Slave Arthur’s Electrical CBT Gadgetry

Slave Arthur is now almost at the end of his 32 weeks cum ban, though I am feeling that, after his latest pathetic performance in front of my slave girl, Miss Pink, I am going to increase his pain a little while longer.  That aside however, Slave Arthur does normally please and excite me on his visits because he always brings new toys and inventions for me to play with and test run on his aching, throbbing cock.  Our favourite type of play is electrics, or electro-stimulation for those who were about to run a mile at the thought of me actually electrocuting him.  Although, having said that…. (Evil Laugh).

On his second to last visit, Slave Arthur brought along an abundance of new gadgetry for me to torture him with.  This included conducted rubber, metal urethral plugs, cock rings and birthday candles, the latter was my own personal request.


So I set about wiring him up to the e-stim box, firstly separating his cock and balls with my Oxballs Nut Buster, then inserting conductive rubber in-between the plates. I then tightened and tightened the plates to give his balls a good squeeze!


Next I attached a conductive tourniquet around the base of his cock and inserted a urethral plug, both attached to the e-stim.

I have to say I had some real fun with this electro set up and gave Slave Arthur a mix of pleasurable stimulation and agonising pain; sensually sadistic as always!






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