Skanky, Manky, Worn, Dirty Trainers!

I’ve just returned from my mini break away in a land of mayhem, hustle, bustle, crowds and non stop walking. Looking forward to getting back to work and busting balls, tanning hides and welting backsides :)   However, whilst away, I had an epiphany; my beloved trainers, I realised, have seen better days and it is now time to find a new pair. My trusted golden globes, have seen me through a separation, a divorce, childbirth, a break down, a recovery, a new lease of life, a climb back up the ladder to success, travelling, decorating, running, jumping, drinking, sleeping, shagging (oh yes, I’ve even done that in my trusty golden globes!) and all manner of things over the years. They don’t smell too bad considering the shit they have been through, (and probably the shit they have walked through), but they are aptly dirty, very worn and a bit broken!

There are all sorts of people in this world, and I know that you, Mr used/dirty trainer lover, are out there.. seeking your ultimate sneaker thrill… look no further than Miss Deelights manky, skanky, well worn old trainers!  Yours for just 30 credits!

Happy sniffing, wankers!




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