Slave Dribbly J – Domestic Service Training

New HOD resident, Slave Dribbly returned to the House of Deelight locked in Chastity to further his slave training. This time his training involved domestic service, high heel worship and more instructed weight loss!

Slave Dribbly J writes:

As some of you will remember I left my previous visit to Miss Deelight locked back in my chastity device, following my ruined orgasm. I left having had a great session, a bit tired, but on a high. I had been set the target of losing 6 pounds by next visit, in just less than two weeks’ time. From that evening I changed my lifestyle by cutting out chocolate, massively reducing my alcohol intake, reducing my portion sizes and doing some regular exercise. I was quite happy in chastity as it was keeping me at least slightly horny most of the time. I also liked the challenge, and the demonstration to my Mistress that I was a devoted slave. I had to buy some larger trousers for work to hide the device, and mornings were often painful waking to a restrained erection, but other than these inconveniences things were going well. I was enjoying Twitter and had struck up a few conversations with other cuckolds and chastity enthusiasts.

At the following weekend things started to go a bit downhill. I was getting a depressed, and not in the slightest bit horny. This led me to resent the chastity device as I just wanted it off. Both my wife and my Mistress had no intention of letting me out, and there was part of me that didn’t want to fail either. I pushed through and as I came closer to my next session I began to get horny again and things picked up. My device was making my ball sack sore though, but I really wanted to succeed.

The day of my session arrived, and on my way to the House of Deelight I received two texts from Miss Deelight, saying “Door is open” and “I need zipping and shining, lol”. I simply replied “Oh lovely J”. I arrived moments later and Mistress was clad in glorious black latex leggings, and she had a black latex top which needed zipping up at the back. It was a great honour to do so, and the zip was fighting to restrain Mistress’s beautiful full breasts. I wasted no time with shining Mistress’ lovely outfit. Next I was asked to strip, and Mistress removed my chastity device and inspected my sore genitals. There were some sore patches which really needed to heal, so Mistress recommended Sudocream. I was then sent to fetch the bathroom scales for my weigh in. On my return Mistress was admiring herself in the mirror and she got me to take a photograph of her, which she immediately posted to Twitter. Needless to say this was very popular!

Standing on the scales was the moment of truth, and the result was very pleasing. I had lost 6 ½ pounds, exceeding my 6 pound target. Both Mistress and I were very happy with the result, and this saved me from punishment (which had been dreading!).

I was then instructed to kneel on the floor for Mistress to have a cigarette. After a couple of drags of the cigarette I was then ordered to lie on the floor with my head slightly under the seat of the chair. The view was magnificent, looking at mistress’ legs. She then placed her beautiful Louboutin shoes on my chest, taking aim with the heels and digging them into my nipples. My mouth was used as her ashtray as she smoked, with her bending over periodically inadvertently showing me her wonderful cleavage. Once she had finished I was instructed to worship her shoes. At first I was far too sloppy, and Mistress pulled me up my technique. “Small, butterfly kisses” she told me. I started worshipping again and Mistress took another photo, which again proved quite popular on Twitter.


After this, I had to put up the key racks that I had brought with me. Mistress instructed me to put on a PVC maids outfit, consisting of bra, open crotch pants and a dress. This is not something that turns me on, but Mistress said that she wanted me out of my comfort zone. Well, she did achieve that. I felt a bit silly, but I wanted to please Mistress.

I then proceeded to measure, drill the wall and put up the key racks.


This didn’t take too long and I was rewarded with a short session of kissing Mistress’s latex covered bottom. I did enjoy this as Mistress has a beautiful small firm bum. Next was another special task. I had to film Mistress doing a custom clip. We went upstairs and Mistress climbed on the bed ready for me to start filming. She did a great film, turning me on in the process too. Once the clip was done, I was told that it was my turn on the bed. I led down and was secured by my wrists. Mistress then climbed on top of me, sitting on my face. This was fantastic and my dick was hard, which Mistress then grabbed and started wanking me. She gave me a great facesitting session and this felt so good, and needless to say it didn’t take me too long to come. The orgasm was powerful and cum jetted all over my stomach, and the maids dress.

Once I had recovered, I then helped by stripping the bed and replacing the bed linen. Another great session sadly came to an end. I left not in chastity this time, as I needed things to heal. I purchased some Sudocream on my way home, which a then applied for a few days following the session. Two days later I was ready to go into chastity again, which I duly did and sent Mistress photos as evidence. With three weeks until my next session I knew things were going to be challenging!

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