Slave Arthur – 3rd Visit.

Slave Arthur returned to me on Friday 12th April, for his 3rd visit, signifying 6 weeks of a minimum 3 months in chastity, with my holding both sets of keys.  I decided to be kind this visit, and let Arthur’s aching cock have some air.  However, I decided that because his manhood was temporarily free, Arthur should be, well, caged, entirely!

Cagey Caged Miss Deelight sml

Whilst he was in there, I played with some lovely red rope to secure him.  It matched my lovely red shoes!


Cagey Rope Cage sml

I don’t think Arthur was very comfortable, but it’s not about him.  Our arrangement is about me, and his servitude to me.  Mistress wanted to play with rope, so Mistress played with rope.  Mistress also wanted to play with her camera.  Guess what?  That’s right!  Mistress played with her camera!

I let him out but decided I didn’t really want to hear him, especially as I was going to do something he didn’t like:  Spanking!  Oh yes, I spanked my loyal chastity slave 100 times.  It serves him right for having a floppy cock!  Ungrateful slave, I let his cock out and how did he repay me?  By being a limp dick!

I wanted to show Arthur, who is boss so I indulged in some breath control and took some hand over mouth pics.  Doesn’t it look good?


A limp dick is no use to me, so I tried waking it up with some red hot candle wax… did it work? NO!  Arthur’s cock was not responding.

Candle Cock sml

Eventually, after some face sitting and smothering, I got the Hitachi Wand out and decided to play some orgasm control with him.  Once again his cock failed to respond, however, all of a sudden, out of the blue, Arthur decided he was going to spunk, and he spunked a LOT!  Useless slave! 3 months he was supposed to spend without coming.  At least it was just come, and not an orgasm.

The funny thing is, once I put his cock cage back on, Arthur’s cock came back to life.  We decided it must feel safer in there!



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