Slave Plucky – Distance Control Journal – Week 1

I would like to welcome yet another House of Deelight pet this week. I’ve given him the name Slave Plucky because he is a total novice yet excelled courageously in a humiliation task.  Because Plucky is a total newbie I broke him in gently but firmly.  New slaves must be trained from scratch which includes the absolute basics, the laying out my ground rules and expectations whilst not pushing them too far too soon. He is so new to it that there is much for him to explore and discover about himself and being the expert Mistress that I am, it didn’t take me long to help him to discover that he enjoyed something that he hadn’t even considered.  As is the rules of my Distance Control, each slave must submit a weekly journal to share with my readers and other slaves.  Slave Plucky’s follows. 

Day 1 – Sunday

Day One Started with me over-sleeping and texting mistress late, which although I apologised for my tardiness resulted in me receiving a deserving punishment later on in the day. In the morning Mistress asked me various questions to make sure that my interests were covered this week, which I found very thoughtful and given that I am novice very reassuring. 
Now onto my punishment, I had to recite mistresses mantra 3 times before wrapping mistresses cock and balls with a lace before placing 8 Clothes pegs on my balls, before completing an edge for mistress, this was before I performed a second edge whilst worshiping Mistresses wonderful bottom.

Day 2 – 

Day 2 Started with me texting mistress on time and requesting my instructions, which required me to go my local supermarket and buy Lube and Shoe Laces, and my task for the day was to tie my balls up, before using lube to masturbate to an edge, then I had to humiliate myself by finger fucking my arse and then finally had to both masturbate and finger fuck my arse in rhythm. This continued for just over 30mins by which time I was both humiliated and extremely turned on. But my cock now belongs to mistress so I made sure that I was on my best behaviour. The rest of the day continued with  balls tied up until I had to go out that evening. 

Day 3 –

Day 3 started with me again texting mistress, but my instructions for the day did not come through till 2pm when it was my lunch break, where I had to go to the toilet in my place of work and masturbate until I reached the edge. Mistress then wonderfully provided me with her new foot worship video for me to watch. However I made a grave error in judgement by cumming at the end of the video, as the video told me to. Due to my excitement I had not read Mistresses instruction carefully and I was only to watch the Video and had not been given permission to cum. So I was now in for one hell of a punishment which I received on Day 4. 

Day 4 –

I contacted Mistress again at the appointed time expressing how sorry I was for last nights mess up (No pun intended). I explained that I was willing to perform any punishment if mistress would be prepared to forgive me. 

So at 9pm that night Mistress instructed me to drive to my local supermarket with my balls bound and text mistress when I arrived. So sat in this car park I waited scared about what was to comet next. So my punishment was to masturbate through my trousers before then hitting my balls very hard 10 times. Finally I had to edge one final time before returning home. I reflected upon this evening and that this was probably the most scared I had been as a Novice but I stated to mistress that this had been the most thrilling instruction I had this week.

Day 5 –

I again contacted mistress at the appropriate time and was given my instructions during this day mistress texted me, and I had to go the toilet at work and masturbate to the edge. I performed this task for Mistress three times during the day. 

Day 6 –

I again contacted mistress and informed her that I would be working from home today and mistress took full advantage of my working arrangement. Today my balls were bound and I edged a total of 6 times and on three of my edges I had two fingers firmly in my arse at mistresses request. Mistress also requested that I send her a picture of my balls bound during the day for her amusement. 

Day 7 –

Today started with me going shopping for a carrot at mistresses request, I started by inserting it in my arse and leaving it there before being given instructions from mistress to fuck my arse with it whilst I edged a further 4 times, by this point in the week I am extremely horny, but mistress has not allowed me permission to cum, so I am in for another week of teasing as I have extended my training for another week, and I am looking forward to it. 

Slave Plucky

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