Slave Huw – Distance Control Journal – Week 3

Slave Huw had another exciting week of tease and some humiliation thrown in to the mix. I do enjoy making him squirm with both.  His inflatables fetish is something I thoroughly enjoy and when I hear his moans on the video evidence he sends me, I find his plight thoroughly amusing.

With it being fathers day today it was a day of rest from Mistress. Although I did send my week 2 journal and asked Mistress what I should take for my hotel stay the next day. Mistress replied asking me to take a sheep and air bed. Mistress also set me a task for my Monday train journey which was to make one of my inflatables fall out on the train in front of other commuters.

I texted Mistress in the morning to state that I had completed my task and I did feel very embarrassed letting the sheep fall out of my bag. I couldn’t look anyone else in the eye and I was glad to get off the train in Paddington. There were no other instructions from Mistress on today.

My task today was to hump the sheep in the train toilet on the way home but no cumming. Having done this task with the banana last week I was actually looking forward to it. However my train journey did get rather stressful as I missed my train then when I caught my later train it was full of Glastonbury and football fans.

I did complete my task much to my sexual frustration. However the issue I then had was that I was in the train toilet and couldn’t deflate my sheep, what was I supposed to do? In the end I managed to deflate it enough to hide it under my jumper and return sheepishly back to my seat.

My task today was to write a list of inflatables that I would like to buy. I had permission to write the list with Paris however I was to be gagged and to have my cock and balls tied. I completed my task and sent Mistress my list.

Today I was tasked to write 30 sexual fantasise that involved my inflatables. However I had to include a mix of pleasure, pain and humiliation. Once I had completed my task I could then play the heads or tails game with Mistress.

I actually found this task hard to think of 30 things and some of which I didn’t want to divulge to Mistress in fear of fantasy becoming reality one day. However I bit the bullet compiled my list of 30 tasks and sent them to Mistress.

We then played the heads and tails game and to my delight and surprise I won and Paris was allowed to give me oral until I came. This felt amazing and my release was huge and incredibly intense. To say thank you Mistress was simply not enough.

Friday and Saturday I went away on holiday therefore my week ended on a very big high.

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