Slave Mike – Distance Control Journal – Week 1

Another slave buckled himself into the Controller Coaster of Deelight and set forth on the emotional, scary and exciting ride of a week of distance control at my mercy.  He found himself teased, denied, wanking in toilets, edged and locked in chastity. Read his journal below….

tease and denial

I have been thinking about approaching a dominatrix for years but kept those desires suppressed. I guess I thought it was abnormal in addition to the stigma of fear which naturally portrays from the perspective of a complete newbie. Mistress Deelight has introduced me to the world of Female Domination with her incredible Distance Control Training, all via SMS. This has been an emotional rollercoaster however, an amazing experience without that initial fear of meeting a mistress in person for the first time. Although ultimately this is what my inquisition may eventually lean towards.

Here is the journal of my thoughts and feelings throughout the week which I was instructed to create.

Day 1
I was excited to find an unread email in my inbox on Sunday afternoon from Mistress Deelight . She had replied to my application for her Distance Control Training with interest. Before i could talk myself out of it I decided to bite the bullet and sign up by agreeing to the terms and making the payment. I felt excited about what might be in store during the forthcoming week.

Day 2
I conducted my normal morning routine and made my way to work. As soon as I arrived I politely text Mistress Deelight requesting my instructions. Without much delay she requested I apply my spiked bird lock chastity as soon as I get home from work and practice my mantra. This message left a big bulge in my pants.

When i arrived back home I struggled putting the cage on as I’ve not attempted it many times before. I practised my mantra so I could say it out loud without reading it. The next task was to imagine a fantasy to which I surprised myself with the details as i have no experience to draw upon. I started to become very aroused and the spikes felt discomforting, which for some reason only makes me more aroused – perhaps this is the fine line between pleasure and pain. After about a couple of hours I was instructed to remove the device. I noticed the feeling of frustration with a growing urge to satisfy myself however I managed to refrain from touching Mistress’s property.

During the night I recall waking up with a huge erection following a dream about bruising on my cock from the chastity spikes. I realised this had already started taking over my thoughts and emotions, not just my physical being.

Day 3
I started the day with my mantra as instructed and then made my way to work. The whole journey I was thinking about Mistress Deelight with an erection. I was so pleased when I found out my instructions for the day would be to watch a video every 90 minutes and stroke, but without cumming.

Each time I watched the video it was increasingly more difficult not to ejaculate. I reached the edge quicker and quicker. By the end of each video I lay there with my cock throbbing but pleased I managed to complete the task each time successfully. It felt difficult to resist as I’m used to masturbating usually twice per day but the desire to please mistress felt more important.

Day 4
I spent most of the day with a heightened sense of arousal. I felt anticipation waiting for Mistress to send me a text defining the number of minutes I was allowed to stroke my cock for, again without cumming.

Each time my phone bleeped I felt a twinge downstairs hoping it would be from Mistress Deelight allowing me to stroke again.

When I look back it makes me chuckle thinking about the instruction i received at work to stroke slowly for 17 minutes. This meant I had to use the toilets at work. I’ll never look at that toilet cubicle again in the same way. At the time it was embarrassing with the awareness of others coming in and out and being stuck in there for so long. I text mistress thanking her for allowing me to stroke her property and she replied with “lol” – I think she found my predicament amusing too.

When I arrived home I couldn’t wait for the next text. I couldn’t concentrate on anything other than checking my phone in case I missed the bleep. However, the message never came. This made me feel so frustrated and a little broken mentally. I repeated my mantra and went to sleep thinking about how much I will miss this experience if it ended at the end of the week and hoped mistress would consider an extension.

Day 5
My instruction for this day was to lock myself up in chastity and send proof via WhatsApp. I was worried about which ring size to use as the larger one is escapable but the smaller one feels painful when my cock tries to become erect. I guess this is the point of chastity however, i have only ever managed a couple of hours before on my own so my very limited experience makes me nervous.

Just the thought of being locked up in the tight bars made me aroused so I tried focusing on something else. However, it was impossible to ignore its snug fit. I just had to suffer the consequences, which was inevitable due to the high sensitivity of my cock after the past two days of tease and denial. Perhaps this was her cruel plan all along.

I found that sitting down seemed to cause more pain so the hour commute to work made my scrotum feel sore. I was able to go for a walk at work which enabled me to take my mind off it briefly and it somehow eased off the pressure.

The evening started to pass with bed time approaching and I hadn’t heard anything from Mistress Deelight. I wondered whether mistress would allow me to unlock myself for bed but I didn’t want to ask and disturb her.

My fate was sealed and I was in for a bad night sleep tossing and turning trying to get comfortable. Somehow I managed a couple of hours but woke up with the most excruciating pain at the back of my balls and a very determined cock. This was the most difficult time and I was very tempted to unlock myself to relieve the suffering however, I felt it was important to be true and do my very best to achieve the task. I must have laid suffering for a couple of hours as my cock simply would not give up trying to get hard. I could only hope mistress would allow me to remove the device in the morning.

Day 6
I decided to get up out of bed early after rehearsing the most painful mantra ever. I was surprised at how much effect saying the mantra was actually having on me.

I text mistress early asking for my instructions and informed her of my suffering. She fortunately allowed me to remove the device.

My instructions for the day came unexpected during mid afternoon. I thought maybe I was being let off easily until the text came through telling me to check WhatsApp. The day suddenly got a lot more interesting with a short clip with my instructions. The task was to bring myself to the edge when commanded to do so by text in the works toilets. My heart started pounding, my mind started racing and my cock felt like it was going to explode and I hadn’t even touched it yet. It wasn’t going to take me long to bring myself to the edge – I was already there lol.

The first text to edge came through and I frantically raced to the toilets. Unfortunately it only took less than 30 seconds. I found this incredibly frustrating as stroking felt more amazing than it had ever felt before. Because I had to deny myself after such a short time I so desperately wished I could rewind the clock back to Day 4 where I was allowed to stroke for 17 minutes.

The next text came late in the evening so I took my time bringing myself to the edge this time. I wanted the feeling to last a bit longer. The closer and closer I got the more risk there was of an accident. I got as close as I could then stopped, had a cup of tea and went to bed “I wonder what the cat was thinking” haha!

Day 7
Feeling tired I forced myself out of bed early to go to my circuit training. Not too long after I received a link with a video clip of Mistress giving ‘stop start style’ jerk off instructions with a lovely treat at the end. Never before have I felt so satisfied with such a powerful and prolonged orgasm.

I have learnt many things during the last week but a couple of things stand out to me the most:
– Being under the control of Mistress Deelight 24/7 is an emotional rollercoaster which relies on the sub being honest and performing the instructions obediently. Sure its tempting to cheat when times get tough but you would only cheat yourself by taking away the very thing that lead you to pursue this in the first place – transfer of control and feeling of being dominated by a beautiful goddess.
– This journal documents my thoughts and feelings mainly as this is what I have concentrated on for most of the week. However, the last couple of days I started to realise its shouldnt be just about me. However, I would not be informed sufficiently to be able to comment on this from the perspective of Mistress Deelight. I can only pay my respect and show my appreciation for the time and effort she makes to plan and keep on top of her work/lifestyle/profession.

I hope Mistress Deelight will agree to extend this period by another week whenever she can fit me in to what I assume is a busy schedule.

Many thanks Mistress Deelight.

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