Slave Huw – Distance Control Journal – Week 1

A welcome return to the House of Deelight is that of my slave Huw.  His kink is quite unique and for that reason it amuses me even more, whilst also giving me an opportunity to broaden my creative juices (and set his juices flowing). He has a fetish for inflatable/pvc toys and I’ve taken great pleasure in teasing him to the brink of insanity. And it’s only his first week!

Back to the House of Deelight not really knowing what to expect. I sent my text at 8am prompt and soon received my first task. To write I fantasy involving my fetish. I actually enjoyed this and I got quiet aroused just by writing, Mistress seemed pleased with my effort which was nice as I’m no JK Rowling!

Today I was in work when I received a text from Mistress who asked me to go to the toilet and imagine I had received a package and inside it was an inflatable sheep. I then had to imagine Mistress dressed in a pvc cat suite holding the sheep. I was granted permission to wank my cock for 5 minutes. This felt amazing and I so wanted to cum but I strongly believe in adhering to the rules Mistress sets. Mistress also stated that if she messaged me the word sheep in future I was to undertake this task again.

After I achieved my task we exchanged a few texts on my plan for the rest of the day. It was agreed that on my way to the hotel I would call Mistress when I was outside the sex shop that I passed entoure. I had no idea what was going to happen when I called and the next few hours passed very slowly.

At the appropriate time I was outside the shop and called Mistress. My instructions were simple I had Mistress on the phone and I had to go into the shop and do what Mistress told me to do. My heart was racing and I just went for it, once I was in the shop I was told to go straight to the counter and ask if they sold any inflatables. Having Mistress listening and giving me instructions was strange but very erotic. The man in the shop was fairly helpful and just looked at me strange when I described the inflatables on sale to Mistress.

Mistress decided on a doll called Paris which I purchased and was told to say to the man that I would enjoy sleeping with her tonight. I could hear Mistress laughing and I hoped I had pleased her.

I took Paris back to the hotel and then headed out to the gym. When I finished at the gym there was a video clip from Mistress detailing what I needed to do with Paris. I have written about my night with Paris separately but it’s fair to say Mistress has taken me to another level and it’s only day 2!

Having sent Mistress my update on my night with Paris (see separate blog) I felt pretty chuffed that Mistress wanted to publish it. I’m not sure if it was a reward or further punishment as Mistress sent me a stunning jerk off video today. My task was to watch it three times in work and follow the instructions however I was not allowed to cum. I found this very challenging as I am now really sexually frustrated and getting concerned as to when or even if I will be allowed to cum over the next few weeks.

I was working from home today when I received a text from Mistress telling me to inflate Paris and to give her 20 minutes of oral pussy and anal worship. However I was to tie my cock and balls and I was not allowed to touch myself. I actually enjoyed this task despite getting very aroused to the point I was dribbling pre cum.

I received another text at lunchtime from Mistress allowing me to have lunch with Paris and as a treat Paris was allowed to perform oral sex on me. This felt incredible and within a few minutes I was ready to cum, hence had to stop as I hadn’t been granted permission.

My cock was starting to get hot and swollen now as it had been tied for a few hours. At 3pm I was allowed to release myself and the having 30 seconds to kiss and lick Paris before she was put away for the night.

Today in football terms would be described as a game of two halves. My morning was pretty straight forward as Mistress has instructed me to wear my wife panties for my hair cut appointment. While this did feel a bit strange I wasn’t overly aroused hence my desire to cum was in control.

However after lunch I had permission to have a three some with the two inflatable dolls I now own. Being able to touch and feel so much pvc was extremely arousing. I was also permitted to have sex with both dolls and I got very close to the edge of releasing my load everywhere. To be honest it was only because I didn’t want to disappoint Mistress that I held back and went for a cold shower instead!
>huw (2) huw (3) huw (4)

I think today can be described as a day of rest with Mistress’s commitments I was glad that my tease and denial could be put to the back of my mind. Well that’s what I thought anyway. As I soon discovered that even though there was little contact today my urge to play with my toys was getting stronger and my will power getting weaker. I won’t break but sometimes it’s easier to be given a task which focuses the mind, otherwise you are just second guessing what will happen next.

What an amazing end to my first week back at the house of Deelight. I was instructed by Mistress to edge myself on the hour throughout the day. However to my surprise and deelight Mistress sent me a video clip of herself blowing up a beach ball. Omg it was the most incredibly sexy arousing clip I have ever seen and I felt honoured that Mistress would have done that for me.

Now at the end of the week I have yet to cum over my inflatables however I have had some amazing experiences. I now look forward to week 2 in the house of Deelight before arranging a real-time session.

Thank you Mistress for an amazing week x

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