Slave Dribbly J – Forced Exercise and Chastity Training

Slave Dribbly J – The House of Deelight’s newest chastity servant visited for his second session.  Instructed to do a write up for my blog, here is what he has to say:

Prior to my second session there were a few emails back and forth between myself and Miss Deelight. I had enquired whether Mistress would consider enforcing my weight loss as I was a snug fit in her cage, and I do need to lose quite a bit of weight. She replied and agreed to discuss it at our next meeting. I had also mentioned that I wanted to give her my spare key to my chastity device, as my wife wears the other key on her necklace, 24/7 (and nearly always on show too!). She rarely unlocks me though, so I use this spare a lot. In preparation for the session I had purchased a set of bathroom scales and clearly labelled my key with my slave name, Dribbly J.


On arrival I was greeted by Mistress in a stunning latex polka dot dress and I was welcomed through to sit on the sofa. I handed over my tribute and my key, and showed Mistress that I had bought some scales. She seemed pleased to receive my key, and requested whether I could provide a key rack for the House of Deelight.


She has several keys for her various chastity slaves and would like a nice rack to have them organised and on display. I said that I could, and would be happy to do this for her. I was then ordered to remove my clothes. She inspected me and looked at my chastity device, gently shaking my penis.

“When did you last come?” she enquired.

“Wednesday morning Mistress” was my reply.

“I did not give you permission to come, did I?”

“No Mistress”

“Well you need to be punished. From now on you are not allowed to come without my permission. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress” 

Next was my weigh in, so I opened the box containing the new scales, removed the wrapping and the tag from the battery compartment. 18 stone 1 ¾ lbs was the result, not good and I felt ashamed standing there naked.

overweight slave

Mistress then ordered me into the main dungeon room and secured to the whipping bench to receive my punishment for my unauthorised orgasm. Once secured she made me repeat “I must not come without permission” as she gave me several series of spankings.

spanked-disciplined-slave (4)

Next I given six strokes from her ‘Beg for it’ paddle, making sure that I counted and thanked her after every stroke. Following this she came to front of the whipping bench and pushed her beautiful bottom into face. I was allowed kiss it, which I did enthusiastically whilst inhaling the wonderful smell of latex. She then returned to the rear of the bench a swished a cane. “So, you’re eighteen stone, eighteen strokes then…..” my panic was probably clear on my face “only kidding! I would say your five stones overweight, so five strokes.” She administered these slowly and the level of pain built up with number five being extremely painful and I was glad when it was over as it left me panting for air.

spanked-disciplined-slave (2)

After I had recovered Mistress undid the straps that were securing me to the bench. She then came in front of me and told me to kiss her bottom, and bury my face into the cleft of her cheeks. This went on for a couple of minutes and Mistress took some snaps on her phone whilst I did this. It was superb to be allowed to worship her bottom, and certainly helped soothe my stinging bottom.

ass-wroship-wales-dominatrix (1)

ass-wroship-wales-dominatrix (3)

After I finished I stood up and noticed that once again I had lived up to my name and there was a dribble of pre-cum on the floor, and dangling from my cock cage. We returned to the rear room to discuss the terms of my weight loss, and for Mistress to enjoy a cigarette. I was instructed to kneel on the floor and I offered my services as the ashtray. I lit the cigarette for Mistress and we discussed what I had been eating and drinking, and Mistress informed me of what I was now not allowed.

human-ashtray (2)

human-ashtray (3)

It was set that I had to lose six pounds by my next visit in eleven days time. A challenging target in my mind, but that was what was set for me. Failure would be punished with three strokes of the cane for every pound over my target weight at my next session, and no orgasm with a continuation of my chastity. Once Mistress had finished her cigarette I was ordered back in to the main dungeon room for some exercise. I had to do twenty star jumps, five press ups and two minutes jogging on the spot. This amused mistress, laughing at my fat body jiggling around and metal chastity cage swinging about. This amount of exercise may not sound a lot, but it left me very out of breath as I’m so unfit. This routine was then set as my compulsory daily exercise, to be done whilst listening to Taylor Swift – Shake it off. We returned to the rear room and I was given the key to remove my chastity device. Completely naked I was secured to her dungeon chair, and blindfolded. Mistress then began gently tickling and teasing my cock, with the occasional tweak of my nipples.



This was nice, but Mistress had already told me that I was not allowed to come during today’s session. Next she fitted what felt like a leather strap around my penis, and this excited it slightly, making it grow for the first time during the session.

electric-cock-cbt-torture (3)
Not for long however, as the strap was fitted with electrodes and before I knew it my cock was being shocked repetitively at an increasing strength. I strained and wriggled in my bonds, but there was no escape. This was also amusing to Mistress and she toyed with the settings, increasing and decreasing for quite a few minutes leaving my panting for breath again.


Once Mistress had her fun she removed the strap and started to tease my cock again. She used her fingertips to give me delicate strokes, enough to excite, but not anywhere near enough to get hard. She continued to stroke and I could feel myself building towards orgasm, and I begged her to stop. She stopped and started several times, and before long I was again begging her to stop as she had forbidden me to come. I was wriggling in my bonds, close to orgasm but without an erection. This was a clear testament of the skills of Miss Deelight. With another couple of gentle strokes I couldn’t stop myself from coming and I had a ruined orgasm, pumping a large quantity of cum onto the floor. I felt shattered, tingling and achy. I was left in the chair for a few minutes to recover, before putting my clothes and chastity device back on. I left tired, sore and locked, but very happy as it was another great session.

The forced exercise video is available on my clips4sale site and the ruined orgasm clip will be added when I have more time!

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