Slave Ginger – Distance Control Journal – Week 1

Video 4.00_10_24_20.Still032I had a new distance control recruit who I decided to name Slave Ginger after a wonderful ginger root punishment task.  I spent his first week humiliating him and relentlessly teasing and punishing his cock and ass, turning him into a humiliated, pained and pleasured, desperate fuck slut.

  1. Just the first day alone left me in a state of confusion, as much as it was torturous, I was absolutely hungry for more. To have a completely ruined cock that now was no longer my property, now in a state where even the remotest joy of simulation was extinguished and replaced with the clear and present reminder of my new lack of control. I do as I’m told and I will like it as it will please my new Mistress. And even the thought of another orgasm was horror to me by the end of the day as I wanked every hour on the hour, slowly watching the mass of my orgasm refuse and eventually become dry. Yet if I was asked to masturbate another ten time without stopping in between… I would do it in a heart beat for Miss Delight. It really is a pleasure and a privilege to be under the control of such a beautiful Mistress. I never thought I’d be so anxious to masturbate.
  1. I woke up very worried that I would be putting Mistresses property through it paces when I woke up today, I really wasnt sure what was going to happen. mistress sent me a provocative picture while I was at work, I’ve not felt humiliation like it as a coworker saw the message open and I was instantly hard, it was such a rush, I sort of wish it happens all the time to make question my self every time I open a message and shame, humiliation felt, or even having to explain it. I was gob smacked, I could not remember what I was saying to my coworker, it was so obvious, and I had to squirm out of the embarks Meant! Mid day I had to go perform an edge for Mistress, it was such a struggle given the previous day’s task. However I wasn’t expecting to be going down to the super market to buy 3 individual long items of veg and a pair of French lance knickers. Walking around the lady’s underwear department with a banana, a courgette and a monster of a leek wile trying to sheepishly find a size that would fit me. This was a new kind of humiliation for me, only to lay out the phallus veg for Mistress to decide which would be tomorrow’s fate. Mistress was very kind in allowing me the privilege of wearing the knickers to work to remind me of my place. I honestly thought Mistress would have me do some thing with the knickers in the changing room, so wearing was a humiliating relief
  1. I’m not sure which is worse, masturbation untill I’m dry or what Mistress had me do today. Watching my reflection as I thrusted the leak into my arse with the enthusiasm that I would have love to use on What used to be my cock, but is now Mistresses property. Even if I could, my other hand was too busy sliding the banana in and out my mouth and imagining it was Mistresses strapon. I don’t know how I would have cum but all wanted to do was bring my self to orgasm as I felt so slutty for Mistress.
  1. Waking up and the first thing I put on is French lacy knickers. It’s only four days and I feel owned the moment I wake up. Then I’m instructed to edge every time I use the loo, pull down my trousers to see a pair of knickers around my ankles as I wank what used to be my cock to edge and leak precum, as the day does on the mess in my knickers gets larger and larger! I was so excited when Mistress said I was going to cum tonight, but it was taken away from me very quickly as I had not been prepared for Mistresses orders.
  1. Mistress has tasked me to come up with my own way of punishing my self. I didn’t want to hold back so I tied the French knickers around the head of Mistresses cock, placed a very large courgette deep in my arse and thrusted it for half an hour. Every two minutes I would sit firmly on the ground, wriggle my arse to really get the courgette deep, and I’d edge Mistresses cock and hold it for a whole minute. After half an hour of fucking my self and edging, i removed the knickers that were tied to the end of Mistresses cock, I placed my back up against the wall, aimed Mistresses cock at my mouth and edge so hard three drops of precum came out painfully as I held back the orgasm. I must have been their for 2 minutes urging to tip over, thankfully I didn’t. I really don’t want to disappoint Mistress. Finally I took the precum soaked knickers, placed them in mouth, tasted my shame and slip a thick rod of soap down my peehole, and with one final heavy edge, I could feel the precum and the soap as it agonisingly blocked what wanted to come out. I’ve never felt so denied, sore and horny in my life.
  1. My mouth still feels salty as I pull up my French lacy stained knickers, in all my haste to please Mistress, I forgot I’d have to wear the cum stained knickers all day! What mistress had in store for me next made me feel like a complete little pain and denied slut that I must be. The massive ginger chunk that was firmly plugging my arse and the thick slick of ginger that plugged my peehole make for the most stinging orgasm of my life, after goodness knows how long of riding the edges, clenching and spanking my ginger stinging arse hole I was allowed to have an orgasm and it was any thing but enjoyable, as I felt the cum finally erupting it was quickly replaced with an almost electric shock of stinging. Pretty much all my cum was packed up in my cock, blocked by the ginger. It was so painful it felt like an hour went past untill I finally was allowed to remove the ginger, only to feel my completely painful ruined orgasm just Ozzie out the end of Mistresses cock. I wasn’t prepared for what happen, it was several shocks rolled into one! I love how Mistress tortures me, laughs at my shame, at my humiliation, and at my pain. All I want to do is please Mistress
  1. I messed up today, instead of getting home and being ready for Mistresses final task, I got carried away and got a little drunk. After Mistress hostel description of my disgraceful behaviour she instructed me to go edge in the toilet, in my drunkenness I kept rereading the message and going to the toilet to edge repeatedly. I was a dirty drunk fucker and I was ashamed I let Mistress down. I would do any thing in my capacity to make it up to her. I am so lucky to be under Miss Deelights control, I think it’s the only place I deserve to be. To be humiliated, ruined and put through every painful step. I wish I could spend the rest of my slave days being denied and teased by Mistress, chastised, and forced to please her at the cost of my orgasm or lack their of. The only orgasms I now deserve are ruined, ruined and ruined! My humiliation is my tribute to Miss Deelight

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, AND THANK YOU AGAIN! You have made me feel so much as your slave!

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