Slave Mike – Distance Control Journal – Week 2

When I take on new or short term distance control slaves, the emphasis is different things to that of my long serving subs.  You will have noticed that I have very long-term distance control pets where the dynamics are completely different to the ‘one off’s and occasional play slaves’ and that is because a relationship is built over time.  For my short-term slaves, the dynamics are all about brief encounters and intense fun whilst trying to last the entire week on edge! Unfortunately for Slave Mike, he could not contain himself.  When he does come back he will have to endure a punishment!


Day 1
Following an amazing first week experience I was so happy Mistress was allowing me to be under her control for another week. As soon as I made the payment Mistress sent me a picture which set my pulses racing but told me to apply my chastity device straight away. It was difficult applying the device with such a hard cock.
I was instructed to watch the video I was allowed to cum to at the end of my first week whilst wearing chastity. This was very torturous as my cock pushed against the metal bars. I guess I was again, in my rightful place.
Day 2
I applied a new chastity device and spent the day at work in the device. Mistress sent me a text describing a scenario where she dominantly walks into my office wearing nylons and high heels. I immediately attempt to get hard and have to take a few moments to myself to cool off.
Day 3
I was allowed to remove the new device and clean up so Mistress could have some fun with me. The instructions were to masterbate and achieve orgasm 5 times throughout the day with at least 1 being at work.
Masturbating at work was a new experience to me and I had to try so hard to keep quiet. By the 5th orgasm I was running a little dry and my cock was aching with all the stroking. However, I was so very grateful to be allowed to stroke and cum.
Day 4
Mistress had her day off today.
Day 5
Today was a fun game of cards – Brucie style!
I had to predict if the next card would be higher or lower. This would ultimately determine the number of mintues I would be allowed to stroke without cumming.
I hope mistress wasn’t to frustrated with me this day. I was somewhat occupied on a motorbike trip to the south coast and found it difficult to keep up replying to her messages. Mistress seemed to understand.
Day 6
Mistress sent me a clip of her which I was to stroke to 3 times during the day. It was so difficult not to cum as the scenario was perfectly tailored to what makes my pulses race. By the 3rd time watching, I went a stroke too far. My cock seemed to spasm and before I knew it I left a sticky mess. I felt like I had seriously let Mistress down as she had not given me permission to cum.
I hope she isn’t too disappointed in my performance for this week. If she is, I wonder how I might ever be able to make it up to her.

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