Slave Plucky – Distance Control Journal – Week 2

Picture 1Slave Plucky underwent his second week under my control last week and found himself at the hard end of some serious humiliation, which I know he very much enjoyed.  At the end of the week he not only suffered humiliation but he had quite a heart stopping moment too, it’s not detailed in his journal so I wont describe it here.  For a moment I  even believed it would be enough to make him rethink the control he was under, but the plucky little slave embraced the fear and used it to fuel his horniness! Good Work Plucky!  

Day 1

So I began my second week of distance training with Mistress and the week began with having to complete a cupcake assignment, I was sent the following instructions by mistress.

  1. Purchase a cup cake and be grateful that you are getting a cupcake and not something horrible like dog food.
  2. Find some alone time, set up a method to video your task.
  3. Press Record
  4. On your knees, repeat your mantra three times
  5. Masturbate as fast as you can and ejaculate onto the cupcake.
  6. Eat said cupcake and fresh cum topping.
  7. Thank mistress
  8. Stop recording.
  9. Send video to mistress.

To say that this was the most humiliating and degrading thing I had ever tried would be the understatement of the century. But this was for Mistress and I dutifully completed the assignment and sent the video to mistress.

Day 2

I had a text message from mistress in the morning stating that the video I had sent mistress had gone wrong and that it did not contain the eating of the cupcake. I had to repeat my assignment again this time with extra humiliation for me. I had to wear Bra Panties and Tights and Bright Red Lipstick and then perform the whole task all over again. However I did not own any of these items so I had to go shopping at the Supermarket.

Buying from the supermarket was very humiliating, so I was standing in the supermarket looking at the underwear section, looking at the different items I was not sure what to buy, so I went for 18 not knowing if this was right then a Bra that matched. Finding the correct size tights was a struggle there were two other woman picking out tights, I am sure from their looks they knew what I was doing. Finally I picked some Bright Red Lipstick. Then paying this was difficult I had used self service but thanks to the Governments 5p bag initiative there are no bags to put my purchases in, so I have to walk out of the store holding my purchases, oh the humiliation.

So after enduring the humiliation of the shopping I then completed the Task wearing the clothes I purchased and sent it to mistress, thankfully this time their were no issues.

Day 3

Today mistress required me go the supermarket and purchase two large carrots one to fuck my ass and one for me to perform oral on, I completed this task for about 30mins becoming one of  mistresses slut

Day 4

Today I listened to a video from mistress which was a hypnotic video which guided me all the way through to an orgasm,

Day 5

I contacted Mistress today, she was very busy with personal errands so I completed no tasks but she did provide me with some guidance in buying some new butt plugs which I ordered and they finally arrived on Day 7.

Day 6

Again Mistress was very busy but I did complete one task for mistress which was to perform an edge whilst sniffing my wifes underwear.

Day 7

Again mistress has been very busy so I have not completed any tasks but I have received my new Butt Plugs and I am eager to try them out at my earliest possible opportunity.

This week has been completely different from my first and I am starting to know that I am really into humiliation and being forced to push the boundaries and look forward to my next week under mistresses control.

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