Slave Huw – Distance Control Journal – Week 4

Slave Huw, my amusing and fun inflatable fetish slave completed his 4th and final week of distance control in the build up to his return to the House of Deelight for a long overdue real-time session.  It seems that I have a fair few slaves who are unable to go the distance in terms of being denied, at the moment.  All of these mishaps are being noted, slaves.  There will be consequences….

This is the final week of my months remote servitude and I must admit that during this time I have learnt a lot about myself and what it’s like to be a true submissive. There have been many highs and some lows but I have enjoyed the experience.  Whether I’ve been a good slave only Miss Deelight can say. See below my final week;

I received my instructions for the day which were pretty clear.  In short I was required to edge myself four times during the day with the inflatable arm band around my cock.  I found it so arousing and I got so excited every time I edged myself it was difficult not to cum. During the evening I was out with a friend and I was instructed to go out with my cock and balls tied up, I found this very embarrassing and uncomfortable and I was relieved to get home and be allowed to remove the string.
I was requested to take an air bed and Paris with me for my overnight stay in a hotel. My task was to sleep on the inflated air bed with Paris on top of me.  This was extremely difficult as I was in a constant state of arousal.  I woke up the following morning so horny it was incredible. But no touching or coming was allowed my frustration was increasing and I found myself getting very grumpy and agitated with people around me.
I was on my travels today however was instructed to call a well know local sex shop at a specific time and ask whoever answered if they sold inflatable toys.  While I was on the call I was also allowed to touch myself however when I called the lady who answered the phone was pretty abrupt and merely said no to my questions. Mistress then asked me to phone a chat line before I went to bed, I did as instructed and got very, very excited I was about to explode when heard my wife coming upstairs therefore my fun was spoilt for another day.
Today I received and instruction video from Mistress she looked stunning and I was given my task to put my nipple clams on while blowing up a banana, with Paris watching me.  As I blew the banana the nipple clamps pulled on my nipples a true pleasure and pain experience.  I loved doing this and I came so close but the pain on my nipples stopped me from releasing myself.  I even sent Mistress a video of myself carrying out my task, however asked for this not to be shown publicly which Mistress respected.
I received a parcel from Mistress today but I wasn’t allowed to open it, it was a bit like waiting for Christmas knowing I had something to open but not knowing what it was.  I was however allowed to edge myself with my hands inside the swim ring therefore it was a form of self bondage.  I loved this and only wished Mistress was there to provide me with a true bondage experience.  I was allowed to edge myself and it took all my control not to cum.  This week was getting very difficult and I was getting desperate to cum.
Today I was told to be blindfolded and wait for Mistress to call, the phone rang and I was told to open up my gift.  I had no idea what it was and when I took off my blindfold it was an inflatable elephant.  Mistress instructed me to blow it up and then thrust my cock between its legs, I was also requested to inflate Paris and fuck her as well, however I didn’t have permission to cum.  Here I must confess as I started getting into a nice rhythm thrusting Paris and then I exploded everywhere.  While it felt incredible I felt disappointed that I had let Mistress down.  I confessed my sin and was told I would be punished when we meet for a real time appointment.
What happens at our appointment only Mistress knows.
Thank Mistress for allowing me to serve you for the past 4 weeks, it’s been an incredible experience x

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