on Thursday and it is really quite comfortable and easy to wear (unless I get excited, then I feel a lot of extra pressure). Because of the design and it being rounded metal, there is no catching of skin or hair and it doesn’t show or bulge through clothing.

This weekend Mistress caught me failing to apply my toe nail polish which is part of my daily routine and I was punished using clothes pegs. I honestly don’t understand why some get off on pain as it’s never been my thing and Mistress knows it!

But I took my punishment like a good girl and I have learned a lesson.

So at the end of just two weeks under the control of Mistress I now own a chastity device which I know at some point in the near future will be getting snapped on with a numbered lock. I also have learned how Mistress can demand proof of things at any time and so once locked there is going to be no cheating it.

Mistress had already begun making me wait a little for releases and now she is going to have the power to prevent full erections.

She did let me have one last man style masturbation on Thursday and told me to say goodbye to Andy! I now know that all future orgasms are going to be done like a sissy and only when Mistress decides. My little clit really has become fully her property and I have accepted it like the addicted little sissy I am becoming.

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