Slave Pupp – A Very Fortunate Slave – Blog 13

As Slave Pupp’s journey continues with me as his Mistress and Mentor it has offered itself to me fully which means that it is also prepared to endure one of its pet hates; pain.  To prove its devotion to me, it also offered me ‘The Sisters’; a pair of beautiful leather floggers for affliction on its back. Pupp must learn to endure in order to reap rewards.  I have also reinforced the suggestions put to its subconscious during hypnosis for the purpose of chastity.  As devices have previously failed for Pupp, I want to ensure that it only becomes aroused when communicating with me or when in my presence and that such situations offer increased arousal, whilst arousal does not enter the psyche at any other time.  His latest journal reads below.  (always below!)

Here is chastity report number 13 from: “A Very Fortunate Slave – Slave Pupp’s Chastity blog”.

“Miss Deelight is a whirlwind of action, putting thought-through plans into effect, with this pupp now well used to being directed by the dynamo that is Miss Deelight. This month Miss increased her hypnotic control, used pupp to work harder than ever and stepped up pain training. Shall we see how pupp ended up sending Miss daily greetings, purchasing a microwave and cleaning lavatories in panties whilst gagging for cock?

pupp was mooching along one day, enjoying the feeling of comfort that is provided only by being forced to wear panties, when a message arrived from Miss. As is now usual pupp noted the desire to become erect instantly and also felt trepidation as well as gratitude to hear from Miss. A brusque telling off from Miss for not keeping in touch enough and sharing with her consistently was balanced by her sense of care and the order to report back on a daily basis to Miss. Our next meetings were scheduled with pain (Endurance training) and pleasure (Hypno) segments discussed and decided upon. pupp took everything on board, checked the leather floggers that pupp would bring for Miss to use and then needed to change, replacing thoroughly wet panties.

The day of Miss Deelight’s appointed audience dawned and after a bouncy pupp had been greeted by the Owner, Miss Deelight, pupp was given time to settle at Miss’s feet. pupp then assumed the position of greater servility, kneeling before Miss with signs of clear stimulation as ever. Miss selected the collar for pupp to bear for the day and restricted pupp within it. Miss approved of the ownership tags that she had asked pupp to obtain, fitting one to the collar before a foot to pupp’s groin provided congratulatory pain for a purchasing task completed.

Miss Deelight had indicated that inflicting pain upon pupp was to be the source of pleasure and amusement for Miss. Also this would help to train pupp in the consistent acceptance of the increased application of pain and the appreciation of the art of receiving such attentions. Miss sized up the floggers and confirmed that they were of fine quality and appropriate for her to use; she would feel comfortable utilising them and demonstrating their virtues. With pupp trussed up in rope, dangling from the ceiling, Miss filmed as she applied her skill. Miss built steadily from a tickle to greater impacts as she began to test out her pupp’s reactions to pain, moving onwards by using a few words here and there to encourage pupp. Miss took pupp deeper into pupp’s subspace and thoughts of pleasing Miss combined to elicit greater servitude as Miss ramped up the speed and pain. In an instant Miss brought pupp back down, declaring the marks that she had made on pupp to be fine, amusing and enough for the time being.

After replacing and storing the equipment used, pupp was set to cleaning throughout the House of Deelight. pupp was commended for last time’s effective cleaning work and enjoined to labour just as hard again with specific duties in the kitchen and bathroom. pupp set to washing up, tidying and scrubbing. A particular task was to clean under the microwave which was easily accomplished. However when pupp set to cleaning inside the microwave it became clear that, like many subs aim to be, the equipment had been worked hard over a period of time. pupp polished daintily then scrubbed but to little avail – surely Miss deserved smarter, more up-to-date kit that befitted her status? A short while later Miss checked pupp’s work and agreed that a replacement microwave was in order. No sooner had this been discussed and “wish-listed” than pupp was able to purchase the new appliance.

With the kitchen approved pupp dived in to lavatorial duties, cleaning thoroughly with paraphernalia kept by for this room only. As pupp worked on all fours Miss stopped by, towering over pupp with a huge strap-on in place. pupp gulped, aware that Miss could require instant servicing of her huge cock in any number of ways. Instead Miss was happy to see a pupp that enviously smacked its lips in anticipation; after holding the power-pose Miss laughed and moved off to another room. With a bank holiday approaching pupp found that this slave was already trying to go tenting.

pupp ends this period deep into a hypno-chastity plan, being granted increased amounts of pain and with cleaning best-practice embedded. Daily housework is now a must in preparation for the HoD, not just covering the basics but going room by room and cleaning thoroughly every day in order to be practised, physically attuned and well versed in the most appropriate techniques.

Here’s a thought: A servant is known by his Mistress.

Thank you Miss Deelight x”

To my Owner, Miss Deelight,

With respectful love,

Your pupp Xx

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