Slave Fuzzy – Naughty Boy OTK Punishment

When my weight loss slave asked if he could request a scenario, I was more than happy to both read and accommodate his request. A jolly good old-fashioned over the knee hand and hair brush spanking. I asked him to write about it……

I began sessioning in corporal punishment over five-year ago and since then have seen several different mistresses each who have had their own good and bad points. However, in all that time and despite the numerous spankings and punishments I have received I have never felt truly satisfied. That is until now!!!!

After the melee that is Christmas, I decided the time was right to at least broach the subject of one of my deepest desires with Mistress Deelight. I suppose one of the biggest problems had always been I had never had the courage to ask for exactly what I want. When you think about it no one is a mind reader and no one knows exactly what you are thinking unless you tell them and I had kept quiet for far to long.

I contacted Mistress through the usual email channel suggesting a date and time for our next session I was delighted when she got back to me saying that time was perfect and suited her so I booked it and sent the usual deposit. In the email, I added a cheeky note asking if I could make a request, again the reply was positive so I sat at my PC and composed an email containing one of my deepest fantasies.

The day of the session arrived, and I arrive at the House of Deelight on time and ready, nervous but ready as I knew what was coming. Having text Mistress in the morning and then as instructed when I arrived, I opened the door and stepped inside. Removing my shoes and coat in the hallway, I opened door to the inner chambers of the House of Deelight and all hell broke loose.

Before I could even register how stunning Mistress was looking today I was grabbed by the ear, “Where have you been” Mistress scolded “I have been waiting for you to come home”, all I could do was mumble an “I’m sorry Mistress”. Still holding me by the ear and continuing to scold me Mistress lead me to the sofa. Quick as a flash my trousers were pulled down, followed by my underpants and I was ordered over Mistresses knee.

Mistress quickly began spanking my bare bottom hard and fast punishing me exactly the way a naughty boy should be punished, warning me she was going to spank me until she could spank no more. Now I was living the dream being bare bottomed over the knee of a beautiful woman being soundly spanked and scolded. I have no idea how long it lasted but I was soon order to stand up and go and fetch Mistress my hairbrush. This brush was chosen by Misress to be my personal punishment brush and now it was about to get its second workout.

Ordered back over Mistresses knee she continued to punish me, using the hairbrush on my bare bum extracting many oww’ss and apologies from my lips and ensuring that I thanked her after each hard stinging smack. Throughout this ordeal Mistress continued to scold me, admonishing me for my bad behavior and making sure I was learning my lesson well. The brush continued to make its mark on my red and sore backside as Mistress varied her pace, sometimes slow and hard, sometimes fast and a bit lighter. All had the same effect though in turning me from an adult male into a thoroughly punished naughty boy.

As a finale to my naughty boy fantasy I was order off Mistress’s knee and told to bend over and touch my toes. Upon her return Mistress announced I was to receive six of best with the cane and I was to count each and stay in position touching my toes. Six hard cane stokes were efficiently delivered to my already sore and punished buttocks, drawing further apologies and promises from my mouth and as I write sitting at my PC I can feel the lines left by the cane.

So my naughty boy fantasy was finally realised, all these year of receiving spankings and finally I got the one I have always wanted. I all the excitement and emotion both Mistress and myself forgot to take any pictures so I am afraid this session must now remain in the minds eye. Fair to say this is a fantasy that may just have to be repeated.

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