Slave Jay – Distance Control Journal – Week 4

Once again, I have chosen to push my slave’s limits just that little bit further.  A natural progression of long term distance control and online domination for those of my slaves who crave cock control, is of course Chastity. So I suggested that my slave begin to research devices. Of course I already knew what device I wanted him to purchase but I know that it would spur some excitement in my pet if I got him to look himself. Unfortunately for my overly eager slave, he went one step further and purchased a device. Had he have waited he would have known that his choice was correct but that the size of the cage was important. A costly mistake in more ways than one. My slave also enjoyed some self bondage this week… read his journal below!


Day 1

This week starts with Mistress asking how I feel about chastity. It’s something I have fantasised about before, it seems like a big step though, it’s a little daunting though. Mistress then instructs me to take some measurements of her property and report back.

Mistress tells me she thinks she wants to try chastity with me and tighten her grip on her property, as I say it’s a little scary but I’m open to the idea, I know Mistress will take good care of me. She tells me she believes it to be the natural progression of my control.

I’m instructed to stoke continuously for an hour, edging myself to that very thought. It’s been a little while since my last orgasm and my cock is extremely sensitive so I’m basically on the edge as soon as I start. I take it slow to ensure no mistakes are made, it’s intense beyond belief and it’s torture to stop once again without release when the hour is up.

Day 2

Mistress instructs me to send her a message when I’m home from work. Mistress tells me to strip and gather some items together – stockings, tape or rope and some lube. I get them together and then Mistress leaves me waiting in anticipation on what is to follow.

About half an hour later Mistress instructs me to bind my ankles together and await further instructions. She leaves me in this predicament for 10 minutes as my cock grows.

Mistress then tells me to run the stockings all over my body for 5 minutes imagining it’s her legs running up and down. After the time is up I stop and await further instruction. Another five minutes has passed and Mistress asks how long it’s been and why I didn’t message her back. I apologise and tell her I didn’t realise this was expected and I feared my fate was sealed.

I’m instructed to put the stockings on, I cut the tape binding my ankles and there’s a sharp pain as I rip it off taking quite a bit of hair with it. When the stocking are on I’m told to live my hand and stroke the head of my cock for five minutes. It’s ridiculously sensitive and when the time is up I ensure I promptly message Mistress this time.

I’m told no touching for 3 minutes, as my cock bounces around yearning to be stroked. Again I promptly message when the three minutes is up and I’m told to stroke for 5 minutes. I’m then given a choice of heads or tails, I go for tails and there’s a torturous pause before Mistress informs me I will be denied release once again.

Day 3

Today began as usual – mantra, message Mistress, tie up her property, get ready for work and await my instructions. But as the day progressed it became clear something was different. Mistress will usually get back to me within a few hours but today I didn’t hear from her for a while. I spent the day constantly checking my phone for messages, even check Mistress’ Twitter for any sign of why I hadn’t heard anything from her. I was starting to wonder if I had done something wrong.

Just before I was about to leave work I receive a link from Mistress, no accompanying message, no instructions, just a link. I wasn’t sure what to think at this point. I was eager to click but I had messed something up earlier in the day so I thought it best I wait until I get home to find out what was going on.

When I finally got the chance it was a video of Mistress basically describing every thought That had gone through my head today, it quickly became clear I had been under the control Mistress had desired all day without even knowing, Mistress was engrained within me.

Day 4

Today I am instructed to start researching chastity devices. I started by looking at general advice on what I should be considering when looking for a device, including sizing and the pros and cons of the different types available. Once I had processed all that information, which there was an abundance of, I had a few basic ideas of the type of device I was looking for.

Next I started to look at where I could purchase from and the specific devices that were available. I managed to narrow it down to three or four that met the the criteria I was searching for. Then I began reading user reviews for these devices. Eventually I had pretty much decided on the device I felt I would purchase.

After giving it some time to ensure I had processed the huge amount of information I had gone through today I decided to take a leap and I ordered the device I had settled on. I sent Mistress a message to let her know thinking she would be pleased to learn her property was a step closer to being locked away and got on With the rest of my evening.

Day 5

Mistress messages me while I’m driving in to work. As soon as I read the first line I realise I have made a mistake. She tells me I was not supposed to buy anything without showing her first. I’m not sure if it’s the restless nights or the extra stresses at work this week, but I really should have realised not to make any decisions regarding Mistress’ property without her consent.

I apologise and send her a link to the device. She tells me that I have made a good choice and that I am going to need some plastic locks, which I purchase straight away, and enquired when it’s due to arrive. She is pleased that her control over me is going to tighten but tells me I will need to be punished for taking bigger steps than instructed and that it is her job to make the decisions. I apologise again and await the fate Mistress decides.

The waiting was excruciating, I knew it was a long shot but I could only hope that the fact my mistake was due to an over eagerness to please Mistress would draw some leniency. Mistress left me in limbo until the late evening.

I was instructed to get ten pegs and place them on my balls for at least ten minutes but preferably 15 and to send a photo as proof. It’s painful but I try to block it out as best I can and I know removal is going to be the worst part. It’s a stern reminder of who is in control. I hold off for 15-20 minutes before asking for permission to remove them, which Mistress grants me. I feel the sting for the rest of the night. Mistress asks if I have learned my lesson and I inform her I will be making no decisions without her permission in future.

Day 6

Mistress enquired when my lunch break is today. I’m instructed during to perform 150 slow strokes. Just before the time I had told Mistress I received a video, however something had come up and I had to delay for half an hour or so.

As soon as I got the chance I headed to the toilet to follow my orders. The video is excruciating as Mistress teases me about how desperate I must be and that I will soon be all locked up. I take the strokes really slowly, I’d like to say in order to savour them but at this point it’s just so I don’t over stimulate. When I finish all 150 I thank Mistress for allowing me to touch her property and struggle on in desperation for the rest of the day.

Day 7

Mistress asks if my device is due to be delivered today, it doesn’t look like it will be. Mistress seems devilishly pleased that this means some further teasing. Mistress instructs me to perform 50 slow stroke every half hour over a three hour period. I’m so sensitive by now that every stroke is torture.

After the second round of 50 Mistress gives me an option to send her a video begging for release and if she feels I’ve begged enough she will cancel the task and let me release. This was quite the dilemma for me, I’ve always been camera shy but I found out today just how much. I was unbelievably desperate at this point but I couldn’t manage it, I tried multiple times, but I just ended up freezing.

I got through to the final 50 strokes and I had to go somewhere immediately after. Mistress asked if I wanted to empty before I went but by the time I received the message I had already left. When I got back I wasn’t sure if I had permission for a release or not and I didn’t want to bother Mistress if she was busy so I remained denied for another day.

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