Slave Chatterbox Punishment Session

Slave Chatterbox, my inappropriately named new pet who doesn’t speak much, visited for his second session yesterday.  He had emailed me prior to it, offering me the full freedom (as if I didn’t already have it, lol) to push his boundaries and increase the play impact. He also stated that he may well be ‘playing with fire’.  Well he was and even though I exercised a degree of restraint I still made sure he was sent home with a lasting reminder.

The session began with my annunciation of a game and its rules.

The game would be as such:

  • Slave to choose 4 implements
  • Mistress to choose 4 implements
  • Implements laid out in a row in a different room
  • Slave to choose 4 numbers between 1-24, each number written on a piece of paper, folded and placed into a pot
  • Mistress to choose 4 numbers between 1-24, each number written on a piece of paper, folded and placed in a pot
  • Slave to pick a number between 1-8 corresponding to randomly sorted implements in said other room
  • Slave to choose a piece of paper from the pot in order to determine the number of strokes with the chosen implement


My slave took his punishment well and I told him at the end of the session that he hasn’t even reached his limits yet.  I admittedly was softer than my usual full impact but this is about discovering limits that can be pushed.  The journey continues.  This is one of the reasons why, if you want to try corporal punishment, it is better to select the services of a professional dominatrix.  I have heard many a story about ‘girlfriend punishment’ where the practice isn’t understood and thus the outcome is severe and subsequently,  a turn off.  With a professional, you ‘should’ have your limits gauged and explored in a controlled, rather than frenzied, way.  With myself in charge, that is a guarantee.

Slave Chatterbox had this to say in a post session email:

They do say “be careful about what you wish for” and “if you play with fire your sure to get burnt”.

Well in this case, I wasn’t very careful and got exactly what I asked for, plus a bit more; and while I didn’t exactly get burned, I definitely got a warm bum. 😳

Thank you for today’s session, I hope you enjoyed yourself as much as I did. I Was more nervous meeting you today, because knew that I was taking a potentially v painful risk, letting you choose how the session went, but you didn’t let me down and while I know you were relatively gentle with me this time, I know I’ll have something to remember you by for the next few days at least.

It was really cruel of you (in a fiendish way 😉) to make me choose the implements and the number of strokes and I’m sure you managed to fiddle the numbers so that I ended up with 24 at the end, but even if you did, it was your game, your rules and your the boss, so I can hardly complain 😉

I know next time you probably won’t be quite as gentle, but I’m sure I’ll try to do my best to please you.


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