Slave Arthur’s Return!

Hello my little pet slaves and subs, have you all missed me?  Probably more than I have missed you.  Well I have spent the past 3 weeks moving house among other things, which meant that June was a very time consuming month for me, so I didn’t have any time left over to update my blog after sessions.  Over the next week or two I will be posting some catch ups from the RT sessions that did occur during my very busy schedule.

So, last week marked the return of Slave Arthur.  Those of you who follow my blog will recall that Arthur came to me for the first time back in February, and he left me, firmly locked into chastity for a minimum period of 3 months.  After his 3rd visit, and an unpermitted ejaculation, Arthur fell fowl to life’s obstacles and missed not one, but two further appointments.  Now, I do have a small heart; so after his second cancelled appointment, I offered him the option to have his keys returned and his chastity released, which he accepted.  A few days later I received an email then requesting that I kept hold of the keys.  It appears that Arthur had realised that his life would be totally empty without me in it, and despite his personal struggles, he finally came back to me.  Though he probably left, wishing he hadn’t!

It was my decision, that since he had been in chastity for 16 weeks already, that a condition of my accepting him back, would be for him to serve a minimum of 32 further weeks locked up.  He has agreed to this, so now we shall see how strong a slave, he really is!  Read on to see how his return session went…

First things first… let him know what I thought of him…

chastity_slave_punished (2)


Next I very kindly released him from his cage as he was looking a little sore.  I even let him rub it better…

chastity_slave_punished (1)


The last time he served me, I promised him the cane for ejaculating without permission.  I didn’t forget, and now, neither will he.  Though he did score brownie points for bringing a humbler with him!

chastity_slave_punished (3)

Another gift from my chastity slave, nipple suction cups…. applied tightly.  No pleasure this time, for this failure!

chastity_slave_punished (4)

A new game, adopted by Mistress R’eal and Myself in double Domme sessions, is to peg our slaves with the amount of pegs to match their age.  In this case, Arthur received 63 pegs and didn’t like it one bit!  (That will teach him to let me down!)  Here is the pretty pattern left over from the pegs.

chastity_slave_punished (5)

Finally, before the cage went back on, I allowed Arthur to wank and cum (reward for him taking the cane); but of course he had to do so, with stinging nettles!

chastity_slave_punished (6)

I haven’t heard from slave Arthur since.  I wonder if he dares to return.



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