Slave Dribbly’s Erruption

20151003_103837566_iOSSometimes I like to set my slaves, tasks that will give me an even deeper insight into their fantasies and desires. I did this a while back with Slave Dribbly and our sessions took a more medical theme after that.  But as all my slaves know; when I give them a little of what they want I take back a lot more of what I want. I also know more about what my slaves want, than what they do!  Dribbly’s latest session no exception and the results were explosive….

My last couple of visits have been medical CBT sessions, which I have enjoyed, but I wasn’t sure what was held in-store for me this visit to the HoD. I was greeted by Miss Deelight dressed in a pink ‘Miss Massage’ outfit, with pink fishnets and pink high heels. She looked beautiful, yet playful and that was slightly unnerving. We went and took a seat and had a brief chat and I told Mistress about what was going on in my life since my last visit. After the chat I went upstairs and stripped off, went to the toilet, collected the scales and returned back downstairs. I then had to remove my chastity device and weigh myself. Unfortunately I have put on a pound in weight, but things had been tough as I have had a two bereavements in the last fortnight and food had become my comfort. Mistress was understandably disappointed, but understood that I’d had a very difficult time.

I was then ordered to move the bondage chair over close to Mistress’s throne. We then undid the straps and I sat in the chair and Mistress strapped me in. I muttered the words “I’m getting the feeling that I’m not in for a massage” as mistress secured me to the chair. Once bound in and blindfolded Mistress began by attached an elastic electrode strap to my cock and balls. She then started to stroke my cock, which eagerly awoke it into life.

“There” she said, “who said you weren’t going to get a massage”. This was very pleasurable and my cock grew hard and I got close to climax quickly. It had been two weeks since my last session and my last orgasm. The last few days I had been especially horny and this was making my cock feel like it had a hair-trigger. Mistress stopped ‘massaging it’ and sat in her throne. My cock began to calm down and then Mistress started to apply clothes pegs to my balls. These felt a bit painful, but tolerable. Some more strokes from Mistress and my balls began to ache as my cock expanded and the pegs bit in to my scrotum.  She then started to electrocute my balls and I jumped within my bonds. This calmed things down and shrunk my erection. Mistress began to stroke my cock again and working me up to close to orgasm once again. I asked for her to stop, and she ceased the stroking and again shocked my balls, stopping me from cumming. Mistress commented that I am easy to get close to the edge and I explained that two weeks without an orgasm is a long time. Miss Deelight took me through this cycle several times. Working up right up close to orgasm, then shocking my balls to stop me from cumming. Each time increasing the level of electrical pulses. The pegs were really biting in by this point and my balls were really painful, but the pleasure made it all worthwhile.

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Mistress began to remove the pegs and I yelped with the pain. Each peg removal SERIOUSLY hurt and I began to get light-headed and gasping for air. Mistress was concerned and gave me a few moments to calm down, gather my breath, and have a drink of water. Mistress also treated me to a small chocolate. Once I was composed again she continued the removal process and again I was leaping with the pain, although the straps kept me secured in the chair. Finally they were all removed, and I had another drink of water. Mistress removed the electrode strap and my blindfold. I was sweating a bit and recovering from the pain, but this quickly disappeared when Mistress began stroking my cock. This brought it to attention again and she told me about her and her boyfriend and the sex that they’d the night before. This was a huge turn on and I began to get close once again. Mistress moved from in front of me and came around to my side and continued to stroke my hard cock. She wanted to be out if the ‘firing zone’ for when I came. She continued to stroke and talked seductively in my ear. The orgasm built up to a tremendous crescendo and I erupted all over myself, the chair and the floor. Mistress narrowly escaped the numerous random spurts and burst into giggles. We both laughed liked school children as my cock continued to spurt. The release was fabulous and the relaxation following was superb. Mistress removed the straps and I gathered my breath and came down off the amazing orgasmic high.

Next was the clear up, which took some time as I had ejaculated all over the place, including my own face. It was another great session and I can honestly say that I don’t think I have ever cum some much in my life. Once again I look forward to my next session with Miss Deelight and for what might be instore.

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