Slave J – Distance Control Journal – Week 2

My new resident distance pet, Slave J took up a second week of control recently. Though apprehensive when he first started sampling the world of my Deelightful control, he is now another hooked and devoted pet. As he’s totally new to the world of BDSM I have been somewhat kind though mercilessly teasing throughout his second week.

foot_worship_for_beginners_video_still (18)

Day 1

Today Mistress tells me she will be going on a four hour run, which is astounding, and my task is to suffer with her. She tells me her four hours will consist of 8 sections of 25 minutes running followed by 5 minutes of walking. I am therefore required to stroke for 25 then rest for 5 eight times over the same time. I knew this was going to be tough but I appreciated the feeling that I would be somewhat connected with Mistress during this time.

Three hours in and I don’t remember 5 minutes passing so quickly and yet the following 25 seemed like an eternity. I was extremely sensitive and it took all my self control to hold back as Mistress had not given me permission to cum. Each time it felt like it was getting too much I thought about the struggle Mistress must be going through and my torment seemed insignificant in comparison.

Mistress checked in later to ensure I hadn’t cum to which I confirmed I had not. I kept my eyes firmly on my phone for the rest of the day just in case but I knew it was unlikely I would hear anymore from Mistress today which was perfectly fine, she deserved some rest.

Day 2

I enquired how Mistress was recovering from yesterday. When I get to work Mistress replies that she is ok but her feet hurt and that there should be a willing slave to massage and worship them. This immediately gets me hard as I imagine myself at her feet. Mistress tells me that she should be the one at a desk and I should be chained underneath tending to her feet and that has me basically zoned out for the rest of the day as I turn on autopilot at work whist daydreaming about that scenario.

Around midday Mistress orders me to go and edge with a stocking as a glove and imagine her feet gliding on my cock. The soft nylon against my skin feels amazing and the troubles I had the previous week stroking at work seemed to fade away as I edged myself for Mistress.

After being home for a while I get a message out of nowhere “go and do it again”, I immediately jump to attention. Mistress tells me to visualise her feet, the taste, the smell, the feel. After yesterday’s exertions and my state of constant arousal throughout the day I’m almost on the edge before I even start. Mistress seems amused by how quickly it is before I tell her I’m struggling to hold back. I edge for as long as I can without causing me to make a mistake. I spend the rest of the evening aching and hoping for more, there’s no orgasm in sight for me once again.

Day 3

Mistress tells me we will play a card game today and will be in touch later. My interest is piqued as I consider what this game might be, I imagine the odds will be stacked against me.

In the evening Mistress lays down the rules, 7 cards, I have to choose if the next is higher or lower, if I’m correct I stroke slowly, if I’m wrong I stroke fast. If by the end I have been correct more times I get to cum.

My fate comes down to the final card, I have a 3 in front of me and my brain tells me That the next card will surely be a 2, but I’m not thinking with my brain right now and I go with the more likely. Mistress mercilessly shows the final card and tells me there will be no cumming tonight. I’ve been teased and tormented but my queen has spoken and the longing shall continue for another day.

Day 4

Today Mistress decides the games are not over. She tells me she’s going to toss a coin every half hour until 9pm. Again if I decide correct more times I get to cum. I already know it’s going to be a long mentally torturous day as my fate is slowly decided.

I was trading wins and losses most of the day but when I got home a losing streak started. One more wrong choice and I would be denied once more, hope was all but gone. Mistress deviously started teasing me with pictures, it was cruel and yet so captivating.

I had prepared myself for another aching night but at this point I began winning again, the hope had returned and it came down to the final coin toss. I lost.

Mistress then threw me a curveball, I could abstain or have a ruined orgasm. The craving for an orgasm was so intense by now I had to give it some consideration. But I decided to play by Mistress’ rules and deny myself. I have no idea when my next opportunity will come but a ruined orgasm would not be worth the trials of this week so far. It was going to be a restless night.

Day 5

With a few hours left of work Mistress tells me she has sent me a treat, a link with instructions for when I get home, put on some headphones and listen to the track, I am allowed to follow the whole way through. I strongly hope this means what I think it does. The next few hours pass so slowly as I imagine what it might be. As my luck this week has been its no surprise the traffic on my way home is particularly heavy.

When I get home I find out Mistress has sent me a hypnosis joi audio clip. I’m not overly convinced with the concept of hypnosis but I definitely found myself in a deep state of relaxation as I listened to Mistress’ seductive voice. It was perfect after a long day at work and my stresses began to drift away and when the final instruction came to cum I exploded in pure ecstasy. I was riding that high for the rest of the evening.

Day 6

Mistress very kindly instructs me to watch some video clips of her, I’m allowed to stoke but no orgasm today. Again there is a few more hours left of work and a long drive home before I get the opportunity.

The clips are of a live session of Mistress tying and teasing a sub. The helplessness and vulnerability paired with Mistress’ power and playfulness is extremely arousing and has me picturing myself being in such a predicament.

Mistress tells me to imagine just this very thing and her teasing her property with her nylon clad legs. I am told to stroke one more time to this image before bed. It was difficult to sleep with a rock hard cock and the vivid image of Mistress on my mind.
Day 7

In the morning Mistress immediately instructs me to edge three times.

A few hours later I get the succinct instruction “now do it again”. It’s not quite so simple this time, the sensitivity has greatly increased and I find myself struggling to hold back.

Another few hours later and I’m told to do it again once more. It’s getting really tough at this point, it’s basically just one long edge now but I stroke as long as I can without tipping over then rest for 5 minutes and continue.

When I get to the end I’m struggling to type out a message because I’m trembling with pleasure when Mistress asks if I finished. She then tells I am to watch another video no earlier than 9pm and follow the instructions. I’m relieved at the slight break in proceedings and very excited to see what Mistress wants me to watch.

At 9pm I eagerly follow the orders given and begin to watch the video. It is another live session of Mistress giving a sub stroking instructions. I immediately envision myself in this place, on the floor by Mistress’ feet and follow along. The finale of an intense orgasm is a wonderful way to end the week, I feel privileged to have been allowed such pleasure.

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