Slave Jay – Distance Control Journal – Week 5

Last week my Slave received his new chastity device, a natural progression of course for long term control. This week I had been breaking him in gently to get him used to the new device and the new direction of his journey…..

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Day 1

Today was a quiet but nonetheless good day. Mistress tells me she will allow me a release today. She tells me she would have sent a video but did not have access to her laptop, this was wholly unnecessary, I had two weeks of built up teasing.

Day 2

Mistress instructs me to think of another fantasy involving my worship of her. It was a little more difficult this time around as I was trying to make it as different from the first as possible. I spent most of my day at work completely distracted.

When I got home my device had been delivered, Mistress instructs me to try it on and wear it for an hour. It was immediately clear that I had erred in the sizing and should have ordered a shorter size. Mistress reminds me I should have waited for her input before ordering. I felt like I had disappointed her and so set about completing today’s task, hopefully to a standard that pleased her.

Mistress instructs me to bring the device to work tomorrow, she says I should trial the bigger device but it’s likely I will need to get a shorter one, I’m already sure of this and inform her I will order tomorrow.

Day 3

Half way through work Mistress tells me to put my device on. I put it on and try to ignore it as I get on with work but it’s going to take a lot of getting used to. It’s not unbearably uncomfortable but just awkward.

After a few hours Mistress asks how the device is and informs me she will be testing it soon.

Not long before I’m due to leave I receive a video from Mistress. It is relentlessly teasing, I was aware to see how her property would cope with being caged.

Mistress tells me to remove the device but I am to wear it to bed tonight. It was a very difficult night, I woke up 4 or 5 times bursting at the bars of the cage. It was painful and the ill fit did not do me any favours.

Day 4

The sleepless night left me extremely tired today. Mistress enquired if it was exciting though, I wasn’t really sure how to reply to that. In my haze I said that the fantasy of chastity may be more exciting than the reality.

Mistress instructs me to edge to the thought of her teasing me to the point of orgasm and then sitting on my face as she locks me up.

When I inform her the edge is complete she comments that it didn’t take long. Attempting to be witty I replied saying I like to be efficient at work when I’m not falling asleep. I don’t think it was received as intended by Mistress as she asked if everything was getting too much for me. It’s been testing, no doubt, but I assured her I was ok.

I’m instructed to edge again in the evening and shortly after I end up falling asleep much earlier than usual, I was exhausted.

Day 5

I spent most of the day checking my phone waiting on Mistress’ orders. Late in the evening she sends me a message telling me she has not been well and apologising for the lack of contact. I told her not to worry and to focus on getting better. I’m instructed to wear my chastity device to bed tonight as a reminder of Mistress while she’s not around. The shorter device was delivered today so I put it on before going to sleep. It was a somewhat better night than the previous one, the cage was a lot more comfortable, there was one rogue erection during the night that woke me and kept me up for quite a while but overall an improvement.

Day 6

As soon as I wake up I unlock the device for some much needed relief. I enquired how Mistress was feeling today.
When I get to work Mistress instruct me to put it back on. I’m to lock it with a plastic coded lock and send her a picture. I’m immediately aware that this means I have no idea when I will be allowed out again.

As with the night it’s much more comfortable but still a little awkward when moving around and needed regular adjustments. Mistress checks in to make sure everything is ok and then sets me a task for when I get home.

I am to browse the Internet watching porn and send her a link to the five videos I like the most. Maybe she wanted to see what kind of thing gets me going the most but I suspect that might have been immaterial and it was just an exercise in testing the restraint of the device. I spent a couple of hours browsing with varying levels of discomfort before I submitted and sent Mistress what I had.

With no implicit instruction otherwise I wore the device to bed. It was another difficult night, much more like the first. I woke up several times and struggled to sleep much at all.

Day 7

Mistress asks how my night and her property were, after informing her of how it went Mistress mercifully gives me permission to remove the device. She then outline a game she wants to play with me today, it will require me to be ready and waiting all day. In my extreme tiredness I indicate I understand and am ready. It’s only an hour or so later when somebody asks me when I will be picking them up that I remember I had made plans for today. I immediately message Mistress asking if I can postpone the task. Graciously she offers to allow me a rest day and to be ready to continue tomorrow. It’s been a really tough week so I’m very grateful to Mistress for this proposal.

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