Slave Daniel’s Fantasy – Frank

I haven’t yet introduced Slave Daniel, one of my cyber domination slaves.  Daniel, contacted me asking me to make him into a better man for the greater good of himself, so via email, we have begun to explore and unlock his personality so that I can fine tune him into becoming the man that he craves to be, although as yet, he isn’t sure what that is, and that is what makes slave training fun;  the journey of self discovery.

Thus far Slave Daniel, has completed various tasks including a very difficult time keeping task and has undergone a 2 week masturbation ban as a punishment for failing that particular task, which I believe was a mission in itself.

Anyway, I enjoy asking my slaves to write for me as it allows me an insight into the workings of their minds.  So I set Daniel a creative writing task, of which the purpose was to allow him to explore the darker corners of his mind, relinquishing all guilt and offering him the freedom to express himself fully and openly.  To my amusement he failed the task in terms of the exploration I was expecting from him, but yet some how has managed to pass it by merit of what I should have anticipated from him! I guess, the darker corners of his mind, are somewhat uneducated, and prettier in comparison to the darker corners of mine.  I look forward to his writing, further down the line when he gains a better understanding of himself and what it is to be a slave.

As with the writing of most of my slaves, and with the permission granted to them, to freely express themselves, Slave Daniel’s story does come with a massive element of wishful thinking, which is what makes this story amusing to me.  However, I am sure you slaves reading it, will fully empathise with this fantasy.

Please note, that this story is an exact copy and paste, I can see the grammatical errors, I just don’t have the time nor requirement to correct them.  Slave Daniel, on the other hand, will be learning to do this for himself as he progresses along his journey.  I do anticipate a continuation of this story in the future, though Daniel himself, may not be aware of that until he reads this post…

Enjoy and dream on! Ha Ha Ha!

Sala De Demonios

3 days frank had been driving, stopping only for fuel, food and the occasional sleep. Driving was the only escape he knew and for 3 days he had been running… running from the demons that were his life, The man he should of been, the man he became, the man he was and the man he wanted to be. He was running from everything he knew and he didn’t know exactly why.

The engine of his car hummed a familiar tune and the road seemed to snake long into the darkness randomly choosing his path as if it were leading him on a journey… the air was warm but with a cool breeze and the desert seemed to stretch off for miles into the dark night in either direction… he was alone in his car… his island of safety from the harshness of the desert.

Frank was tired and the only thing keeping him awake were the bumps in the road… but It was getting late, the bumps had left him and frank knew he should rest… but some outside force made him continue down his road, he hadn’t seen another car in what seemed like hours and frank was clueless as to which road he was on, but it felt safe which made him feel calm and right in his decision to carry forth.

With his eyelids getting heavy and the soft hum of the engine starting to become a faint lullaby… Frank saw it… on the horizon like a beacon of hope it stood… the warm glow of civilisation… as he drew closer he could see that it was indeed a quaint hotel, made from stone, it had clearly been standing for some time and seemed to have not been touched by the outside world.

It was clear that the owner must be a collector of cars, the car park was full of all sorts of different makes and models from all different years, they had obviously been there a long time as the desert had laid claim to most and the others were all covered in layers of dust and sand.

Frank slowly parked up amongst the graveyard of cars and his faithful companion shuddered to a haunting silence as he turned the key.

Frank strolled towards the hotel reception, the reception was a medium sized room, decorated with plants and small wooden tables and chairs, beyond the reception desk frank could see a bar, with a dimmed beer sign… hopefully his next stop.

Frank rang the reception bell…. and from behind a shut door emerged the perfect figure, beautiful blonde hair and eyes which could bring a smile to the darkest of souls.

So enamoured with her beauty was frank that he couldn’t spit his words out and just smiled…. you will be wanting a room then Frank… said the women.

Frank unfazed by the fact that she knew his name, replied with a simple yes.

How long are you planning to stay with us Frank… said the women. He hadn’t planned to stay longer then a night and wasn’t sure as to whom the we were that she referred too, but something about her made him not care… and so he smiled and replied… I don’t know. To which the women responded….. They all said that.

She handed frank a set of room keys and explained that she would require his car keys as a deposit, he handed them over and she pointed to one of the many rooms circling the bar and reception area… If you need anything…. shout… we will be having a party later… you should join us…

Filled with a new lease of energy Frank smiled and made his way up towards his room.

His room was a medium sized room with a double bed, small dresser and a bedside drawer and lamp… it was a very usual hotel room and apart from clearly not being used for a while it would suit its purpose.

Frank placed his bag on the bed and removed his shirt pondering who on earth could be going to the party, there was no civilisation for miles and  the car park was full of relics from the world’s automotive past… and none had clearly moved in years.

By now Frank was fully awake… thanks somewhat to the desert air and so he decided to jump into the shower.

Frank emerged from the shower a freshened man and he sat himself upon the bed and started to dry his hair.

Suddenly aware of a presence in the room, Frank stood up and to his surprise there stood the receptionist in his room, but he had not heard her knock… nor open the door, she was completely naked bar a pair of shinny latex boots, a leather thong and a whip… Frank found himself paralyzed and transfixed by her perfect body and all he could do was stand and stare.

