Slave pupp – A Very Fortunate Slave Part 15

Further continuing its service to me, pupp was ordered to participate in a session of filthy bi slut fun.  Here is his report which has provided me with a new favourite word for you all; Factotums

Here is chastity report number 15 from: “A Very Fortunate Slave – Slave Pupp’s Chastity blog”.

“A crisp 2017 morning found Miss Deelight requiring pupp, both for training and to assist her.

First up the small matter of sexual control and obedience; during training Miss demonstrated her control over pupp’s physical responses: swiftly taken under by Miss pupp came round to find that Miss must have created a huge need in pupp for an orgasm and then denied pupp. Miss’s refusal to allow pupp to sate left pupp with a willy bobbing up and down, leaking, a tool controlled. Miss declared herself well satisfied with her ability to control pupp’s physical responses and then set pupp to work cleaning the bathroom.

As pupp cleaned, polished, obtained good cleanliness ratings from Miss Deelight and continued to work Miss struck up a conversation. Her subs will know that Miss is direct and that conversational topics tend to lead to positive outcomes…..within moments pupp had agreed to assist with a little bi-training Miss Deelight had in mind. pupp was required to present in a week’s time, dressed in smart business attire (Over panties) for Miss to use with another slave.

At the further audience, Miss introduced pupp to a third party and her forced-bi training. pupp was locked away with some improving reading until summoned for playtime by Miss. Of course Miss was already in full swing, toying and punishing her submissive before introducing pupp to events, whereupon pupp’s clear stimulation and stiffened resolve was apparent for all to see. Miss was ready to use both of her subs for her entertainment, so we began. Firstly pupp, fully clothed, was asked to rub a keen erection against the bound sub and then to rub it against his rosy-tinged cheeks where Miss had clearly been paddling recently with some abandon! Within seconds the subs were both moving together, thrusting and taking – ready for any sort of congress under Miss’s watchful eye and strict orders.

After amusing herself with this scene Miss freed her slut only to order the immediate sucking-off of pupp, providing a spell of pleasure and humiliation for both subs without doubt. Miss looked on, providing encouragement, stimulation, laughter, pain….her skills aplenty as her boys united, pupp receiving a blowjob of some affection and skill. Miss encouraged us to demonstrate our obvious enjoyment further and her laughter continued throughout a lascivious session.

So, here’s to 2017, onwards and obediently upwards….following Miss Deelight’s pathway.

Here’s a thought: is Miss susurrant, strident or both?

Answers from factotums are welcome (Ah factotum, “A servant employed alike in all kinds of business…” – per the burlesque French definition).

Thank you Miss Deelight x”

To my Owner, Miss Deelight,

With respectful love,

Your pupp Xx