Slave of the Day – Sissy Jessamine

This morning I had a nice surprise in my inbox; a £150 gift voucher from a new trainee in the House of Deelight; Sissy Jessamine.  This newbie was formerly known to me as Sissy Mark but after her forward thinking and fabulous attempts at pleasing me, and grabbing my attention,  I decided to give her a proper name.  A nice girly name.  Her favourite colour is Yellow so I chose Jessamine from Carolina Jessamine ( a yellow flower breed).  Since then, Sissy Jessamine has wanking, on instruction, on the hour, every hour but only to the edge of glory.. no cum allowed.  So far she is performing her task to standard, and I would like to welcome her as an official resident into the H.O.D

As for the gift voucher.. I just treated myself to a lovely 1000 thread, Egyptian cotton duvet set and 4 goose feather pillows, so that I can sleep in luxury every night, and so my new little sissy pet can think of her gift as being her, wrapping herself around her mistress every night.

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