Slave Jay – Distance Control Journal – Week 3

Slave Jay is becoming a regular on the Deelight distance control program and because of this it is a natural progression for me to begin pushing his limits. I know what my slave enjoys, but as he is still new to all this he doesn’t yet know his full potential.  This week I gently pushed him into doing things he wasn’t sure he’d enjoy, that I knew he would!


Day 1

Mistress started the day by having me edge myself. Then at random points during the day I was instructed to edge again. Each time the edge came sooner and it was harder to hold back. The last two instructions for the day were accompanied by amazingly sexy pictures of Mistress in lingerie which made it even more difficult to control. I received a final picture but was told to untie her property and no more touching was allowed. A restless night ensued.

Day 2

Mistress instructs me to write her name in her property, I rummage around and find a marker pen to do so. It’s good to see her name throughout the day as a gentle reminder of her ownership.

Later Mistress tells me I will need another pair of stockings. As soon as I get a chance I rush out and purchase some, the process this time is much less uncomfortable. I let Mistress know I have them and she instructs me to put them on my legs and send her a picture. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this, obviously they feel nice and smooth against the skin but I feel a little odd wearing them.

Mistress instructs me to tie my ankles together with a belt and stroke for half an hour, she informs me if I am to worship her sticking I must get used to wearing them myself. As I stroke with my ankles bound, stocking clad legs, tied cock and balls with Mistress’ name adorned upon I couldn’t help but feel entirely owned at this point. When I’m finished Mistress asks if I wished I could cum to which there’s only one response. And she tauntingly tells me that’s a shame.

I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to or not but I decided to wear the stockings for the rest of the night.

Day 3

Today was a little quiet, I had a lot of work to catch up on and from what I could gather from Twitter so did Mistress.

Mid morning I receive a picture of Mistress looking spectacular in lingerie, skirt and stockings. She asks me if I can touch myself and get hard at the moment, I wasn’t in the position where I could but I told her that wasn’t stopping me from getting hard.

Mistress then decides to send me a video teasing me about my busy day at work, it was amazing and an uncomfortable lunch with colleagues followed shortly after and my productivity dipped completely.

Day 4

Mistress started the day by asking how brave I felt. I was immediately nervous at the thought of what devious plans she might have. I had to leave before she told me, she wanted me to wear stockings under my trousers at work. It should probably feel strange that I seem to always have a supply of stockings with me now.

When I got to work I immediately went to the toilet and put them on. Still the actual feeling of wearing stockings itself doesn’t seem to trigger much excitement for me. But the fact that it was something I knew I shouldn’t be doing paired with the fact that with each movement I could feel them and this was an instant reminder of Mistress’ presence stirred some unexpected arousal throughout the day.

When I got home I decided once again to keep the stockings on for the rest of the day.

Day 5

Mistress tells me she is having a pedicure, I am to edge while thinking of her beautiful feet stroking me. As soon as I get a chance I head to the toilet and edge, Mistress tells me I am to edge 5 more times before sunset.

After lunch I decide to perform my second edge, I have received a video of Mistress teasing me with her freshly pampered feet, it’s intoxicating and almost pushes me over the brink as I struggle to control myself. I edge one more time before heading home.

I edge three more times in two hours after getting home, Mistress asks if I’m desperate, the only answer to that is extremely. I was left in aching once again.

Day 6

Today Mistress instructs me to watch an older video of hers, I am to watch at least 4 times whilst stroking but I am not allowed a release. The video is of Mistress explaining how she likes to make her slaves do things they wouldn’t normally do in order to please her. She highlights the strapon she is wearing and how she would make you lick and suck it and how she would love to make you do this to a real cock. As I reported to Mistress I felt this was a little extreme for me at this point but I was undoubtedly aroused by the thought she could have this much control over somebody.

Mistress tells me that as I become braver I will submit more and more and she will be making me do things I would never have imagined.

I watched the video twice while at work and a further twice once I got home. I considered watching some more but at this point I am extremely desperate to release that I feel it’s probably better for me to abstain for now as I have no idea how much longer I am to endure.

Day 7

There’s some back and forth between Mistress and myself in the morning but as the day progresses instructions never materialise but I understand that in these cases there will be extenuating circumstances. It’s important on days like today to remember that my role is to be ready to please Mistress whenever she desires and that any time Mistress devotes to toying with me is a privilege.

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