Slave Arthur’s Second Visit…

Slave Arthur, my long term chastity slave, now appropriately renamed Slave Arthur, for obvious reasons, came to me on Friday 22nd March for his second visit to me, marking a full 3 weeks locked in chastity with me holding both keys.  This week I was inspired by the story he wrote for me the other day, called ‘The Massage’ (click here to read it).   After a busy day I enjoyed the thought of making very little effort for my last session.    However, because he had some very unrealistic thoughts about what would happen if I allowed him to give me a massage, I felt it necessary to make sure he was reminded of his place…..

The first thing I did, because I know that Slave Arthur prefers to shower as soon as possible after a long day at work, I very kindly offered him one.  A hot, golden one!  In the bath he went, and his cock got a nice clean with hot fresh piss!


After the golden shower, and a real one, I woke the caged cock up, for inspection and was pleased to see it trying to escape its confines…not much room in there!


Next Slave made me a coffee…..

To enjoy whilst he massaged my feet…..


Further inspired by Arthur’s story, I made him undress me and give me a full body massage, whilst his cock and balls were covered thickly in deep heat.  After all, I didn’t want him getting any funny ideas.  My slave was almost dancing but he had to maintain his poise in order to ensure that I received the relaxing massage that I deserved.  His poor throbbing, burning cock didn’t show him any mercy as it continued to try bursting out of it’s cage, and failing, of course!

I meant it when I said I wasn’t going to put any effort in at all, I even made him wash me down in the shower and dry me afterwards. What a relaxing 90 minutes I had!

I didn’t remove the wank stopper at all, so Slave Arthur has been sent away for another 3 weeks without escape or release and I have left him considering the possibility that I might not release him from my control, for much longer than 3 months whilst also torturing him with ruined orgasms along the way……….

…..A notion that now has my new slave captivated, if his most recent email is anything to go by.  He is completely under my control, and for however long I decide, there is nothing he can do about it.

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