Slave Budgie: Sissy, Servant and Wriggly Worm!

Another HoD pet, Budgie came for his second visit and after presenting me with some PVC goodies, he soon found himself being disciplined by his boss as he transgressed into sissification; humiliatingly dressed in a red sissy maid’s outfit and punished for his underachievement at work.  Once sissified, little pet Budgie was strapped down to my whipping bench and given a taster of CP with my collection of leather straps.  He requested, stupidly, that the marks only last three days.  “Yes, Budgie, I will be sure to specify that exact time-frame as my implements come thumping down on your ass!”.  If you’re going to get marked, prepare for the consequences and think up some damn good excuses, he learned.  After he took a pleasing thrashing, it was then time to fuck my little sissy fuck toy, which he took rather well still locked in his chastity device.   Lunchtime and guess who’s job it was to make it? Budgie’s of course, but it wasn’t going to be a fun task for him.  He was collared with an electrical training dog collar; courtesy (to me) of Slave Sissy Mouse, not so courteous to poor little Budgie who found himself in a shocking predicament chopping up bacon and chicken with a sharp knife and the fear of potential nasty shocks to his neck.  At one point, he had his back to me with a sharp knife in his hand chopping away lovingly, totally oblivious to his Mistress watching and waiting. I turned up the static and as soon as he put the knife down I hit him with a high voltage charge.  LOL.  Eventually, lunch was served.  I had a healthy salad with champagne, while Budgie ate his bowl of birdseed at my feet. When he couldn’t eat any more seed, he was caged while ate my lunch in peace, apart from the odd “TWEET” from budgie in the dungeon when ever I remotely activated the shock collar.  Once I had finished my lunch, the poor little birdy was hog tied and turned into a helpless, hopeless, wriggling worm as I administered shock after shock to his little feathered neck! (Video coming soon!)  So all in all, Budgies visit to the HoD was an enjoyable and amusing experience for me and his feedback shows it was for him too.

Miss Deelight,


Thank You so much for allowing me the chance to serve You once again last week and take me to new levels of submission.
The role play You generated was first class as was the way You administered my journey into sissification, CP and anal play, it was an honour to be allowed to watch as You used and punished me, which lessened the pain from my point of view, until i was instructed not to watch the beauty from where the pain was to come.
To be allowed the privilege of preparing lunch was just the beginning to the most enjoyable part of our time together when You collared me with Your new toy courtesy of another devoted slave, to have total control over me at the press of a button, sending shivers and shocks through my body. The nervous anticipation i was going through awaiting Your signal made me realise just how lucky i am to be owned by You. Then to be left caged while You finished Your lunch and tweet when the signal came was so exciting, thank You Miss.
You allowed me to leave the cage and be restrained in a Deelightful hogtie, something i haven’t had before, on the floor and then experience the true power of the collar i was wearing was awesome, writhing in pain unable to escape the power and pain that You were having over me.
The session ended all too soon, as the time certainly flew by while the fun was had by both of us, even so quickly that You couldn’t get everything into our time that You wanted, well there’s always next time…………..i just hope i’ll be allowed back sooner rather than later

Your loving sub
budgie xxx


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