Slave Hew – Distance Control Journal – Week 2

Slave Huw, my inflatables fetishist has had a fun week of thrills with his impressive collection of blow up toys! But also a little punishment too…. read on!untitled

Was a quiet day from Mistress as it wasn’t until 7pm that I had a text with the word sheep. This was my code to wank myself imagining Mistress in a pvc catsuit holding and inflatable sheep. Mistress also instructed me to pack my inflatable dolls and banana in my overnight bag as I was working away the following day.

After a quiet day on Sunday, Monday started with a vengeance. I received a text at 10am informing me to tie up my cock and balls. Given that I had nothing to hand as I was on work I improvised using my shoe lace, however the down side was having to spend all day with a shoe lace missing hoping nobody would notice.

Later that evening I was given permission to inflate Paris and my banana in my hotel room. I was allowed to watch Paris hump the banana after which I could then hump the banana. This was very sexy and arousing however I did not have permission to cum until the following morning. Now that it had been 9 days since I had cum I was gagging to release now. Hence a pretty restless night as I was keen to get up and fuck Paris in the arse, wow it felt amazing and the mess I made after 9 days was quiet something!

Having been granted permission to cum first thing I felt pretty good. I advised Mistress that my day was taken up by meetings and then after work I had a massage booked to sort out my calves. I also confessed to Mistress that the last time I had a massage I was offered a happy ending!

I received a text lunchtime from stating that when I had the massage I was to advise my masseuse that a happy ending was off limits and explain that I was owned by my Mistress and that the previous night I was given permission to sleep with an inflatable doll!

I spent all afternoon stressing how I was going to confess this to my masseuse while lying there completely naked! By the time the appointment arrived I had mentally prepared myself, however when I wasn’t offered a happy ending and the masseuse left the room my opportunity had gone. I was gutted as this was the first task I had failed. I texted Mistress to confess my failure and she did reply that she was glad I didn’t tell the masseuse as she felt sorry for her.

I advised Mistress I was travelling home from London this evening. Around lunchtime I was given my task… in short when I was on the train home I was to take my inflatable banana into the toilet on the train, blow it up, and then hump it against the toilet wall.

This got my heart racing and my afternoon was spent thinking about the task ahead. When I got on the train after about half an hour I decided to go for it. Therefore I went into the toilet and carried out my task however I was not granted permission to cum. I also took a photo for Mistress as evidence.

My task for today was to smell my pvc toys every hour while stroking myself for 5 minutes. Mistress also requested that I wore my arm bands while working from home. I did find this very erotic and was very hard to control myself while stroking myself.

It’s fair to say things went drastically wrong for me today. I sent a text as usual by 8am and I had a reply from Mistress staring she hadn’t got home until late and it was a but would text later.

I received my instructions to have free reign with my inflatables today but I was not allowed to cum. While Mistress wanted photographic evidence she did not want an update until my weekend journal. Before lunch I blew up my inflatable bananas and imagined myself being locked up in the house of Deelight in Mistress’s cage being squashed as I blew them up. I got very excited and came close to coming.

In the afternoon I blew up my swim rings put them around my waist and tried to imagine having my hands tied and then being encased within the inflatable pvc. It was at this point my mind switched out of sub mode.

In order to try and arouse myself I decided to phone a sex line. To be fair the call was amazing I advised the lady that I was not to cum and she gave me 5 minutes of instructions which got me to the edge. I sent Mistress my photos and also stated that I had a confession (sex chat). Mistress replied asking me to confess which I did and she was less than impressed, she sent me a video (she looked amazing) and I was to spank myself 50 times.

Following Fridays telling off I sent my text with nervous anticipation as I did not know how things would go from here. When I received my instructions there was a stunning jerk off video attached. While I was not allowed to cum I was permitted to stroke myself. I do find Mistress stunningly hence wanking my cock to the video was amazing. I would have loved to have shot my load but I continued to be good as the frustration in my pants continue to grow.

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