Slave Chico’s Weekend of Debauchery

Last weekend Slave Chico enjoyed 3 days of fun at my mercy via Skype.  Here is an email I received from him detailing his experience….


Hi Miss Deelight,
I thought your followers or would-be slaves might like to know how great our recent Skype sessions were.
Having a once a year “window of opportunity”, I came across your web-site and saw that you offered web-cam sessions.
I emailed you well in advance with an outline of what I was looking for with  Skype sessions on three consecutive days and we agreed on two one-hour sessions followed by half an hour on the final day.
As I didn’t have a chastity device you “suggested” that I get one. A bit scary but I went ahead and bought a CB6000S.
I asked for your permission to try it on in advance to get the best fit, luckily you granted this request, as for a novice, it took a few days to get it right.
For our first session I was very nervous but when you appeared on Skype, I was blown away by your stunning appearance
and your confidant “I’m in charge” manner. That hour flew by with me completely under your spell, having to memorise a mantra you had written for me and ending with me having to deflate a raging erection and put myself in chastity and show myself to you locked up, with a command not to remove it until our next session. The mantra had to be repeated out loud on my knees, three times before bed and again in the morning. However, during the night around 5am, I awoke with a dreadful pain – Miss Delight’s cock was trying to break out of the cage and my balls were bursting. I had to take it off and knew I’d be in trouble! Miss Deelight texted me a few hours later and I had to confess and she wasn’t pleased.
At the start of our next session( me on my knees naked) she graciously accepted my explanation that I was really worried that I had done some damage but with severe warning that was my last chance. Miss Delight then put the session on pause and told me to go to a local Ann Summers store wearing my device and some panties, to make some lingerie and fetish purchases and  had to phone her when I was in the store to make sure I got the right things!
Well that was slightly embarrassing (but exciting) as I exited the store with a slinky black negligee, a mask and some bondage tape!!
Our session continued with Miss delight instructing me to remove the CB device and which items of lingerie to put on.
I was then allowed to play a  wanking game controlled by Mistress and to edge but put back into the cage with no cumming. As punishment for removing the device the night before without permission, I had to write a hundred lines  “I’m a dirty dripping bastard”.
Well before our final session Mistress texted me to enquire how the  night in chastity had gone and to instruct me on what to wear for the start of the final session and to be sure to have a wooden spoon handy!( I’d had to confess that so far I’d only managed to write 50 lines)
So our final session started with me having to spank my buttocks 100 times with the wooden spoon, saying “thank you Mistress” after each stroke. Miss Deelight then allowed me to remove the CB device and when I was hard, demonstrated some of her fiendish stroking techniques. Finally, Mistress conceded that I had tried really hard to please her  and as I begged desperately, she generously allowed me a happy ending.
Phew, what an experience!
Slave Chico(age 68)

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