Slave Plucky – Distance Control Journal – Week 3

plucky original.00_03_08_23.Still001Slave Plucky has also found himself hooked and captivated by my power and by his new found hidden desires, so I have been working on pushing those limits this week and have increased his slut training.  He has had a difficult week so this is a shorter blog than normal but I know he has had a lot of fun during the moments he has been able to indulge, learning to be the slut that he has discovered he wants to be.

This week has been a very difficult for me personally my mother in law has been emitted to hospital, so I have taken longer to complete my Training Journal, Mistress was very understanding an very supportive but I am sure as it has taken me nearly a week longer than it should of to complete my Journal punishments will fall.

Day 1

Day 1 Started with me listening to a video of mistress with no stroking permitted. This is very hard for me to do as every time I listen to mistress I want to stroke.

Day 2

Day 2 I was required to dress up in my sluttiest clothing and then insert my butt plug and masturbate until I was on the edge for the longest time possible, I completed about 40 mins, All I could think about was mistress fucking my ass with a Strap-on.

Day 3

Mistress had issues with her Broadband so my tasks did not come through to that evening when we were sent a video to stroke to a video of mistress teasing a slave. Which reminded me that I am under mistresses control however far away I am.

Day 4

Mistress instructed me to complete some more anal training and I am loving the training and I have purchased two butt plugs so far I have only been able to try out the smaller one, but the more I get used to this butt plug the more I want to try the larger one even though the size and girth of it scares me.

Day 5

Mistress sent me another video which I was to watch whilst stroking and again I inserted my butt plug.

Day 6

Mistress sent me some stroking instructions which I completed, today I had a little bit of a wobble in my distances control due to the all the teasing and all of the denial. I struggled with the control and expressed my feelings to mistress, which she helped me with my issues.

Day 7

I spoke to mistress and explained I was having a busy day and the issues I was having so I was given some stroking instructions which I duly completed



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