She smiled at frank and in stern voice demanded… Kneel.

Frank couldn’t bring himself to say no, and although in his head he knew that something was wrong he couldn’t fight it, it was as though an invisible force took him by the hand and guided his knees to the floor and before he knew it he was on his knees and she was towering over him in perfection.

In the same stern tone she told frank…  bend forward and to kiss my boots… before frank could even process the thought…. his lips were pressed firmly against the cold latex of her boot. The women took a step back, smiled and whispered… good boy.

Frank then felt a cold tickle as the women’s whip stalked its way up and down his back…. now my pet…. stand up facing the wall…. the next part is going to hurt…

Frank stood up and walked to the wall next to the bed… the women took his arms and locked them into what frank had originally thought were strange old candle stick holders… he was wrong, they were restraints, elegant and purposeful.

Unable to move Frank felt a coldness wrap itself around his neck and then tighten like a snake with its prey…. This is your collar… you belong to me now, whispered the women in his ear…. and with this Frank found himself in silence unable to turn and look behind him.

He could only lay in wait for what was to come…. suddenly like a bolt of lightning, Frank felt the whip rip through the skin of his back like a ski in the snow… he felt a surge of pain roar through his body and if not for the restraints he would have surely collapsed to the floor.

The silence returned and was broken by a sadistic giggle from the mysterious women accompanied by another lash from her whip…. Frank had been beaten before in fights but never whipped, and as each pain filled lash tore through his body like a hurricane, he found himself more and more exceptive of his cruel and unusual fate.

The whipping continued for what felt like an eternity and as abruptly as it had begun it stopped, and the silence was once again broken, but by the sound of footsteps walking up behind him…. Have you had enough? Questioned the women. Breathless, sweaty and in pain frank could only nod…. the women accepted this and released the restraints sending Frank crashing to the floor.

In a breathless, broken voice Frank murmured, Thank You.

Thank you? enquired the women…. Yes thank you spluttered Frank in a now slightly less breathless voice… Does this mean my pet knows not to misbehave? Asked the women… God yes was Frank’s reply, who by now was shaking… God Yes….. What? Demanded the women.

Frank pulled himself to his knees and looked puzzled…. momentarily confused as he didn’t know her name….  the women now standing in front of him said in an empowering voice… Mistress… as she placed her boot onto his right shoulder and pushed him back to the ground.

He laid there on the floor, breathing heavily, in pain and the women strolled around him and took her place sitting on the bed, she leaned forward and stroked franks head…

You know it doesn’t have to be all pain…. if you behave… you will be rewarded… but don’t get any ideas that you might leave… for you belong to me now… With that she slowly drew franks head up by pulling on his collar…. and placed it resting on her leg….. You want to fuck me don’t you my pet? Whispered the Mistress… Frank nodded and replied… yes mistress.

With this the Mistress stood up and climbed upon the bed on all fours in a crawling position and in a surprisingly pleasant voice said…..Then you may.

Frank still sieving from his whipping climbed upon the bed…. to him he had earned this and he was going to enjoy it… his penis standing to attention, thick and full of life, he inserted into his new mistresses warm and tight pussy, he slowly pumped back and fourth, with each thrust becoming closer to the ecstasy he craved… closer to fulfilment.

Having always praised himself on being able to go the distance, something about the Mistress made him feel young and in experienced, before long frank could feel climax burning up through his body like a building ablaze, he wanted to slow down and pace himself, his head pleaded with his body to slow down, to impress this women of mystery but his body wouldn’t let him and in what felt like no time at all Frank felt a surge of energy explode through his body, he felt as though he had just received a thousand volts of pure electricity, and he erupted in a flex of ecstasy.

His heart pumping and his body quivering, he slowly pulled his now flaccid penis out from within his mistress.

The Mistress backed up slowly pushing frank from the bed, turned and then faced frank sitting on the bed, Frank gazed upon his mistress with a look much like that of a child longing for the sweets high up on the shelf.

The mistress pulled him in close by his collar and seductively said…. all my good slaves clean up after themselves… as she said this she parted her legs, revealing to Frank her wet and juicy pussy, freshly filled with his cum.

Frank would usually be disgusted by the thought but for some reason found himself over whelmed by a hunger… a hunger he could not explain… he felt as though he had been marooned in the desert without water for months, and that located within her pussy laid the sweet refreshment he needed to live… with no hesitation Frank found himself buried in her crotch…. his tongue lapping away like a cat drinking a saucer of milk.

He could taste his juices mixed with hers, and with every drop he found himself craving it more and more like a drug and he kept his tongue digging until finally the mistress demand he stopped.

She pushed his head away from her and stood up from the bed towering over him like she had before, she slowly walked to the drawer next to the bed and pulled from it a chastity device and proceeded to place the device upon Franks member and secured it so tight that it initially took his breath away.

Now shower yourself and come join the party…. we have all been waiting so very long for you… she said in a sensual voice, before turning and slowly walking towards the door.

Before she exited Frank’s room she slowly turned and looked at him smiling…. One day you will realise where you are…. until then…. you are mine… with a wicked smile upon her face she left and Frank was left longing a broken pain filled man with only the soft sound of the party music to keep him company.

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