Slave Plucky’s First Day in Chastity

All my slaves end up in Chastity at some point or another, so for International Male Chastity Day I made certain that Slave Plucky was not an exception to the rules!

I am writing my report on my first day and night in chastity as requested by you mistress.

So mistress asked me to buy a chastity device for International Chastity Day, this scared me because I was worried that mistress would lock me in the device and tease me, which I guess is what I do now, but it some how felt like a very different sensation.

So I had to go and purchase my chastity device, so I found a Sex Shop near where I work so I dutifully went to the shop, nerves crept up and I found myself wondering if I should give up, but this was for my mistress, so I dutifully went into the store, looked around for a while looking for the chastity device that I had seen on the internet, but I could not find it. So I asked one of the assistants for a “Chastity device as my mistress has requested that I purchase one to control my cock” I was in shock I could not believe I said that, I went bright red, but the assistant went through the options before I settled on a Bright Pink one.

I rushed home to try it on to please mistress, so I slipped the rings around my balls, my god this was going to be more difficult than it looked. My cock would not go soft to allow to the ring on, so I tried and tried and eventually got my balls and cock through the largest Ring, I dutifully sent a video to mistress of me wearing my new chastity device, but after 30 minutes it fell off. So I added more lube and tried to fit the smaller ring and then went to dinner with some work colleagues, before encountering my first concern how was I going to pee wearing this device. So I went to the toilet sat down and pee it felt weird and reminded me of mistresses control of my cock, But I dutifully used toilet paper to wipe my cock of all pee and then returned to dinner.

Finally it was time to sleep, I had spoken to mistress earlier that day and also purchased a beautiful new red satin night dress, so I put this on with my chastity device, and tried to sleep, I found it so difficult, I normally sleep on my side but this was very uncomfortable my balls were being squished by the device and pushing mistresses balls in a line with my legs it was painful, so I found the only comfortable position was on my back with my legs spread this was not a natural position but I needed to sleep and I wanted to please mistress.

But this was not a good nights sleep I woke every hours in pain and discomfort, but I readjusted myself and tried to fall back to sleep. I finally woke at 6am with my cock pushing against the boundaries of its prism wishing it was free, But this was for mistress so I continued. I got up at 7pm and rather than removing my chastity device, I had a shower as I wanted to see what it would be like to have to shower with a device on and not be allowed release, which although locking my cock up scares me and I don’t think my personal situation would allow me to wear it long term, it also turns me on and makes me want to experiment with more chastity in the future.

slave plucky

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