Slave John – Distance Control Journal – Week 1

I added a new slave to my collection with the arrival of distance control Slave, John. He lives in a different country so time zones were a bit tricky and he has a certain strong will about him that required some well thought out but simple tasks to get him into a state of submission.20160418_210331139_iOS


I am a new slave of Mistress. Because I live several time zones away from the UK, my control has to be long distance, through SMS.

Last week, I had a Skype session with Mistress. She put me at ease, and let me know who was in control. I decided to continue this relationship.

I sent Mistress my contact information. I am, by nature, a nervous/anxious type. What if I accidentally sent my Slave information to someone else by mistake? What would happen if Mistress gave me a task I could not/ would not complete? One has only one chance to make a good first impression, and I didn’t want to blow it.

The night before my training was to commence, I received a message from Mistress that she had received and accepted my contact request- one less thing to worry about.

In our Skype session, Mistress stated that the training week begins on Sunday. That was fine with me, but what if I heard Mistress wrong? I didn’t want to bother her on her weekend off if she was not available!! Also, because of the difference in time zones, her 8 AM is not my 8AM. I sent my polite request at 7:30 AM London time, assuming that I would not wake Mistress up.

She responded a couple of hours later. We exchanged pleasantries, and she put me at ease. She then gave me my first assignment. Without going into detail, it was to let her learn a little bit more about me. I was happy that this was something that I could do. I completed the assignment, and was thankful it was something that turned out well.

Day 2- Mistress knows where I live, and the time difference between her and me. I was planning to send her my daily message at 7:45 her time. However, she beat me to it, and at 7:20 BST, she contacted me. She asked how I was, and whether I would have some alone time to complete my next assignment. I responded yes, and, after confirming some technical issues, I received my next task. A little bit harder, but doable. I hope I performed it to Mistress’ expectations.

Day 3- Mistress gave me a little bit harder assignment. I was to be in chastity for the day. I have a plastic device which I am never quite sure I am using correctly. But on it went. It was a constant reminder of Mistress’ control. Uncomfortable- yes. Unbearable- no. Mistress checked on me to make sure that everything was okay. I appreciated her concern.

Day 4- Today, Mistress increased the pressure (literally). She had me place my device on her property. She then instructed me to imagine her up against me, tickling and stroking me. All to get me excited, and to let me know what happens when I get excited while in a chastity device. It let me know who is in control.

Rest of the week- My professional life got in the way of following Mistress’ commands. Nonetheless, I said my mantra, and let her instructions guide me through the day.

I know that this next week that Mistress will have a well deserved rest, after running in the London marathon. I hope that Mistress will continue her control over me in the future.

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