Slave Chatterbox – Under Your Skin!

Slave Chatterbox is very quickly becoming an accredited member of the House of Deelight with his willingness to endure pretty much anything, which on this occasion meant a lengthy class in needlework and not of the sewing variety.


Sometimes, Mistress Delight really gets under your skin!

At a previous session, Mistress suggested that she might like to try needle play with me. It’s not
something that I’d ever thought of doing, but anything for Mistress, especially when she said it’s
something she really enjoys doing :)

The time of my next session arrived and once I was in my proper position, naked, on my knees at
Mistress’ feet, she asked “Do you know what I’m going to do to you today slave?”. From my
position she towered over me, she looked as stunning as ever; in black thigh length high heel
boots, black leather shorts and a revealing black leather top, tied at the front, showing off her
perfect cleavage. Angel or daemon? I didn’t know, but I was about to find out.

“No Mistress” I replied, dreading that I could guess.  “No? Oh I think you do” she laughed, with that cute, yet cruel laugh she uses when she knows she’s going to enjoy herself. And all the time the sole of her high heeled boots was not so gently crushing my balls. “Needle play” she said, and a beaming smile lit her face. A knot formed in my stomach, I’d guessed right and I knew I wasn’t going to enjoy this, but it’s Mistress’ dungeon, so Mistress’ choice and I am her slave to use as she pleases.

“Front or back” and “With or without a blind fold” Mistress asked. Choices?? That was new, this
was going to bad. I chose back and with a blindfold (definitely didn’t want to see what was going to
happen). I lay on a massage table, blindfolded and wondering if I’d be offered a final cigarette as a
last request, I waited for Mistress to start, with growing trepidation.

I could hear Mistress getting the equipment ready. Gloves, sterile needles, sharps box and sterile
wipes. And all the while Amy Winehouse was singing ‘Back to Black’ in the background (definitely
an ominous sign). Mistress wiped my back with the sterile wipes then gently said “The first couple
are going to hurt”. No kidding! And when Mistress uses a gentle voice to say that, you know she’s
right and that she knows by experience.

Mistress pushed the first needle through my skin. The pain was intense, it’s like being stabbed with
a needle. Like!!! It was a needle! Sharp intake of breath, breath out slowly. The pain subsided.
“That’s the first, well done slave, lets see how many we can do”, the pleasure in Mistress’ voice
was audible, which in turn made the pain more bearable. I’d have to try to do my best for her. A
second needle entered my back. Pain, sharp intake of breath, breath out slowly, relax. A third, a
fourth, a fifth, same reactions, but by now the endorphin’s are starting to hit. Adrenaline is flowing
free. The pain is just as intense, but the release is so much more. Soft music in the background,
Mistress is happy, I’m light headed and talking to Mistress (talking to Mistress? I never talk to
Mistress unless she asks me something! Mistress called me ‘Chatterbox’ as one of her a jokes). I
loose count of the number of needles, but it’s OK (this time), so did Mistress. I’ll count them for her
when I see the photo.

By the time Mistress has finish, the needles form a horseshoe down one side of my back and back
up the other. Mistress takes a photo of her work then slowly starts to remove them. I thought I’d hit
subspace during previous session, but nothing like this. I’m light headed and floating, it’s going to
take a while to come down :) Before I leave, Mistress cautions me that I might experience sub drop
and to contact her any time, not to be to proud to ask for help, if I needed to talk and to eat a good
quality dark chocolate, which will help. Mistress even checked to see if I was OK the next day.
(Thank you Mistress).

See! Mistress Deelight does have a caring side, she just doesn’t show it (at least not too often).
Was it an erotic and arousing session?No. It’s intense sharp pain, relax and repeat.Yet it was so much more than that, almost a spiritual thing. Will I ever do it again? Definitely.

Thank you Mistress Deelight for such an interesting and intense experience. I hope you enjoyed it
as much as me.

(note: No drugs of any kind were used during this session, just needles)

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