Slave Dribbly J – Electrics CBT Session

This session took place a few weeks ago but it was an all-round fun session that has set a precursor for the sessions this dribbly, explosive wreck of a slave has had since! Slave Dribbly hadn’t had much chance to follow his chastity desires so he attended Miss Deelight’s wank clinic instead.  Enjoy the pictures and Dribbly J’s write up!


Since my last visit to see Miss Deelight there had been a few emails and texts regarding cock and ball torture and I arrived at the HoD expecting a painful session. I was a mixture of excited, horny and a bit scared. I was greeted by Mistress wearing a PVC nurse’s uniform. She looked fantastic and welcomed me in, pleased that I was in awe of her outfit. I went through to the rear room and we had a brief chat. I went upstairs, used to the toilet and took all of my clothes off. Mistress joined me upstairs and witnessed me standing on the scales. The bad news was that I had put on another pound during the previous three weeks. I explained that it had been my birthday and things had been hectic so my diet and exercise had suffered. Mistress was obviously disappointed and I think I would have normally been in for some severe CP, however my fate was already featuring some significant pain.

Mistress sorted through the electrical stimulation toys and prepared the medical room, whilst I went to the toilet again. Once Mistress was ready I was ordered up on to the gynaecological table, and I placed my legs up in the stirrups. I was then strapped down and my wrists cuffed to the legs of the table. Next Mistress put on some thin latex gloves and then began stroking my shrivelled cock. Once it had woken up slightly she tied some rope around my cock and balls. With some more strokes, and my new restriction, my cock became very hard and a wave of pleasure came over me. Some elastic electrodes were then put on around my shaft. On their own they felt like quite a nice sensation, however Mistress decided to check the batteries of the power supply. In fairness, she did give me a warning but that didn’t stop me yelping and jumping off the bench as far as my bonds would let me, which wasn’t any distance at all! Mistress did laugh, and I was left gasping for breath, so she began stroking my cock again and then gently turning up the pulsing electric shocks. Next Mistress placed nipple clamps on my nipples and hung a large weight on the rope around my balls. This was then followed by more strokes on my cock and increased electrical shocks. The nipple clamps weren’t staying on too well, so Mistress decided to swap these for pegs but my goodness these hurt. I’ve used pegs before however these were really painful. After a few minutes Mistress noticed that I was suffering and gritting my teeth, and she asked me what was wrong. I explained and Mistress took pity on me and removed the pegs. She left room and got some ice which she used it to soothe my nipples, which felt nice. She then used it on my cock which then helped the electricity conduct and the level of the shocks increased. More stroking and then she added another weight to my balls. She did then take opportunity to increase the electrical stimulation again. Mistress took a number of photos, and posted one to Twitter that proved very popular. Again another increase and more stroking, and things were now getting quite painful. Mistress’s voice was very soothing and I focussed on her gorgeous cleavage and pain eased. I was starting to get close to orgasm and had to ask Mistress to stop. I gathered my breath and the pain was returning to cock shaft, and again Mistress turned up the power. With more stroking and Mistress comforting me through the pain I was into subspace and feeling really relaxed. Things began to build again and I had to ask to stop as I didn’t want to come without permission from Mistress. Another break, and Mistress added another weight to my balls and turned up the stimulation once again. It was now getting pretty painful, but my cock was rock hard and Mistress started stroking it again and said that we were going to build up the finale. She was stroking for while, and my cock felt ready to burst as I gazed at the beautiful breasts before me. I was getting close, but was not quite there. Mistress came around to the side of the table and continued to stroke, talking seductively as she did so. I was very excited and my cock was aching, and it eventually burst cum all over the floor. This was to surprise and amusement of Mistress. I think was the most powerful orgasms of my life, and I felt exhausted. Mistress turned off my pulsing shocks, removed the weights dangling from my balls and released me from my restraints.

It was another wonderful session and for next time I booked a longer session to spend more time in the subspace that was so pleasurable. I just hope my cock and balls can take it. Well, I can’t wait to find out.

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