Slave Jay – Distance Control Journal – Week 6

Slave Jay was drawing to the end of his full month following 2 sporadic individual weeks of distance control.  He’d had it hard and teasing and this week saw him drawing to a point of total frustration! What if he wasn’t allowed to cum?! Fortunately for him, I was in a good a mood on his final day.


Day 1

Mistress informs me we are going to play the game she had planned for me yesterday before granting me some rest. She would send me a message at random points in the day with “stroke” and a number. If the number was odd I was to stroke slowly for that amount of minutes, if it was even fast.

I was in a constant state of desperation and anticipation all day and Mistress left me denied for another day, though thankfully not locked up.

Day 2

Mistress instructs me to wear both my device and stockings to work today, she wants me to feel her presence all day, that I certainly did. I was teased with a few of pictures throughout the day so the feeling did not relent.

Mistress tells me she was attempting to send me a video all day but was having some problems with it. Even at the time of writing this I’m curious as to what it might have been but maybe it was a temporary reprieve to Mistress’ caged property that I didn’t receive it.

Mistress tells me I can unlock for the night but I am to put my device back on in the morning.

Day 3

Today was a little quiet, I was left caged all day and Mistress discussed the possibility of me serving her in person. But generally speaking I was left to adjust further to the device. Each day is getting slightly easier to deal with.

Day 4

I didn’t have an overly bad nights sleep but recent events had caught up to me and I overslept by an hour or so. I immediately sent Mistress my morning message and rushed to get for work. When I finally got to work I sent Mistress an apology explaining what had happened.

Around lunchtime Mistress sends me a video filmed in one of her sessions of her teasing in stockings, heels and a short skirt. I immediately filled the cage and it took a while to subside as I sat at my desk.

Before I go to bed Mistress checks in to make sure everything is fine.

Day 5

Another quiet day, today is when Mistress usually takes care of any personal things she has so I’m already prepared not to hear much from her. She checks in late in the afternoon but I’m left to my own devices so to speak.

Day 6

Mistress asks if I’ve been wondering when she will give me the instruction to unlock myself. Then she sends me an audio clip. It is what I assume she sends to slaves applying for her to be their chastity keyholder. I wasn’t sure what to make of it at first but as I sat at my desk I listened to it intently a few times and decided to take it at face value. I told her that I didn’t think I was ready for that yet before she reveals that she was just messing with me and I wasn’t thinking clearly because I was locked up. Then she begins to relentlessly tease me about pleasuring herself while I cannot.

As my work day drew to a close my frustrations were building. I asked Mistress for permission to unlock for a couple of hours after so I could go and get some exercise to work it out. She left me in limbo for a while and with not long left I disappointedly told her I would just go home instead. As I got into my car my phone went off, she thankfully granted me permission. I thanked her and told her I would lock it back up as soon as I got home but she said that wasn’t necessary.

For some reason I stayed up later than usual this evening and it was lucky I did. Mistress surprised me with a picture and gave me permission to stroke for 5 minutes before bed, it had been a while since I had the privilege of touching her property.

Day 7

Midway through the day Mistress sends me a message that reads “stroke 7”, without any further information I take this to be the game we played to start the week and proceed to play along. After a few more of these messages Mistress gives me one more and tells me I can release at the end. After such a frustrating week or so it was a welcome and pleasurable relief.

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